9:30 AM

Jessie is the first up. She appears to be perplexed during her morning coffee and cigarette. Judd is the only other one that beats the wake-up call (just barely).

10:30 AM

The House-guests get the wake-up call from BB and the bathroom gets crowded quickly.

Andy is in the HOH with Amanda and McCrea and summarizes Jeremy’s rant from last night, “ Jeremy took a whole bottle of wine for himself and then yells at everyone for being mad?!.” They confirm the plan is still to evict David.

 12:20 PM

Kaitlin and Aaryn are talking by the pool. David gets cheers because of his skimpy suit.

 Then we switch to Helen crying in bathroom. She seems to be missing her family and the outside world. Elissa consoles her.

 Amanda, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin are out back talking about last night and Jeremy’s rant. Kaitlin says her family will wonder why she is hanging out with this "little boy." When Jeremy joins them, she lets him know she is still upset.  Jeremy changes the subject by telling GinaMarie he thinks she has a crush on Nick.

 2:15 PM

Spencer, David, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Nick, Jeremy and Aaryn are in the kitchen where Aaryn announced she is not going to go to the crazy side today (referring to her 2nd confrontation with Candice last night.)

 Helen and Judd spend quite a bit of time together by the pool; mostly talking about family and life.


McCrae and Amanda talk in the HOH room. Amanda thinks they are fine right now and not caught up in what's going on with the rest of the house. She might not want to win HOH and let the rest of the house do the dirty work for her. McCrae advises not to throw it if they are still up there. Amanda thinks Elissa can take them far in the game. McCrae says she is a total wild card.

Andy and Nick join them and talk turns to kegels. Andy asks if guys can do them. Amanda laughs and says “Yes, but it's only worth it for girls.” 

3:30 PM

GinaMarie is seen sobbing. It seems Big Brother took away some of her clothes, shoes, curling iron and make up. No one talks about why. Amanda offers to share her clothes, though it sounds like BB took away some of her clothes too (not sure if that was today though.)







Nick, Andy and David chat in the bathroom. Andy is afraid people think he is aligned with Elissa and Helen. He is freaked out that he isn't safe with Jeremy. David tells Andy he is totally safe if David gets HOH next week.

 5:30 PM

Judd and Andy go over possible sleeping arrangements since there are no have-nots at the moment and Andy, Judd and Howard were still sleeping in have-not room voluntarily.

Next up, out in the hammock, Helen told Spencer about a talk she just had with David while playing chess. She told him she wanted to talk [later.] She told Spencer she wasn't sure if she should say how she was voting. Spencer advised she talk to David in a few days to say she was keeping David, but after David's talked to Aaryn, to confuse the other side. Helen assured Spencer she has nothing with Candice. Helen wants her, Howard, Spencer, Andy, McCrae, and Judd as the core going forward. She mentions she felt they were verbally abused by Jeremy [last night.]

Back in the bathroom, Elissa and Judd had a nice non-game talk, though he did suggest  Elissa should lay low and she'd be fine.






Howard and Jessie have a bible study in the Have-Not room.

Meanwhile Spencer, David, Jeremy, and Nick are by pool. Jeremy: "I hate when a girl can't cook." Nick: "Fire her." Jeremy:"I already did last night."

 McCrae spends some time doing the HOH tweets.


For no known reason, Spencer walks down the stairs and pulls out his ‘tallywhacker’. Nick, Jeremy and Kaitlin are treated to this show. (picture credit to Joker's Media Forum)


Jessie has taken to following Nick around pretending they are in a long term relationship, saying stuff like, "We were totally meant to be from the start." After about a half hour she tells him he is free. Amanda jumps in and jokes, “No you’re not. My turn!”






Andy and Helen talk alone in the HoH. Andy wants Helen to let Jeremy know he's not coming at Jeremy.

Helen doesn't think she and Andy should participate in any studying with the other side. She's glad she participated with the others today and wanted them to know she was smart, but she doesn't want to do it anymore. They think they may be able to use Jeremy for a while, but keep the group as a whole on the down low. After Wednesday Jeremy may realize he cannot play with Aaryn. Andy still plans to be floater.

 Now Spencer, Howard and Helen are in HOH room where Spencer thinks GinaMarie sided with Jeremy's alliance but after Jeremy flipped out on everyone last night, she's having second thoughts and it caused her to stress out causing her meltdown today (a bit of a mis-read by Spencer.)

They're worried about McCrae getting too close to Amanda.

Helen wants to feel Nick out, but Andy wants Nick out of here right away.

We also learn from GinaMarie that BB called her mom to replace the stuff they took.

 9:00 PM

Howard goes to the have-not room and reads the bible out loud.







In a conversation between Spencer, Andy, Judd and David, it is mentioned that McCrae did not get any pictures or a letter with his HOH.

Elsewhere Elissa is heard saying of her husband, "He's six foot. Maybe five-twelve.”

10:40 PM

Out back by themselves, Aaryn begins asking David what he wants to do with his life. It’s not like an I-want-to-get-to-know-you kind of thing. She sounds pissed or frustrated and it’s more of an emasculating interrogation. She’s used to guys with drive and dreams, but he doesn’t talk about anything except to compliment her. He says he is uncomfortable talking about it, but after several go rounds, finally answers that he wants to be on TV.

Some other excerpts:

Aaryn says that he pushes her away. David asks for 3 ways how he pushes her away. Aaryn says that he's quiet and he doesn't shower for a few days.

Aaryn cups his face and tells him he looks so sad and she's doing this because she cares about him.

David tells her that it hurt his feelings that she said she'd rather date an ugly guy with a brain.

Aaryn tells him they aren't good and they aren't dating.


Meanwhile Jessie talks to McCrae in the HOH. She’s looking for reassurance she’s not the one going this week. Amanda joins them and they tell Jessie she doesn’t have to worry.





Aaryn tells GinaMarie she was trying to have a conversation with David about life and it went nowhere. She says she feels like she ended up hurting his feelings and she feels bad. He doesn't have dreams so it won't work.

 Elsewhere, David tells Nick that he just had a deep conversation that was an hour and a half.


Elissa asks Jessie why she feels lonely. Jess says she feels everyone is paired up but she thought she'd find a guy in the house.

Aaryn makes her way to the hammock with Jeremy and Kaitlin to tell them about the David discussion. She says that she wants him to have a dream. She tells them she isn't attracted to David more than a friend. Jeremy asks if that hurt his feelings. Aaryn says no and wonders now if she should have let Jessie go for David instead.

In another group chat, Andy mentions he used to be 70 lbs. heavier.

Nick and Spencer peel off into the Storage Room. Nick says that his spending time with GinaMarie should prove his devotion to the Moving Company alliance.

 1:00 AM

Andy, McCrae and Amanda are in the HOH. Amanda and Andy agree they are worried about Nick becoming HOH and think he needs to go. Andy brings up Aaryn and he thinks BB is molding her as the bad guy. Amanda chimes in, “She is the bad guy.”

Andy leaves and Amanda gets very flirty with McCrae. McCrae points to the cameras and says everyone on the internet can hear you! He seems a little nervous and a little uncomfortable as Amanda keeps it up (though McCrae actually denies the ‘up’ status.)

Jessie tells Elissa she didn’t really want to talk to her because she feels like Elissa has had a big target on her back since the beginning and she didn’t want a target on her back because she was hanging out with Elissa. Elissa asks if she wanted a showmance and Jessie quickly says yes. She’s single and she wanted someone in the house she could talk to and trust. Elissa asks if is she is going to pursue things that could come from BB and Jessie tells her she doesn’t think anyone from BB has really gone on to any real fame, “ You’re just a reality star but it could open some doors.” (Did Jessie just become the sanest person in the house?)

Kaitlin is up in the HOH talking to Amanda and McCrae. She makes it known she is still pretty angry at Jeremy.

A little later there is this exchange between Nick and Kaitlin:

Nick: "I have been known to sexually harass some of the voices [in the DR]."

Kaitlin: "They're all dudes?!"

Nick: "Exactly".

Spencer, Jessie, Andy, GinaMarie, Jeremy, and Aaryn are at the Hot Tub talking about Jessie’s talk with Elissa. GinaMarie says Elissa is the devil and she’s going home Wednesday. The whole group is telling Jessie that Elissa talks [crap] about her and now she’s all buddy-buddy with her?! Jessie tries to defend herself to the group. They say that Elissa is trying to stir the pot and Jessie shouldn’t let her. They reassure her that Elissa is the one going home.

But in this exchange, Jeremy makes a comment about the vote might not go as planned. GinaMarie starts to question him and says her vote is for Elissa.

 Nick, Howard, Kaitlin, Amanda and McCrae are in the HOH talking about Elissa (popular subject tonight) and when they figured out she was Rachel’s sister. Kaitlin goes on a rant about Elissa and says she doesn't like sleeping next to her.

After Kaitlin leaves the room, Amanda tells Howard that Kaitlin told them she heard Helen, Andy and Candice tried to recruit him to their side but he turned them down.

 2:00 AM

Nick and Kaitlin head to the Storage Room to talk. Kaitlin tells Nick that Jeremy shares more with her than she shares with him. She thinks Spencer is a wild card but Jeremy assures her that he isn't. She trusted Andy the first couple days but thinks he's a wild card now. She had an alliance with Jessie early on but isn't sure now.

Gina walks in and the talk breaks up, awkwardly.

 Elsewhere Jeremy says he hopes Elissa knows if she doesn’t go home for some reason this week that she’ll be his target when he wins HOH. Andy doesn’t get why Jeremy would say that because Elissa is going home. Jeremy says she hasn’t cried and that’s why he thinks she could be staying this week.

 A little later Kaitlin confides in Nick that she has no feelings for Jeremy anymore but wants them all to stick together. She says that Jeremy is much smarter than he lets on and he remembers everything.

 Nick says he likes GinaMarie a lot as a person but he's in the same boat. Kaitlin says Jessie thinks Nick is avoiding her and she just wants attention from boys. Nick says that if he were to do that, GinaMarie would get upset and asked that Kaitlin try to pass along the message.

 Spencer and Jeremy confirm their allegiance to the Moving Company to each other.

 Nick asks Andy to keep him company in the kitchen unless he’d rather go to the hot tub. Nick explains how you get good abs and invites him to join in his workout routine. Andy is down to start tomorrow.

 Howard offers that Kaitlin to come and ask him things when she has concerns. Kaitlin asks, "Can you teach Jeremy to be wise like any of you?"

Howard: "I live vicariously through him."

Spencer: "He's my hero."

When Howard says he thinks she overthinks things. Kaitlin responds, “That's called having a vagina.”

Then Kaitlin and Spencer proceed to pretend hump.

Judd mentions to Howard and Judd that the girls are mad at Elissa for not crying. Spencer says in his opinion, they need to get David out and then Aaryn out because she'll be after everyone who took out her little "boy toy."

 3:25 AM

Howard, Candice and Judd listen as Kaitlin and McCrae talk in detail about drugs. Spencer chimes in he hates when movies portray pot smokers worse than heavy drinkers.

 GinaMarie can't sleep and indicated to Jeremy to come inside. She goes into meltdown again and Jeremy does his best to give a serious pep talk.









Meanwhile in the HOH, Amanda is now crying because McCrae talked about her in the Diary Room. She’s worried about her boyfriend now. He has naked pictures and videos he might try to sell out of spite because she kissed a pizza boy.

BB comes over the intercom, "Judd, don't lie on your transmitter." Everyone bursts out laughing at the new message.

Howard, Kaitlin, Judd, Andy, Nick, Spencer, Jeremy and Candice have picked up on the tension between McCrae and Amanda.  

Kaitlin thinks America must be pissed they figured out who Elissa is so soon. Spencer wonders if there are other people related to a famous person or something.


McCrae and Amanda have set aside the earlier concerns and are hard at it under the HOH covers. Afterwards Amanda realizes that McCrae is “packing some heat" and is worried he won’t be able to sleep.

 Ironically during this time, Spencer and Nick are discussing that McCrae may be in deep with Amanda but hopefully he may pull away now that it seems like they had a fight.


And with that, the house goes quiet just before 5:00 AM.

 Will David catch on he has more to worry about than a failed showmance? Will Kaitlin ditch Jeremy and go after Nick? And are GinaMarie’s clothes really the true source of all her powers?

An exceptional job by the Updaters today! Thanks to you all!