BB15 Recap  Saturday July 27th 2013


8:14AM The Feeders wake up to...Clownie.

9:19AM FISH Wakeup.  Helen's up and working her morning jog.  Indoor lockdown continues.

10AM ToothbrushGate.  GM accidently uses Jessie's toothbrush, which is similar to Jessie's. Judd asks Elissa if she's got MVP yet, and they laugh when she says yes. Andy joins in the joking. Elissa reads a sweetener pack label to us. Judd doesn't want Howard to get POV and decides "America" is MVP.

11AM  Of all the houseguests evicted, Judd tells Andy he's sadder about Kaitlin.  Judd, Andy and Helen declare themselves "the Breakfast Club.'  Elissa gives her family shoutouts.  McCrae complains BB plays the same wakeup songs (Blurred Lines) which bring us to FISH.

Andy, Helen, Aaryn and Jessie have fun deciding what kind of dog each Houseguest would be. 

11:57 Trivia - reveal of #3 nomination, havenot food (ramen) and picking veto players.

12:27 We're Back!  Amanda has been nominated by viewers. Apparently, Judd was upset at the veto meeting. Helen assures Amanda they have the votes to keep her. "BB is a complicated game of Paper/Rock/Scissors," McCrae says to Spencer in the SR. He has to win the veto or he's going home.  McCrae is convinced MVP isn't Elissa, she wouldn't put up Amanda. Spencer is convinced that Howard is not MVP either. Amanda no longer likes the idea of 3 nominees.  Elissa does her makeup in the hall mirror.

HOH - VETOGATE 1.0: Amanda asks Jessie if she would take her off the block if she won veto. Jessie says yes, but she might take prizes if they're big enough.  Amanda doesn't like that response.

Judd is mad at Howard. He wants himself, Andy and McCrae to confront Howard and Spencer.(!!) Jessie tries to laugh his anger off but Judd replies Jessie can take on Candice and protect Andy.  Judd is angry Howard cried and listens in on conversations. He's mad at Helen, too, and says he doesn't want to hear her "cheery" comments when he's in a bad mood. Talk turns to Howard having MVP and/or coup de tat.  Aaryn keeps Helen's name in the mix by saying she told Aaryn last night she feels sorry for Howard. Judd's rant takes us through the 1pm hour.

1PM HOH - In the SR, Helen tells Elissa of her plan for Amanda to go after jury starts. Helen thinks Howard is MVP and tells Elissa that Amanda is 'almost' as big a target as Elissa is. She tells her Howard admitted to the Grasshopper Alliance, that Elissa was made to look like a fool at (Kaitlin's) "house meeting" when Elissa was actually right about Kaitlin.  Helen wants Howard, Spencer, GM and Aaryn evicted before Amanda, and thinks she, Elissa, Andy, Judd and Jessie can take out Amanda, "This is not the week," she says, for Amanda to go. Elissa agrees.

Judd's rant continues. He wants Helen to go up as pawn if Candice wins veto and takes Howard off.  Andy tells Judd he needs to back off Helen. Amanda drops Elissa's name as a pawn. McCrae joins the group and they strategize.

VETOGATE 1.0 continued: Amanda refocuses on Jessie wanting to take prizes in the comp and asks her to remember who stood up for her when she was being bullied. Jessie is afraid she'll make herself a target if she takes Amanda off. McCrae pep-talks Amanda. The rest of the hour is spent reviewing different types of comps and strategies to win.

Downstairs, Judd tells Howard if he could play, he'd give Howard the veto.  Judd next tells Spencer if he could play he'd give Spencer the veto. Spencer reassures Judd he will keep him in the loop of what's going on. Aaryn tells Helen she'll feel bad if Candice wins veto because she'll have to put up a replacement.

2:00PM  Spencer tells Candice and Howard that Amanda is doubling up on her Adderal.  Candice interrupts him with a "Really?" Spencer tells Howard that McCrae told him he's going home if he doesn't win. Howard is astonished McCrae said that.

HOH - McCrae and Aaryn extoll the pharmaceutical virtues of Adderal as Amanda literally cannot sit still. Aaryn tosses GM's name up as a replacement nominee and worries Elissa could be saved with a coup de tat.  Elissa comes in and Judd says Elissa looks like "Christmas time" (she's dressed in green with red drusy jewelry and hair ribbon.)

2:23PM  Aaryn tells Judd about gaining 15-20 pounds after an illness and she lost her 'cool kids' friends and got teased by them. They were "beautiful people with, like, yachts." Now she doesn't talk mean to people.  She says she never called Candice fat "to her face," and then talks about Candice sitting on her hat (which we know Aaryn knows was just a fib Spencer made up.)  Aaryn tells Judd that Candice has threatened her 'career choice.' She accuses Candice of  threatening her "reputation" and, adding a hint of tears for effect, continues, she's "threatened my safety by saying to America that I'm racist."  The rest of the HOH crowd talk about former BB players.

Andy and Aaryn ask Spencer if Howard is MVP; Spencer is convinced he isn't.  Elissa comments the Brenchel Army needs to "get it together."  GM tells Elissa and McCrae a very brief version of the bedflip night - she didn't like Candice for telling her to go F herself. GM was called names by a boyfriend so she doesn't like to be called names. They talk about Spencer and Howard acting so shady and Aaryn brings up the butterscotch comment Spencer made to Jessie.  Aaryn tells Elissa that Candice has said that Elissa wouldn't tell anyone if she got MVP again, but they don't think she is MVP because Amanda's up.

H/N ROOM - Amanda asks Howard if he's MVP and says people think so because of his 'bigger fish to fry' comment he made to Aaryn. She says people are suspicious of him going to the DR so often and asks him again if he has any special powers.  She tells him some people think he's related to Danielle from BB3 and BB7.  Candice went to Aaryn and offered up GM and Spencer as noms, she says,  and Candice has always got "my name in her mouth" and she wants Howard to tell her to stop talking about Amanda. Howard hugs Amanda and Amanda cries.

3:00PM HOH - Amanda relays her conversation with Howard to McCrae and GM, who don't understand why Candice would put GM's name out there.  Meanwhile, Howard is retelling the conversation to Candice.

SR - Andy tells McCrae he doesn't think America is MVP because they would have put up Amanda last week. He says that Amanda was being threatening to Jessie about using the veto. McCrae doesn't like Amanda doing that. Andy is afraid Judd will tell Jessie not to use the veto if Amanda upsets her. Andy says Judd is making everyone mad and he needs to chill out; it's freaking Andy out. McCrae promises to talk to Amanda. 

LOUNGE - Amanda denies talking harshly to Jessie but McCrae reminds her that Andy was there and came to him about it. Andy comes in and reiterates that Jessie may throw the veto or not use it if she feels uncomfortable, so they can't scare Jessie. They agree they can't let Candice, Spencer or Howard win veto.

Andy suggests to Aaryn and Elissa that America might be voting for MVP since they vote for HN food.  Aaryn tells Elissa that she's not going to put her up and not to listen if people come to her and say otherwise. Elissa leaves and Aaryn tells Andy she thinks people are wanting Howard to stay now.

4:00PM  COLOR ROOM - McCrae smooths things over with Jessie: just win veto so Spencer, Howard and Candice don't. She doesn't have to use it, just win it.  Jessie joins the kitchen crew and remarks that Elissa hasn't left the kitchen all day.  Howard and Candice talk in the H/N room about the bedflipping night and how Howard has wanted to protect her since then.

LOUNGE - Andy and Amanda agree Howard needs to go.  Andy thinks he's scary; Amanda thinks he's a good liar. She tells Andy she's "done" with Jessie because of the luxuries over veto issue.  Amanda will make Aaryn put up Jessie if she takes luxuries. Andy would take a vacation. McCrae says she can't be mad because he got $5000 last week, but Amanda thinks that's different because one of them weren't on the block.

H/N ROOM - Spencer gives Howard a pep-talk.  If Howard wins veto they have the votes - Candice, Elissa, Howard, GM, Helen and it's "game over."

HOH  - Aaryn tells GM she might have to put her up as pawn.  Aaryn thinks if Amanda comes off, whoever put up Amanda would put up McCrae as a replacement to split up the couples.  Aaryn tells Jessie that she told GM she and Jess were friends again.  Aaryn believes Jessie is the reason she's in the house; Helen told her if Jessie hadn't dreamed up the nominations deal, she would have been gone.

4:59PM  Andy, Candice, McCrae, Amanda, Candice, Elissa Jessie and Judd are on the living room couches. Aaryn is still primping in the HOH bathroom.

5:00PM LIVING ROOM - Candice is coaching Elissa and Helen on the cheerleading routine she taught them last week. The boys are in the kitchen.  Aaryn is still in the HOH bathroom.

5:02PM FISH {Jokers' Updates reports CBS Star, Poppy Montgomery, spoke to the House on a taped message related to the VETO comp .}

5:07PM Candice continues with her cheerleading lesson.  Spencer and Amanda are pacing nervously. Andy gets in a few pushups.

Andy reassures Jessie, and asks her to just win the veto and she doesn't have to use it. He tells her everyone loves her and they hug it out. Candice and Howard make small talk  and play fight as Jessie talk blocks by laying on the coffee table. Elissa has taken up her station at the hallway mirror.  Spencer goes into the H/N room to psych himself up.

5:37PM FISH and TRIVIA - the VETO COMP has started!

7:24PM - We're back and Spencer has VETO!   Good Job, Spencer!

7:24PM SR - Helen wants to "break the news to Candice." Amanda doesn't want her to do that because she's not going anywhere. Amanda tells Elissa the replacement nominee has to be Candice. Helen relays Candice wants GM to go up as replacement nominee. Andy comes in and tells Helen Howard will go on a 8-0 vote. "Right?" he asks Helen. She half-agrees.

HOH - McCrae, Amanda and Aaryn celebrate Spencer's win. McCrae worries Spencer will be mad at him for telling him he had to win or go home before the third nominee was even announced. They agree Candice should go up as replacement nom and it will be an easy vote to evict Howard, with 4 votes sending him home.  Aaryn claims Candice is the "primary cause" of her problems. Aaryn says Helen and Elissa can't campaign to keep Howard or Candice will go home. She thinks that Candice will call her a racist for putting up "two black people." Candice is trying to "ruin my life."  

7:30PM Helen comes in and says that Candice doesn't want to be put up. Aaryn tells Helen that Candice has said a lot of bad things about her, has called her a racist many times, has twisted things, and has "ruined her reputation" and created an "unsafe environment" for Aaryn.  Aaryn states she's never said anything racist; she has no remorse when it comes to putting Candice up. McCrae chirps up to say he's never heard Aaryn say anything racist; he would have said something. Aaryn seems satisfied that everyone in the house knows she's not a racist.  Andy brings up the coup de tat.

HALLBEDROOM - Judd asks Spencer if Howard could have a coup de tat. They wonder what ever happened to the original plan of going after the girls? Why aren't they staying with that plan? Spencer thinks America is doing the voting but Judd doesn't believe it. Spencer believes he's next to go after Howard and really needs to win HOH this week.  Spencer is still sporting his VETO necklace.

H/N ROOM - Candice tells Howard she'll talk to Helen about Aaryn not putting Candice up, but GM's key was the first key out so she doesn't think Aaryn would put GM up.  Howard wants to know how Helen got so controlling of the house. Candice goes over the deals Helen has made from week 1. Jessie wanted Amanda out last week but she's getting close to Amanda so Candice doesn't know if she can count on Jessie's vote.  Howard tells Candice Helen doesn't control him. Candice wonders if Helen is really with her, or if Helen has a F4 with McManda.

BATHROOM -  Jessie tells Candice she's going to do whatever the house wants.  She says she's scared of Amanda. Candice says, well, she was on board last week with Jessie. Jessie sluffs Candice off by telling her to go talk to Helen because she has more pull. Candice tries to press the subject; Jessie accuses Candice of having a major attitude.

H/N ROOM - Candice relays her Jessie conversation to Howard. She believes the person who put Amanda up is who wants Candice out. She says it has to be Helen, Elissa or GM who put Amanda up. Howard thinks it might have been America last week and this. Candice doesn't think that's right. Howard tells Candice to settle down, she can't take the game personally. Candice is worried about being left alone in the house.

8:00PM LOUNGE - Judd wants Candice gone and he wants Helen gone before Elissa.  Judd thinks Howard is probably the worst player in BB. Amanda says "he's gone!".  Judd bashes Candice and wants her gone before Jury. He thinks Helen is a wild-card and needs to go too, "she freaks me out,"  but Aaryn is loyal. He wants Spencer to go out after Elissa. He asks Amanda if she agrees. Amanda just wants to be safe. McCrae thinks this week might be double-eviction. Judd couldn't handle that and asks McCrae if he'll have any votes.  Judd says Howard freaks people out because he says he's always watching, "he's creepy." "Are you Big Brother?" he says, referring to Howard. Judd and McCrae refer to GM as a kid throwing darts at a board.  

8:10PM Amanda comes back in and Judd reveals to McCrae and Amanda that he spent "hours" rummaging through Howards belongings, but couldn't get a "locked suitcase" open in the H/N room, one on the left side with jewelry on top of it, and he was afraid he'd get caught by Candice.  McManda thinks the case may have Howard's Bible in it but Judd doesn't think so; he says it had a "code" lock.

Talk goes back to coup de tat power. Judd calls Helen an "idiot." and says she does "unnecessary things" that are "freaking (him) out." He's worried about going up. McCrae thinks that Spencer wants to work with them. Judd wants Amanda to be buddybuddy with Elissa so they control her vote. Judd calls Candice a B.. and wants her gone.

Talk goes back to who has power and votes and they run different scenarios; would Helen stay over Elissa? Judd says he doesn't trust Elissa anymore. McCrae says if he was (on the block against or nominated by Elissa) he will attack her, her family, her religion and call her nasty names on live TV, he'd call Elissa's sister a B.., "I would just attack," he says.  

Judd tells Amanda thinks McCrae would win over Amanda in F2. Andy joins the crew and they start making fun of Howard.  After Judd leaves, Andy asks Amanda to be cool this week. Amanda says Elissa is more loyal to her than to Helen. They talk about Howard's kitchen speech last night and agree if Howard had any power, he wouldn't have looked so scared.

HN ROOM - Candice and Howard continue their talk.  Howard says Candice just wants to be mad at Jessie. Candice concedes maybe a little bit and that she's just really disappointed in Jessie.