Big Brother Daily Recap August 23, 2013

“How dare she put me up” McManda’s turn to cry!


Today the houseguests were woken up at 9:30. First person to talk to Elissa is Judd, Elissa explains to Judd that she needs to put up Aaryn because every week she plays McManda’s game, she never thinks or acts for herself. She also does not like the way that Aaryn treated Candice.  She tells him she wants everyone to try hard in VETO. She said she would shave her head if she has to. Andy joins them and asks who she will put up if VETO is used and she said she does not know, probably someone that did not try in the VETO competition.

Once Andy left Judd and Elissa talked about having an alliance with Spencer. It would be the three of them. Judd agreed. She said she needs their help in getting Aaryn out. She then told Judd that Andy plays both sides and pops in and out of everything. That he is another puppet of McManda’s.

 Aaryn tells GM that she knows she is going up against Amanda or McCrae, then proceeds to tell her she has to win VETO for her. Gina Marie apologizes to her for not winning the HOH the night before, she said it is her time to win a VETO. Gina Marie then explained that Candice hugged her and said Happy Birthday to her yesterday. She said she only treated her that way to protect her (Aaryn).

After an outside lockdown they come back in the kitchen to find a smaller table and some new yellow bowls. They also cleaned the kitchen for them.

Gina Marie goes up to the HOH to talk to Elissa. Elissa tells her Amanda is running the house and Aaryn is following her orders, which last week she was told to get either Helen or her out. Gina Marie said that she told that to Aaryn and Aaryn said she is playing her own game. Elissa then said that Aaryn is not worth taking to, she does not think for herself, she said she can work with Gina Marie. Gina Marie said she thought Aaryn and Andy were brain washed that yesterday they were thinking of switching the votes and Amanda walked in and asked what they were doing, they said counting votes and she told them both that there were no other way to vote than to vote out Helen. Then she said Andy got scared.

Gina Marie then asked her if she would consider working with Aaryn and getting Amanda out. She said she considered that but she tried to work with Aaryn last week and Amanda just controlled her. Gina Marie said she does not kiss anyone’s ass, that she liked Elissa yesterday as much as she liked her today. Elyssa tried telling her that it has nothing to do with friendship that it has to do with respect for different races and diversities. Gina Marie nodded that she understood that but really did not get it. Elissa asks her not to use the VETO if she gets it and Gina Marie agrees. (She just told Aaryn that she was due to win a VETO and would use it on her 30 minutes prior to this conversation), Elissa then tells her she is going to put up McCrae and for her not to even try to win VETO. At this point Andy pokes his head in and asked if they were talking and if he could come in, Elissa said “NO”. Gina Marie then tells her she does not like to make fun of people (really???). Aaryn comes up and Gina Marie leaves.

Aaryn comes up to HOH and uses her soft little sweet voice and starts talking to Elissa. She compliments Elissa for making a big move and how good she is at this game. She said she does not know the game as well as she does. She also said she would not make a move unless the whole house told her to. Meanwhile Elissa just sat there clearly thinking (Probably saying to herself I did not tell you to put me on the block last week and clearly I was part of this house). Aaryn then said that not everything she told her was a lie last week. That Spencer was her target (lie). Elissa said you told me that if I did not win VETO I would be going home last week. She said maybe she was Amanda’s target, she said Amanda told her Helen was her target.

Aaryn tried making a deal with Elissa. She said she would do anything she wanted her to do if she could just stay. Elissa asked her why she wanted to stay.  Did she want to stay to play Amanda’s game? Elissa then said she can beat Amanda in competitions that is why she is not going on the block right now. That she can’t beat her (meaning Aaryn). Elissa then said she feels like Aaryn is just giving Amanda the game, doing all her dirty work. Aaryn then said then why don’t you nominate her, Elissa responded because I can beat her. Elissa then said she might be a target but not necessarily the biggest target. Of course Andy pokes his head in so Aaryn leaves.

All Andy asks is if she is still considering nominating McCrae and Aaryn. She said yes. Elissa did not offer any more information to Andy.

When Aaryn left the room she immediately talked to Spencer. She told him she tried to make a deal with Elissa and Elissa would not go for it. Spencer told her he wants her in the game. She then tells him that Elissa told her she enables McCrae and Amanda and does all their dirty work, she then said she agrees she does. That from now on she will only play her game. Spencer kept trying to sell her an alliance with  himself and McCrae and she told Spencer that McCrae was the one that put him up last week and told her he was only holding on to him for two more weeks.

McCrae comes in the room out goes Andy. Elissa asks him to wait for her for a few minutes because she had to go downstairs and find a tank top. He waited about 29 minutes for her to come back up. McCrae offers her a deal of working with them, it would be McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Elissa. Elissa said she wants to play her own game and not someone else’s. McCrae tries to talk her into putting Gina Marie up against Aaryn. She said no she has nothing against Gina Marie. McCrae said both him and Amanda want to take her (Elissa) to F3. Elissa keeps telling McCrae nobody wants him gone so she is putting him up to take a vote away from keeping Aaryn. McCrae said that it was him, Amanda and Andy that kept her in the game over Helen last week, she replied no me winning VETO kept me in the game. McCrae again said for her to put up Gina Marie and Aaryn and if he VETO is used to put up Amanda. Elissa responded that she is finally getting to play the game her way. McCrae then said there was a good chance that he would play in VETO and Elissa said to him…. “You will be playing in VETO”. He then leaves feeling very defeated.

McCrae starts to talk to Andy and tells him if he does not smile at her or if he does not compliment her yoga mat he will be put up. That there was no talking her out of it. Spencer joined the group and McCrae said she had a nerve putting him up and who did she think she was. He was totally mad about Elissa not taking his bait to play his game. McCrae then said that he will have to make up a lie and try telling her that to make her put up Gina Marie against Aaryn. McCrae said that he is not going anywhere and she does not get it and how pissed he will be next week and he will send her packing. Spencer then said he thinks she is working a deal with Aaryn to backdoor Amanda.

Meanwhile Aaryn and Gina Marie decide not to talk game with McAndra anymore, that they are just using them. Gina Marie (YES GINA MARIE) said twice that Candice and Jessie were right that they should have gotten rid of Amanda when they had the chance. Aaryn then said if she gets to F2 that she will win the game. She then said Elissa has the right to go after her so does Judd and Spencer.

Amanda joins McCrae and Andy. She put on her sad face and said she never felt more defeated in her life. She then starts saying that Gina Marie is kissing so much ass right now. She then tells them that she had an anxiety attack last night because they would not give her any meds (Xanax). She said they finally gave it to her and that is why she is sleepy now.

After an inside lockdown Elissa and Andy go outside to see  if there is anything new and they see a new canopy.

Judd and Aaryn clear the air, Judd said he is not mad at her for putting him up and that he never was really mad at her. She said everyone in the house told her to do it so she had to.(That night while nominating him she said everyone but two people want him nominated). Aaryn then said it was the most painful thing and now everyone is happy he is back because she is the one with his blood on her hands. He said he is not mad at her.

Elissa pulls Gina Marie to the side and whispers to her that McCrae and Amanda kept telling her to put her up and not them.