Big Brother Daily Recap July 26, 2013

Aaryn plays it safe, More bashing of people than at a middle school dance

9:30 am BB woke the houseguests.

We right away see Candice and Helen talking. Candace said rumor has it that Helen told Aaryn that she (Candice) wants Gina Marie and Spencer up. Helen denies that she said that.

Amanda and McCrae were sitting on the couch. Amanda cracked me up saying the whole nomination speech but substituting masturbation for nomination. So it went like this: Welcome to the masturbation ceremony. As HOH. I have to masturbate with two players, I will pull the first key and then everyone will pull the next key.

11:16 am Aaryn tells Andy, McCrae and Amanda that Candice threatened her and told her she had to put up McCrae and Amanda. She said that Amanda was who spearheaded the whole thing in putting her up last week. They all think Howard must have some special power. Amanda got angry and called Candice a &^nt (C u next Tuesday.) She then said ok everyone, everything that happens in this house is my fault, since you are going to blame me anyway, I am just admitting it.

But really, Candice just told her that Amanda wanted her out last week while Candice helped save her, talking to people etc.

Candice melts down when Helen and Elissa tell her Howard is going up. She begs them not to do it, they try to explain to her why he is going up. She said Amanda totally had MVP last week, right before she was called to DR she kept asking them if they had something for her. So it had to be her.

Meanwhile Amanda keeps going on about how much she hates Candice. Aaryn keeps saying that she does not want Candice or Elissa to go to jury. They keep ragging on Candice and Aaryn ends up crying too. Aaryn said she would not feel safe in jury with Howard.

Aaryn does not understand why people do not take her seriously. McCrae said that she must be viewed like the new Janelle because she won HOH twice. Andy comes in and said that he was downstairs with Candice who was crying. Aaryn said good she should be FU%^&ng crying. Amanda keeps ragging on Candice. Then she said she took her bandana and put it on her greasy nappy hair.


2:00 pm – 5:00 pm The houseguest played in the have not competition. When the feeds return we hear that Judd, Candice, Amanda and Gina Marie are have nots. We also here that they got Raisins and Ramen noodles for the have not food this week.


We then see Howard and Aaryn talking, he was trying to convince her that putting him up was a bad choice, Aaryn said she was putting him up and not backdooring him. He has a chance to fight for VETO. That she has to do with what the house wants or she will be put up and voted out next week. She said that she hopes that if he is HOH next week and puts her up that she will also have a chance to play for VETO. Aaryn then said that Kaitlin was not smart enough to cut a deal that is why she got voted out. Howard assures her that he would not put her up next week if he got HOH. Aaryn said that she thinks MVP is America and they will put up Elissa because she can’t play in VETO this week.

The three A’s (Amanda, Aaryn and Andy) chat and Aaryn said there are four people that they would like out before jury, they are Howard, Spencer, Candice and Elissa. Since there is only three weeks till jury they will have to have one of them on the jury. Andy seems to think it will be Elissa or Candice. Aaryn then said she really wanted to put up Elissa and Candice but she will put up Howard and Spencer because that is what the house (really Amanda’s vendetta) want.

McCrae and Helen chat. McCrae tells her that he trusts Aaryn over Elissa. That Elissa is selfish and he can’t control her. That he wants to get rid of Elissa before Aaryn. He said Aaryn is very loyal.  McCrae then said the same thing to Andy.

Aaryn then tells Spencer that the house wants him up, that she is putting him up and he was not the target. Spencer seemed OK with that. She tells Spencer that McCrae never said a bad word about him. That the real reason Candice is not going up is because Elissa controls Helen and Elissa is friends with Candice.

5:32 pm We go to trivia again for the nomination ceremony. Feeds return at 6:00 pm and we see Howard and Spencer are nominated (That will shut Amanda up for a few minutes.) First thing we see is Amanda, McCrae and Andy celebrating in the storage room and Helen and Aaryn hugging in the HOH. We then hear Judd and Andy talking and Judd said the “Goof Troop” are the only ones that have not been nominated. (Goof Troop = Andy, Judd, McCrae and Amanda)

On the other side of the house we hear Jessie crying, she is telling Howard to fight, he deserves to be here, that he is a good person. We then see Howard praying in the have not room.

So Amanda and Gina Marie join Aaryn in the HOH room and all they do is bash Candice. They bash the way she looks, how she performed in the have not competition and say she even takes clothes that are not hers. Gina Marie agrees and throws in a few I know’s herself. Amanda kept saying she  F&*(ing hates her.(This is what she did with everyone about Howard too until she could get Howard nominated and everyone agreeing to vote him out, she obsesses on it and goes on and on until everyone just gives in to her.) Gina Marie is now on the Hate Candice band wagon. She goes on and on about Candice.

Candice and Howard chat. He tells her about the conversation he had with Jessie. He also said if she was nominated because of MVP then if he won the VETO he would use it on her. She said no way he was to use it on himself. Candice then said that his nomination was all Amanda doing. He agreed.

A little while later, Elissa obsesses about the MVP. She observes how long everyone is the DR and the longest one she assumes is the MVP. First she tells everyone it is Andy. Amanda finally asks him and he said no he did not get it and wonders why everyone thought that.

Spencer corners McCrae and asks if Howard is the target. McCrae answered yes, Spencer then asked if Gina Marie was the third nomination would Howard be safe. McCrae responded no it would have to be someone big up there like Elissa so that people would change their vote and keep Howard safe. While Aaryn, Amanda, Judd, Gina Marie, McCrae and Andy were in the kitchen,  Howard abruptly came into the kitchen where there was light-hearted conversation, and said he had something to say. He knows it's a game but doesn't appreciate being taken to a personal level. He said he hasn't said any disparaging comments. He said he is gonna try hard in the VETO. He said no one is gonna tell him what to do. He said he's loyal, grown, and can't be different from who he is. He says that's all he has and leaves. They thanked him.  Howard, Candice and Spencer were being real sore sports. They walk around the house very sullen and act very negative towards everything. All the houseguests notice this and comment on it. Aaryn said they deserve it because they nominated her last week. (Umm all nominated her last week)

 All night the different sides of the house bashed each other. It was like a middle school social event where all they had to do was find fault with the other. No one was safe from the bashing. The HOH side thinks Howard has a special power but Amanda did guess correctly that America was the MVP last week. She even guessed that Elissa was put up because the first choice must have been Aaryn or Kaitlin and then the Brenchel haters got third and fourth choice of Elissa and Gina Marie. That side of the house also believes Howard will win the POV that it will be designed for him!

All were I bed early at 3:30 am anxiously awaiting the VETO competition and hoping it had cool prizes in the competition too!

Who will win that VETO? Who will Amanda obsesses over next? Will Elissa figure out that America is MVP and she has to play the game herself? How much more smug can Aaryn become? How will the third nominee effect the game? Who will that be? Will the houseguest figure out that it does not have to be unanimous to get voted out and maybe just secure the right amount of votes to stay? Who knows?? Thanks Jokers updaters you’re the best!