With the house up in the air pending the Veto meeting, we are in for an interesting day…

 8:30  AM
Helen, finishing her nightly curfew, has been up briefly when the wake-up call comes and the house springs to life. Howard and Candice continue to have strained relations from last night.

As they go through their morning routine, BB informs the house the Veto meeting will be in one hour.

Jessie complains to Candice about Amanda being obnoxious. Candice agrees.

 Elissa mocks a veto speech, "Whoever put me up… should be scared because I'm the best player in BB history!" Judd warns her to be careful what she says, “Don't put a target on your back.”

GinaMarie now believes Nick got to vote for the MVP nomination, "Nick's voting. He told me telepathically."

 10:00 AM
When Howard is called to the DR. Elissa gives him a hard time (She thinks he's MVP.) She next turns to Andy, "If YOU think I'm attractive, my life is complete.”

In the understatement of the day Judd is heard saying, "I know people have a hard time understanding me sometimes." When Elissa is called to the Diary Room, Judd says, "Go make that replacement nom!"

 Andy jokes if he goes up he's going to flip mattresses and rip apart the hammock! He also discusses with Helen that Howard or Kaitlin need to go home before Aaryn. Helen is starting to think Candice is working with Kaitlin. She theorizes America nominated Elissa.

Jessie gets to Aaryn, "I'm not going to say specifically, but you're in a better spot than you were."

 11:30 AM
The feeds were out an hour for the Veto meeting and it is immediately apparent Elissa saved herself with GinaMarie as the replacement nominee (Maybe Nick WAS voting the MVP nom.)

 Aaryn, Kaitlin and Andy are being supportive of GinaMarie. They still think Elissa was the MVP (and therefor nominated herself). Kaitlin says GinaMarie is being very spunky. GinaMarie replies, “I came to play. I take it as a compliment. Send me home! Let's go! Bring it! You wanna be shook? Think I'm gonna beat you? I got pink sneakers. Who's cooler than me? Nobody!"

 Elissa is seen looking at a camera saying, “Please don't let them do that again, that was ridiculous!”

 In the HOH, Judd advises GinaMarie, “Don't ruffle any feathers” and assures she's not going anywhere because he needs her. Kaitlin joins them and GinaMarie asks, "If everyone likes me, why am I up there?" Kaitlin tells her, "Because you're sealing the fate of Aaryn!"

 Elsewhere Andy, Amanda and McCrae are trying to figure out how to convince Elissa to vote Kaitlin out.

 Helen gets to Judd to say, “Everyone wants Kaitlin out.” Kaitlin joins them saying it doesn't make sense that someone put up Elissa and then put up GinaMarie. She got a serious vibe from the Diary Room questions that Elissa nominated herself. A serious vibe!

 In passing, Aaryn is seen asking Elissa if she was happy to be off the block. Elissa ignored her.

Elissa then talks to Howard about how she doesn't have anything she needs. Earlier it was her sunglasses and now she needs a Yoga mat.

Amanda Saran wraps Elissa again so she can get her daily sweating in.

 Meanwhile Spencer and Howard are in the Have-Not room trying to devise a plan to get Elissa on their side.

They want to make Andy more loyal to them than to Helen. Howard thinks Andy is smart and will be safe every week with whoever gets HOH. Howard says he has Candice and Spencer has Jessie. Spencer reports Jessie wants Amanda out and with Amanda out, McCrae would be with them. It’s possible Elissa has some sort of power. Best case scenario would be Kaitlin to get HOH and she'd put up Amanda and McCrae.

 McCrae finds GinaMarie and tries to give her a pep talk even promising if she goes, he will give her his $5,000. He advises her to use her social skills. She said she did that when Nick was up and people lied to her face, so she's not going to bother. She’ll just be herself.

 Out in the hammock, Howard advises Candice to stay close to Jessie.

 2:00 PM
Howard tells Spencer that Amanda and McCrae are being super nice now that their bluff was called and they don't have the numbers.

 Elissa is seen telling Helen that Kaitlin had an abortion before she came on the show. Helen makes the case to get rid of Kaitlin worrying she is working with Howard. She also notes that Howard and Spencer made a final 4 deal with Andy and Judd and another final 4 deal with McCrea and Amanda. If she gets rid of Howard, Spencer and Candice will be by themselves and they can bring them over. Elissa agrees that Howard and Spencer are trying to get Candice and Jessie's vote and they will be coming after Helen and Elissa.

 Next Elissa, Helen and Kaitlin are out back talking about people thinking Elissa self-nominated and she speculates on the whole MVP situation. Kaitlin is worried that Aaryn has deals with others. Helen says they do not believe Aaryn. They ask Kaitlin about Howard. She tells them he just talks gibberish to her. Helen says they have to make Howard feel safe so that he doesn't try in the HOH comp. Elissa thinks putting up GinaMarie was a bad move. Helen says if it was America, Aaryn was already nom'd and the others just had "percentages" of the vote.

After Kaitlin leaves Elissa worries that Kaitlin would put her up. It was interpreted that Helen eluded she can use the abortion information to their advantage. Elissa says, "If I ever get MVP again, I'm not telling a soul."

During this time an uninvited visitor makes the girls scatter. Helen returns with a flyswatter to take care of the issue.

Candice joins them and Helen prods her about MVP. Candice doesn’t know who it is, "I'm very confused." Helen now thinks a guy got MVP. Elissa says this makes sense as all the nominees are girls. Candice thinks in her heart of hearts that it has something to do with Amanda and McCrea. Elissa and Candice talk about getting Aaryn out. Elissa says if they keep Aaryn, please send her home. She doesn't want to be there with her. They speculate more about the MVP before taking some time to bash Amanda.

 3:30 PM
Elissa leaves Candice and Helen. They continue to bash on Amanda a bit before moving on to Spencer.

Elissa returns and they talk about them all working together along with Howard.  There is some talk about keeping Aaryn because she can be manipulated more than Kaitlin.

 Elsewhere, Aaryn pleads to Judd and Jessie to campaign for her. She will be the most loyal person in the world. They all agree they don’t want Elissa to make jury. Judd says she'd be the "most bitter jury member of all time." Aaryn prays that her job offer for a Host opportunity is still there when she gets out.

 Helen and Elissa go up to the HOH room to talk to Judd and Jessie. Helen reports Andy said Kaitlin is coming after Her. And that he said Kaitlin hasn't talked to Andy about game in the past two days. Helen speculates Kaitlin could be MVP and put GinaMarie up to hide the fact that she's MVP. But she also thinks it could be Howard because of all his diary room sessions. Elissa knew she was going up when she didn't get MVP. The others make the case to get Kaitlin out this week, but Elissa won’t budge from wanting to take out Aaryn.

Spencer joins them for another round of MVP speculation. Spencer tells Elissa not to personalize it. Elissa "Do you guys think I have a bad personality?" Spencer says she is polarizing, like Rachel. Elissa broke down in tears worrying if America voted to nom her, they may take their hatred of her out on her son. They prop her back up. She goes back to lobbying for Aaryn to leave this week.

 Jessie makes it down to the cockpit room and relays to Candice and Howard she can't get Judd to have a long conversation with her. Candice said she had to make Howard sit down and talk to her. He said she didn't 'make' him. She said she told him, "Sit your ass down and tell me about your life."

 Next Judd visits with Candice and Howard. They will do whatever Judd wants. Howard thinks Amanda and McCrae have a deal with Kaitlin. Judd thinks Kaitlin and McCrae could be related.

 Judd returns to the HOH and tells Helen he could hear every word she said. There is some more Aaryn bashing before they break up.

 6:00 PM
Judd visits Aaryn in the hammock to check if she was alright.

Aaryn conveys worry that Candice wants her gone and may convince Howard. She also informs Judd she just did her nails so she can't pull her shorts down. Judd tries to help her. (I didn’t actually watch that so I’m getting an interesting visual.)

 Jessie talks to Aaryn in the Bathroom to relay their earlier efforts to sway Elissa to vote Kaitlin out. Helen is still working on Elissa for them. She asks Aaryn who she would put up if she won HOH.  Aaryn said anyone they want. Jessie says she should tell Elissa and Helen that.

Aaryn is scared to throw HOH. Jessie says "Elissa cannot play in POV next week, people will remember this. Plus, she is not the most liked person. It could be an opportunity for someone. If Amanda or McCrea win, they will gun for Howard. If Spencer or Howard win, they will try to make a power move." Aaryn likes what she hears.

 7:30 PM

Helen relays back to Jessie that Aaryn made an offer to throw the HOH or let Helen or Elissa decide the nominations if she gets HOH. Jessie thinks that's a good deal (I wonder why). Helen says if Judd wants Kaitlin out, he should get a similar deal from Kaitlin and they'd support him on it.

 Up in the HOH, Aaryn tells Howard and Spencer she has the votes to stay. She was not supposed to say anything (whoops), but Judd will talk to them. After she leaves, Spencer tells Howard not to share any info with Candice. Howard agrees. He wants Spencer as his final 2.  

 Out back Helen tells Judd about Aaryn’s offer. She thinks it’s a good deal and she can now convince Elissa to vote Kaitlin out this week if they promise to go after Aaryn next week. Helen wants to go with whatever Judd decides. Judd agrees that Kaitlin is a good competitor and has to go. Helen goes to give Andy the update.