"Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them." Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock

 10:02 AM  Wake Up.........

Helen is in the backyard doing laundry and running laps.

The camera in the Have Not room does a close-up of the Condom & Dental dam under Amanda & McCraes seats that Aaryn & Judd put there as a joke.

11:13 AM    Elissa is up and in the kitchen.

11:52 AM    Judd & Jessie discussing Kaitlin being their #1 target- Judd says it's not because he hates her but she is a big comp threat. She did so much better than Aaryn in the puzzle POV. Aaryn was second to last just before Spencer.

Jessie says she talked to Aaryn about being afraid Kaitlin would put her up & that Aaryn told her not to worry. She wants Judd to put a bug in Howard & Spencer's ears so they'll put Kaitlin up. She thinks if Judd tells Spencer & Howard they would tell Candice and then the rest of the house would know to target Kaitlin.

Judd is not letting on that others want Spencer & Howard out but he tells Jessie he doesn't trust Howard because he scrambles just before voting. He tells her it is better to wait until after HOH to talk to them but that he will plant a seed with Spencer before HOH.  

Jessie wants to talk to Amanda but is afraid to because Amanda just tells people what they want to hear. She would like to tell Amanda that Amanda is her new "bestie" in the house because Helen has Andy & Elissa. She says she feels that Amanda and her are second-tier on that side of the house. Judd tells her he is kind of close to them & is going to talk to McCrae about it, but he thinks she should talk to Amanda before Jeremy leaves.

Jessie tells Judd she wants them to make sequester at the very least. Judd says "at the very least but I want us to be Final 2." Jessie replies there isn't anyone she'd rather have a Final 2 deal with.

12:23 PM      Judd is telling Aaryn that even if she doesn't win HoH he doesn't think she will go home, that she is pretty much off people's radar right now. He tells her he is telling anyone that talks game with him that she isn't a threat. Aaryn says Kaitlin is in an alliance with Andy, Helen & Elissa for Final 4 - Judd says Helen did tell him not to put Kaitlin up.

01:15 PM      The House Guests have decided to have a funeral for Nick in order to help GinaMarie move on. "Nick's Memorial" will be tonight at 7PM BB time at the pool table and will be officiated by Howard.

02:17 PM       Judd & Aaryn talking in the bedroom - Aaryn is mad at GinaMarie because Aaryn keeps trying to involve her in fun tasks to get her mind off Nick but she keeps shutting her down & being pissy. It makes Aaryn mad because she says she isn't a very social person but she is trying to be for GinaMarie. Judd says he is tired of it, that it has been week.

Andy, Spencer, Candice & Howard on the backyard couch just chit chatting.

Meanwhile Amanda has found the condom & dental dam under their seats her reaction.... "EW."

02:47 PM      Nick's memorial has been postponed until Friday because GinaMarie is just not ready for it yet.

03:22 PM      Andy, Amanda, Aaryn & Judd talking about GinaMarie's obsession with Nick, Andy says it is the most over the top thing he has ever seen. Amanda points out that GinaMarie doesn't even really know Nick.

04:05 PM      Amanda, McCrae & Judd in the backyard smoking. Judd "being a have not makes me smoke more." McCrae says everything annoys him & Judd says if he hears GinaMarie whine about Nick one more time he is going to flip out.

Kaitlin is watching Jeremy shower. Jeremy says he needs help scrubbing his back hint...hint...hint...

04:16 PM       Andy & Elissa up in the HoH room - Elissa tells him she hasn't taped her good-bye message to Jeremy yet, she checked again how to say good-bye in German. Amanda joins them for some small talk - Andy is an only child. Elissa tells them sometimes she treats Rachel like she is the younger one but that after this Rachel is going to give her a lot of lectures. Andy thinks from the look of things Rachel is really fighting for her. Elissa says the "Brenchel Army" is the best & the only reason she is still there.

 Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie & Jeremy talking about how they should live together ,Aaryn says it would go sour when her & GinaMarie leave for a girls get away and come back to find Kaitlin & Jeremy having a French orgy in the living room. Kaitlin tells them she is going to go take a shower, GinaMarie says she'll take one after her, Kaitlin tell her "you can shower with me." Jeremy "WHAT I just asked you!?!" Kaitlin says it's different with girls.

04:43 PM       In the HoH room Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Andy & Judd say their alliance will be called the 'Knockouts" they discuss if Jessie will be a part of it. Amanda says no but they'll protect her until Jury. Helen says all decisions have to be agreed to by everyone.

They don't want GinaMarie to win HoH. The group discusses how each one of them can manage certain people outside the alliance. Helen - GinaMarie, Elissa - Candice, Andy -Kaitlin, Judd - Jessie, Amanda - Aaryn, & McCrae can talk to Spencer. Andy wonders if they should have a fake alliance with Howard & Spencer. Amanda says no they can protect them but Howard & Spencer have their own alliance anyway. Judd tells them Howard said something about wanting to talk to someone later. Amanda & Aaryn say it is so shady when he does that, why can't they just talk now.

They talk about how dangerous Nick was in targeting them & how lucky it was Jeremy won that POV so they could take Nick out. Judd says GinaMarie thinks Nick went to Ohio state because he has the shirt. Judd says he has a shirt from the University of Tennessee but he didn't go there. Andy points out that it doesn't surprise him that Nick went to an Ivy League school because he's known many who have & they are socially just like Nick with an icy exterior.

05:16 PM      The HoH group talk about how David beat everyone of them at chess, they joke that he could really work on Wall Street or be a professional chess player.

 Aaryn, GinaMarie & Kaitlin talk about how they need to stick together that the other group will try & turn them against each other. Aaryn tells them about how Helen offered her a deal.

06:20 PM      Jeremy campaigns to Andy in the Have Not room. He tells him Amanda, McCrae & Judd are on board to keep him. Andy to Jeremy "Even if you don't always say the most intelligent things, I know where you LIE."

Meanwhile Aaryn makes her pitch to Amanda & McCrae to keep Jeremy. Aaryn: "I just wish there was someone who wanted to work with Jeremy and I." Amanda: "Not going to happen." They tell her the more she campaigns for him the more she puts herself on peoples radars again.

06:35 PM     The Knockouts reconvene after Aaryn & Jeremy make their pitches to them - all agree they are NOT keeping Jeremy. Andy doesn't want to say anything about Elissa because of America, he is afraid of what would happen if she turned on them. McCrae thinks the number one thing with Elissa is religion and he is afraid Howard can influence her with it. Amanda thinks they can get Kaitlin or Aaryn to put her up and agree the best time to get her out would be a double eviction.

07:37 PM     Jeremy goes to HoH to make his pitch to Helen. He promises her everything for the chance to stay, says he knows he behaved badly but promises to do everything to win and will do whatever they want him to do. Elissa comes in and Helen tells her to hear him out - he apologizes to Elissa, and promises her the same as he did Helen.  To do whatever she wants him to do if they give him the chance to stay.

07:56 PM       Andy & Kaitlin in the Have Not room, Kaitlin thinks they want to put her up. Andy tells her Helen is after Aaryn & tells her she is in a much better spot than Aaryn is. Kaitlin is worried about how close Howard and Candice are. Andy says Amanda is sure they can get Candice out.

08:08 PM       Spencer & McCrae smoking in the backyard. Spencer is assuring him he can come talk to him anytime. McCrae says now but he was afraid of be attacked by the MC before. McCrae says Helen is headed for a fall from grace, he says it always happens when you have HoH and get HoHitis.

09:57 PM        Elissa & Helen talk in the HoH about Jeremy. They agree that they do feel bad for him but there is too much water under the bridge and they just don't need him. Everyone's minds are already made up.

11:23 PM        They got Booze!   Kaitlin wants to shot gun a beer, and Aaryn says Andy would probably win the beer chugging contest because he is use to swallowing things fast.

12:00 AM       The rest of the night was a mix of general chit chatting, rehashing game talk, and some fun and games.

05:07 AM      All the house guests are asleep and lights out..


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