6:29am Helen is up, the rest of the Houseguests are still sleeping. Helen returns to bed after she washes up in bathroom.

10:30am Judd and Amanda are up in the bathroom whispering about Jessie aproaching Judd in regards to Nick coming after Jessie and about Howard and Spencer not being truthful with them.









11:16am Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, Helen in backyard strategizing whether to try to get Jessie's vote or vote out Elissa. Helen tells them Candice thinks Nick and Jeremy have a Final 2 so Candice is on board with getting Nick out.

Candice is crying in the backyard because she had a bad dream about her adopted mother.

Most of the afternoon is spent making sure everyone (Macrae, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie, Candice, Howard, Judd) will vote to evict Nick.

3:34pm Aaryn and GinaMarie complaining about Kaitlyn and Jeremy thinking they are Queen and King of the house.

4:15pm Amanda is in the HOH room and tells Aaryn she trusts her 100%.

5:42pm Amanda asked Nick and McCrae if they are a part of an all boy alliance. They both nervously deny it.

The CBS show aired tonight. America finds out who the MVP is for this week. It is Elissa.








There was a message from a former HouseGuest Britney Haynes (who is very pregnant.) In the message she informs the HouseGuest about the POV competition. Which involves the HouseGuest balancing stuffed animals on a baby mobile.











Jeremy, Elissa, Helen, Nick, Amanda and Aaryn all participate in the POV competition.
Jeremy wins!











Jeremy takes himself off the block and Elissa the MVP puts Nick on the block in his place. That brings us back to the ongoings in the house with one side trying to get Elissa evicted and the other trying to get Nick evicted.

1:47am An alarm goes off and all the Houseguests head to the backyard.











The feeds go to fish screen. At 2:03 am the camera feeds return and the Houseguests are talking about the upcoming HOH. Apparently they were called to the backyard and were shown items they must must remember because it is part of this weeks HOH competition.

The Houseguest talk amongst each other going over the items and trying to make sure they memorize them the rest of the night into the early morning hours. 

~Thanks to the Daily Updaters for your time and effort with the minute by minute updates.