Big Brother Daily Recap July 5, 2013

10:30 BB woke everyone up. Aaryn woke up as she fell asleep determined to put up Elissa and get her out of the house this week. Kaitlin believes she will be put up by the MVP and whines to anyone that will listen. Aaryn tells Kaitlin she will threaten anyone that does not agree to vote out Ellisa. She will tell them they will be next. She then said that she does not trust Nick and thinks he is orchestrating everything and told people not to vote her out last week.


Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy have an alliance called “the triangle of trust.” (Sounds a bit nerd herdish IMO.)


Outdoor lockdown called at 11:22

It was over at 12:27. When they go back in they see that the have not’s can eat liver and lima beans. Helen was thrilled with the lima beans and the boys loved them to throw around.

Jeremy takes this opportunity since everyone is in the house and together to announce in a loud voice that they will be calling everyone up to HOH to discuss nominations with them.

He then takes Judd into the lounge and threatens him, said he has eyes and ears all over this house and he will come after anyone who goes against their wishes and does not vote out Elissa. Judd tells him that he is not friends with Elissa and avoids her when he can. He then tells Jeremy that he thinks someone else could flip the vote and blame him. He did not feel it was fair.

Jeremy and Aaryn go to HOH. Jeremy told her to put up Helen. Here is what the others said when they were summoned up to HOH and threatened, They were asked who they would put up against Elissa and then told that Elissa has to go this week and if not they would come after them.

Howard - Helen or Candice 

Andy – Candice

Judd – Helen

Kaitlin – Helen

Nick – Someone weak – Jessie or Candice, Helen OK  too (Nick did ask Jeremy to leave so he could talk to Aaryn alone. Aaryn went into the HOH bathroom and Jeremy flashed Nick the MC sign with his hands signaling that the Moving Club is still intact.)

Helen – Said she knew she was going up and that she was going to fight for POV. Said she is always honest.   

Ginamarie – She agreed with whatever and said she likes pretty people, she likes cool people, she likes strong people and she hangs out with that type of #$%&&& people.

Candice – Nick

McCrea and Amanda entered together – Helen

Judd – Helen he told them he would 100% do what they want and vote out Elissa.

Spencer – Helen

Jessie – Aaryn told her to pretend she knows nothing and she said she would support them 100%

Jeremy did say that every year there is one rude person that everyone lets float because there are bigger targets, we’re not going to let that happen this year.

After Andy went in the HOH room he went to Spencer, McCrea and Amanda and said he wants to get Jeremy out because he is bullying everyone.

Candice said to Howard that she thinks that Nick and Jeremy are working together and just pretending to work with the girls.

3:19 Spencer tells Nick in the storage room that if he wants poisoned spread throughout the house just tell Andy he blabs everything. Then he told him he thinks that America will vote GInamarie MVP because she has hurt her hand.

4:25 pm Kaitlin said if it’s a number game (HOH) than she’s (Helen) got it in the bag because she is Asian.

Meanwhile Elissa who was never summoned to the HOH room has been sick all day. Seems the slop has upset her stomach. Jeremy said that he hoped she gets worse so she can go home “Kick Rocks Broad.”

Amanda further tells McCrea that she does not trust Jeremy. She said “You honestly think he’d keep Kaitlin in for the final 4” and then said if he believes that he is naive.

5:40 – We get TRIVIA so nominations were under way. When the feed return we see Elissa and Helen crying in the have not room. Both saying they are going to fight for POV. We also see Aaryn and Judd talking and she tells him that she put Howards and Candice’s keys in last because she trusts them the least.