Helen starts our day, up briefly at 9:30; the rest of the hamsters are snoozing.

10:30am - McC and Judd having a morning smoke; Aaryn and Kaitlin on BY couches, discussing the 5 songs BB played. Joined by Andy. Elissa up and doing laundry, Helen running.

10:45 Aaryn/Jessie/Kaitlin in HOH talk about nom'ing Elissa. Aaryn saying she won't tell who she's nominating and calls her alliance a 'powerhouse.’ Howard to HOH; tells Aaryn he voted to evict Elissa. Aaryn telling Jessie/Kaitlin/Howard that more people are on her radar now besides Andy, Helen, Elissa and Candice. Howard leaves; Jeremy enters. Aaryn doesn't believe Howard. They agree Nick probably voted for David to stay. Aaryn thinks Elissa isn't a real person - she's a 'demon'. Andy/Elissa are in the kitchen discussing 4th of July memories. Andy/Spencerr/Amanda join Judd on the BY couches. They agree not to tell Jessie anything. Andy and Spencer agree that HOH wants Elissa out. Amanda emphasizes the Crazy 8 have the numbers and they need to stay together. They want to keep Elissa as a pawn until Aaryn/Jer/Kaitlin are evicted; Candice and Elissa as permanent targets until then. Amanda says Elissa said that Nick told her that he would keep her safe if he got MVP; Amanda told Elissa she should tell Nick the same. Andy confesses again that he told HOH he voted David out; he is worried that Helen and Candice talk.

11-12 Aaryn still focused on Elisa - says she "can't wait to get" 'death threats' for evicting her. Kaitlin convinced that MVP will nom her. Elissa is talking with McCrae, says she wants to say Jeremy voted for her to stay as an apology for (HatGate 2.0). Elissa tells Amanda about HatGate 2.0 and how Jeremy apologized to her. McCrae thinks Nick is going up. Elissa tells Candice the 'mean girls' are playing personally - they won't talk to Elissa. Howard/Jeremy working out. Andy to HOH. Andy was a Regan fan. Aaryn hated Rachel. Andy intrigued how he will be portrayed on the show. Aaryn not sure if she wants to watch this season when she gets home. Discuss that Nick goes to DR a lot. GM adores Aaryn. Andy exits, says good morning to Elissa and Judd downstairs. Aaryn listens to her CD. GM joins Helen on BY couch. She's trying to get Helen off the block; she wants Aaryn to nom Jessie instead. GM /Elissa talk, GM says she and Nick are not an item. GM wants to complete with the best. Tells Elissa she's pretty - you'll see the DR's. Elissa asks GM why she hooked up with the mean girls. She was so nice/happy the first day. GM says Aaryn reminded her of a friend from home. Elissa asks GM to not attack her personally and GM apologizes.

12-1pm Aaryn, Kaitlin talk in HOH bathroom. Kaitlin worried if they put Candice up she will go. Aaryn is going to ask people who they want put up when they come up to talk. GM pops into HOH room to show off her new sprained finger bandage and exits. Andy back to HOH to listen to CD. Complaints it's hot (stuffy) in the HOH room. Andy felt like an outsider week one. Aaryn says Andy should relate to Nick since they're both gay. Andy listens to CD while Kaitlin and Aaryn primp, they have to look "hot all week" so they get MVP votes. Andy leaves. Aaryn may get a boob job if she wins. Andy walks in and is curious about blemish cream. Andy reassures Aaryn that being on slop isn't as big a deal the second time around. . Aaryn to Kaitlin: “Psychology is my thing!” Kaitlin 'most heartbroken' about Judd (vote). Aaryn wants to take her key everywhere she goes so people don't go up to the HOH room. She knows she should be making friends, Kaitlin interrupts, 'they're not our friends'. Primp continues. Jeremy to HOH, Aaryn says they're going down to swim. Kaitlin tells Jeremy they want to put Candice up with Elissa; Jeremy says no, Candice can't compete. Kaitlin wants to go over scenarios. Aaryn says they can use this time to hear out everybody. Aaryn wants to pretend they believe Nick. Jeremy tells Kaitlin she's safe 100%. Judd to HOH. Judd wants to know if he'd look ridiculous asking for 'booze' in the daytime - it's the 4th. Aaryn's makeup is melting. McCrae/Amanda talk - if she goes on the block, she goes home so she should stay away from (the HOH crew) and Andy. Kaitlin/Aaryn discuss Nick again. Kaitlin, Aaryn, GM discuss Nick. Kaitlin doesn't think he's a floater. Aaryn says she wants to be a relationship counselor and studied psych since she was 14 and that she can read people pretty well; she reads a lot of psychology books. She thinks David will be a model 'within a week'. Jeremy to HOH complains he got bit by a spider. Aaryn jokes "Rachel came in and unleashed a tarantula" while he slept. Nick to HOH - asks why girls are getting all dolled up. Aaryn says: “Because it's 4th of July and we need to honor America the right way, and it's not ironic she's HOH today - she's an All American Girl, Amurica, F..K yea!" HOH clears out. Howard and Nick at pool table folding laundry, talking outside relationships. Howard and Nick are both in love. Nick and GM chit-chat while Nick puts laundry away.

1:00-2pm HG around/in pool - Jeremy thinks the most perfect life is a pro surfer. Aaryn thinks Jeremy's too tall. She likes bull riders. Helen seems asleep. Jeremy and Andy seem to be knowledgeable on many movies. Everybody liked 'Grandma's Boy'. Elissa out of the pool, now lying out. Nick thinks he can hear fireworks. Andy likes Drew Barrymore. Nick isn't a fan of Heineken, Andy likes it; Spencer likes Rolling Rock. Everybody likes Blue Moon except Spencer, he likes Sam Adams Cranberry. Aaryn likes to mix her six-pack at the store. 1:25 close-up, Jeremy has a lipstick kiss print on his cheek. Spencer and Aaryn like Garth Brooks. Aaryn outside-shower drenches because she doesn't want to get in the murky pool. Elissa carrying laundry, both Andy and Howard open doors for her. Now Elissa has plastic bags over her hands, opening downstairs bathroom toilet, hesitating... She's grossed out by something she put in garbage can. Howard comments he's glad she's doing "it". Helen comes in and offers to make slop; Elissa washes slop pot. (Ed. note: There are dishes everywhere around the sink, some clean, most not.) Elissa can't believe how dirty the bathroom is. 1:45pm H/N room: Helen tells Elissa they have the votes to keep Elissa if their side gets MVP, can't have three of their side on the block or it blows their numbers. Elissa shouldn't campaign. Helen says they need to give GM a week trial and keep Candice out of the loop. Elissa wondering if Candice told HOH that Elissa was upset. Helen focuses Elissa back to getting Kaitlin up with Helen and Elissa; the MVP picks Jeremy as replacement if Kaitlin wins POV, and then keep Jeremy from winning HOH next week. If Helen and Elissa win POV, they take themselves off, and Jeremy goes up next to Kaitlin. If it looks like Kaitlin will win, throw it to her to come down, Jeremy goes up. Can't go to Aaryn and tell her who MVP is. If Aaryn wants to come to their side after evictions, they want to be open, but Elissa agrees she and Helen won't talk to Aaryn this week. Helen exits. Aaryn and Kaitlin in HOH room. Aaryn complaining she feels alone, "I put all my eggs in the David basket and it sucks because it's gone".

2-3pm Amanda to HOH, eating watermelon, asks if the girls want burgers. Asks Aaryn if she knows who she is putting up. Awkward pause. Amanda asks if she's going up, Kaitlin says Amanda's name hasn't been mentioned. Kaitlin asks about Elissa, says she makes her uncomfortable. Amanda says she will get Elissa to put up who Aaryn wants. Amanda asks for safety for her and McCrae. Kaitlin wants Jeremy in the convo. Aaryn tells Amanda that McCrae won't be touched; she made a safety deal with him last week. Jeremy to HOH. Amanda says she thinks she has an influence on Elissa, asks for safety again. Aaryn says, 'so you and Elissa do have a thing'. Jeremy says "Elissa told me" that Amanda was trying to get Jeremy put up for MVP. Amanda deflects. Jeremy says I'll play and win and won't use POV. Amanda asks again who they want put up, says Elissa comes around her all the time she can get who they want but not to believe Elissa. Jeremy pushes for Nick. Jeremy says again how Elissa came up to him with his name. Amanda trying to deflect again, McCrae 'backdoored' Elissa so "why" would they be friends? Kaitlin wants Elissa to put up Nick. Aaryn wants to get rid of the people who "don't deserve to be here". Kaitlin says McCray should be up here right now. Aaryn loves McCrae. Aaryn says Elissa asked her three times to have an alliance with her. "Three times!"  Aaryn has stomach pains from stress. Kaitlin observes the MVP has more control than the HOH she feels Jeremy will get backdoored. Aaryn says they need to take the deal (with Amanda/McC) (Ed Note: down at the pool, Jessie looks cute in braided pigtails) GM in HOH, talk about Nick not on their side. Aaryn says he goes home after Elissa.

2:33pm Jeremy campaigns to McCrae and Andy. Back in the HOH room he brags he told them if Elissa doesn't go home this week he's going after them next week instead of Elissa, he's not going to let them keep hiding behind her. GM, Kaitlin, Aaryn all agree Jeremy is so smart. Aaryn: "time to play hardball". They all exit HOH. Jeremy/Kaitlin join Spencer/Howard/ Andy on BY couch. Jessie on towel. Jeremy campaigns again, to Spencer/Howard/Andy. He tries the 'who deserves to be here' argument. Jeremy says Elissa has a rich husband and fancy car. Spencer chirps, 'she's slumming here'. Andy says he's got "35 bucks in savings", Howard says people are supporting him while he's in there. Spencer promotes Union Pacific Railroad as a great job. Jeremy says he's graffitied some of their trains. Spencer continues to sell his job right into FOTH. Meanwhile, McCrae/Amanda and Aaryn in HOH room. McCrae makes his pitch for safety - wants to work with Aaryn's group, he backstabbed Elissa but he got backstabbed by the house - feels he was thrown under the bus. Aaryn doesn't question if he backstabbed once, would he do it again.

3pm-4pm (Ed Note: The Haves are eating hot dogs/hamburgers/watermelon) McC/Amanda are going over their plan to flip and work with Aaryn if she guarantees safety for safety. Amanda is painting a patriotic face on McC. Spencer on BY couch is chatting about fairs with Andy. Spencer and Andy agree they only drink to get drunk. Andy is going to check Helen's slop balls, and slips into bathroom to tell McC/Amanda that Candice's name is being mentioned. Amanda tells Andy that the other side is trying to break them all up but that won't happen. Andy agrees and leaves. McC tells Amanda not to tell Andy anything. Andy is back, wants to talk more game with McC/Amanda, McC letting Andy talk. Andy leaves. McC says he needs to 'cultivate' the relationship with HOH. Amanda says to say Elissa wanted them to backdoor someone else besides what HOH wanted. Amanda coaching McC to respond to their questions with a question back. Amanda expecting to go up and hoping for the best. Amanda doesn't want Candice or Spencerr to go far. Amanda brings up Janelle and Rachel; McCrae says Janelle and Rachel were good social players, tells Amanda she needs to tone it down a lot. Jeremy on BY couch re-campaigning to Candice/Howard; Elissa's rich, she doesn't deserve to be here. Candice concurs, "I voted for her to not be here." Jeremy wants to know if Elissa is offering HG money for her to stay. Candice asks who the mastermind behind keeping Elissa in the House was. Jeremy says Elissa is the mastermind. Howard says it doesn't matter who is. Candice wants the mastermind on the block too. Candice says someone winning MVP each week is more threatening to her than a showmance. Jeremy is campaigning hard, says he is convinced the only reason Elissa wins MVP is because of 'her sister's fans" and claims she's pitting everyone against each other, and her son has an iPad. Candice says nobody has bullied her but she still wants to ferret out the mastermind, she claims no alliances with anyone. Jeremy thinks Candice and Spencerr deserve to be there, and Kaitlin/Howard/Judd. Candice doesn't like people who stir things up and is wary of overly quiet people. Talk about it being like high school in the House. Jeremy has nothing; Candice is a poor speech therapist. Candice talks about shomances broken up on prior shows; Jeremy downplaying Kaitlin - she's just his cuddle buddy. McC/Amanda still face painting - the flag is taking on color and looks pretty good!

4pm-5pm Candice telling Jeremy that she had good convo about her family with Elissa last night, E never said anything about MVP last week, but Candice will let Jeremy know if Elissa says anything about Jeremy. Jeremy says Elissa's speech was a 'kick in the face' to the House. Says Elissa called the people who saved her the 'Brenchel Army'; Candice says she's never heard Elissa say that. Candice feels MVP will end mid-season. Candice shoots down Jeremy's claim Elissa is in alliance with everyone, she thinks alliances are no more than 4 people, she thinks larger alliances are stupid. Jeremy assures Candice she shouldn't be leaving in the next 4 votes and calls Elissa a puppet master 'broad'. 4:13 - McCrae debuts his face paint to the outside crew - to cheers and compliments. McCrea screams, "God Bless Amurica!" McC thinks it is cool Jeremy lives on a boat. Jeremy has an iPad with Netflix and uses the internet on his boat. Amanda comes out, Jeremy claps for her face paint skills, Jessie sits next to McC, compliments him. Candice goes inside. McC/Amanda/Jeremy/Jessie now on BY couch. Andy joins them. McCrae says it 'smells hot'. No game talk. Jessie likes yellow Gatorade. GM wanders by, she's lost her mic. Nick wanders by as GM continues to hunt for her mic. Kaitlin doesn't feel good; Jeremy doesn't feel he needs to go see how Kaitlin is. Jeremy now in HOH with Aaryn, says he believes Elissa when she told him that Amanda was scheming to put him up. Aaryn asks if McC/Amanda are playing them. Jeremy suggests putting Amanda/ Elissa up. Aaryn wants to tell McC about Elissa telling Jeremy he was going up - it will cause chaos. Jeremy doesn't want that. Aaryn says that Elissa is telling everyone that the reason J/A won was because Jeremy was tall and Aaryn was on Adderall. Jeremy feels Amanda may be a bigger threat than Elissa. Jeremy wants to go up so nobody can win but him. Aaryn says Candice and Elissa up would cause the least drama in the house; Jeremy pushes for Amanda. Jessie to HOH, tells she just walked in on Howard and Candice; she thinks for sure that Candice/Elissa/Howard are aligned. Jeremy now wants Helen and Elissa as noms. Jeremy reiterates to Jessie his threat to go after other HG if they don't vote out Elissa. If Helen wins POV they'll put up Amanda against Elissa. Jeremy wants to keep Candice another week. Aaryn tells Jessie not to repeat anything. McC to HOH. Jeremy gives his 'target other HGs' speech again to McC. Starts his campaign against Elissa, she has a Lotus, she's got a mansion, etc. Andy enters HOH. Talk continues on who deserves to be there. Andy says if he stays past Aug 1st, he loses his teaching job so he needs to be in jury. Meanwhile, Elissa and Judd small-talk on BY couch. Andy joins convo - he's never been out of Illinois in his life. Andy back inside. Judd/Elissa talk of Savannah and Atlanta, and Paula Dean restaurants. Elissa imitates Paula, "just add three cups of Crisco, just throw the bucket in there'. Elissa liked Judd's answer to Chenbot's question of how bad was the Have Not room. Judd is scared of airports. Elissa wants to do a July 4th parade and wishes they had fun houseguests. Judd: "instead of the hateful ones?" Elissa says Amanda's fun, but 'they' won't listen to anything Elissa suggests. Judd's hash tag is J u Double D. Elissa's hash tag is BB15winner. Judd asks if Elissa has thought about MVP yet. Elissa asks, do you think I'll get it? Judd thinks so, Elissa says definitely Jeremy or... Judd interrupts, yes, he's best at the comps. Talk goes back to NC tourist spots. Elissa goes inside. Helen at poolside, talking about her father's cancer, he didn’t' like going to the doctor and didn't have regular checkups. Judd goes into hot tub with GM.

5-6pm Aaryn still in HOH with Jeremy/McC/ Andy/Jessie/GM (Ed. note: Aaryn's losing her voice, getting very raspy). All complaining HOH is too hot. Aaryn now acting nervous about getting 'death threats' for evicting Elissa. [Ed. note: she brought this up last night also]. Jeremy will send them his hair. Kaitlin comes in and tells everyone she peed blood. Medics told her not to take any Advil for 48 hours - the medic said Kaitlin took too many Advil yesterday. Jeremy wants to paint his face like McC's. Andy, Aaryn, Kaitlin all claim they are too kind-hearted and trusting and show their emotions easily. Talk turns to Elissa being given special powers, Aaryn calls her robotic. Aaryn doesn't think Elissa has production help or Elissa would be nicer to Aaryn. Aaryn says she's not putting up a pawn up; she's putting up who she doesn't like. Kaitlin says Elissa talks bad about everyone; McC says she needs to get off her 'high horse'. Jeremy tells GM Elissa might put GM up. Aaryn hoping POV isn't physical since GM can't use her hand. Jeremy thinks Elissa knows all the games coming up. Aaryn doesn't understand why America would vote for Elissa for MVP. Aaryn mentions 'death threats' again, calls BB Alumni, Matt and Shelley, sketchy. Aaryn back to complaining how hot it is in her room, says production hates her. Kaitlin doesn't care if Aaryn snuggles with Jeremy. Aaryn would be bothered if Kaitlin snuggled David. Jeremy is all for snuggling with both. "Last night I was the happiest man in America." Amanda grabs McC for a game of chess. Aaryn headed to DR to complain about the A/C. All four cams on McC/Amanda playing chess. Helen/Jeremy into SR, Andy follows. Looking for munchies. Going over the food they're not eating. Fake eggs, beef, and yogurt. Jeremy wants to make tacos but decides to make chicken nuggets instead and put them on a bun. Helen is hoping for the HN's get food. Helen has never had fruitcake. All four cams now on Helen doing her nails.

5:41pm BB announces a lockdown (there is loud music heard out back.) Smokers run outside for a few quick puffs. Something is happening in one hour - Candice wants to clean the kitchen - the HN's are going to get to eat!!! They are excited and guessing what BB will give them! GM in bathroom brushing hair, talking to Andy - GM is hoping if they get to go outside by 10pm they might still see fireworks.

6-7pm Andy/Kaitlin/GM/Jessie in HOH. Aaryn and Helen in Lounge. Aaryn saying Elissa told her she wanted to work with her but Elissa went behind her back. Aaryn told Elissa she had no friends and Elissa took it the wrong way. Helen says Aaryn was never a target. Aaryn saying Elissa said that if David spent night in HOH that Aaryn would be running a 'whorehouse'. Helen says she didn't hear that but agrees it was mean-spirited if it happened. Aaryn brings up the Adderall comment. Helen will talk to Elissa about it. Aaryn felt doubt about Helen because Helen stood by Elissa after the 'bathroom incident'. Aaryn calls Elissa a 'beast' that's turning everyone against each other. Helen says she tries to distance herself from Elissa, but Elissa comes to her. Helen says Candice says the same thing. Helen wants to trust Elissa but hasn't figured her out. Says WineGate brought them together. Aaryn admits to stirring the pot and her part in that but that she thought she heard under the breath comments and got stares from people. Helen saying she's hardly ever talked to Aaryn. Aaryn saying Candice/Andy/ Helen are the only ones who've come up to her and admitted to voting against David. Helen says if we play revenge we'll kill each other. Helen tells Aaryn to talk to her if Helen wins HOH next. Aaryn says Jer/Ka are a package, they won't take her, and she has to start over now that David's gone. Helen offers to work with Aaryn as a strategy. Aaryn claims to Helen she never mentioned Elissa's name to McC last week. Helen offers to help Aaryn rebuild her trust in Elissa and if they keep her, Elissa could help Aaryn but Helen doesn't want anyone thinking Helen and Elissa are friends. Helen says she hasn't bonded with Jeremy the way she has with Spencerr. Helen and Aaryn can help each other in the future, putting up people on each other's side. Helen agrees to say to others that she didn't want to discuss anything with Aaryn. Aaryn wants Elissa to know she never would have gone after her, except for Elissa's comments. Helen promises again to try to talk to her and tone her down. Aaryn admits again to stirring the pot and doing things she shouldn't, but claims she's never lied. Helen thinks people would never think Aaryn and Helen working together. Convo breaks up. Helen playing chess with Howard. Elissa touching up makeup in downstairs bathroom. McC/Amanda in Flight room flirting. Aaryn in Puzzle Room; talk about how raisins are made of grapes. Nick is going to nap in the HN room - it's the quietest room. GM says she's knows Nick's schedule - when he eats what he takes and when he sleeps. Jeremy teasing GM, "in too deep". GM suggests Candice take a nap on the beds since she doesn't get much sleep in the HN room. Spencer/Jeremy/Andy/Amanda/McC in Lounge. Non-game talk. Kaitlin comes up to HOH room, she's paranoid that Elissa came up to her and asked her if she was 'ok'. Kaitlin worries Helen and Howard are "right outside the door" (playing chess). Kaitlin says that Jessie told Amanda she was going up. Kaitlin wants to know why they would put Amanda up if they made a deal with them. Jeremy leaves to see if Amanda was told.

7-8pm Elissa goes from Lounge to chess board where Howard and Helen are playing, sits quietly. Howard wins game. Elissa goes to lie down. Jeremy comes back up to HOH, tells GM/Aaryn that Jessie repeated everything they schemed. GM gets in a huff. Aaryn is going to put Jessie up now. Jeremy then says Helen is a bigger threat. Aaryn wants to tell Jessie not to come up to HOH anymore. Jeremy doesn’t' think that's a good idea. GM doesn't like girls like Jessie that 'goes after others guys" Awkward pause then Jeremy says we just can't talk to her, ever. GM/Kaitlin/Aaryn talk about Jessie while Jeremy fist bumps the air in time to the CD. Kaitlin asks Jeremy why he said something in front of Jessie. Jeremy deflects saying he was just throwing out names. Jeremy leaves HOH to do 'damage control'. Kaitlin feels Nick made a deal with Elissa. GM thinks they can turn Candice; Kaitlin doesn't think Candice can be trusted. Helen/Candice in HN room, Candice is upset - she thinks Spencer turned the HOH against her. Helen doesn't think so, but Spencerr may be 'masterminding' another plan. Judd/McC in SR. Judd is upset he's being threatened over his nom vote. Said Elissa was sitting there but he doesn't want to say anything and seem like he's the one causing trouble. Helen/Elissa talking in HN room. Helen throws up the idea of working with Aaryn. Helen says we need to give Aaryn 'some inkling we can do her dirty work for her'. Helen telling Elissa not to take jabs at Aaryn. Elissa asks if Aaryn said Elissa took jabs at her. Helen says yes and Elissa denies she has, says Aaryn's said some really offensive things about Elissa. Helen tells Elissa to lay low and be nice to her, but still distance themselves from her - we survive this week, and get rid of her later. Game talk ends. Elissa dressing in blue, Helen dressing in red for their HN get-to-eat dinner. In HOH, GM/Aaryn discuss how they can't trust Nick. Aaryn wants to call people out. They comment on how Jessie is getting 'too comfortable'. GM wants to be known as a good person and that people embarrass themselves on national TV. Aaryn says what's the use of winning if America hates you?


Kaitlin relays to Aaryn that Candice/Jessie were singing "Shady F...ks" in downstairs BR. Aaryn says "they're going up." Andy joins HOH crew. Aaryn fills Andy in on Jessie. Kaitlin wants to trust Andy; he reassures her he's on board. McC/Amanda/Jeremy/Kait at Chess table. Kait says Jessie is giving Elissa info. They plot Jessie's fate. Jeremy says he's been playing this game today 'like a maniac'. Aaryn joins the chess group and we go to FOTH (4th of July dinner party)


Amanda is crying. Claims Jessie went to McC during the party and offered herself as Amanda's showmance-replacement when Amanda leaves. Jessie also went off on Elissa. Aaryn tells Amanda she needs to change her gameplay because people aren't being honest. She tries to convince Amanda that Elissa has deals with everyone. Aaryn tells Amanda that Candice said Amanda was "the mastermind". Amanda denying. Jessie yelling at McC. Most HG are watching fireworks on LR screen. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that Jessie called out Elissa in front of everyone at the table. They were smiling at each other and Jessie, all of the sudden said, “Why are you smiling? Are you f..king kidding me? You’re going to spread rumors that Judd and I are in a showmance, you're a crazy b...tch," Elissa went to the bathroom, Jessie went to HOH. Kaitlin says Elissa 'mean mugged her' and she went to the bathroom to confront Elissa. Elissa says "I don't care who you guys are f...king, I don't even know that girls name. I don't have anything against you, Kaitlin; I think you're really sweet." Elissa tells Kaitlin she knows she's going up on the block. Kaitlin tells Aaryn she confronts Elissa, "I heard you called me a whore". Kaitlin says that Elissa denied saying that, she 'didn't mean it like that' and she already apologized to Jeremy. Kaitlin tells Aaryn she left Elissa and was sitting down with group watching fireworks on TV screen when they hear Jessie "screaming" at McC. Kaitlin/Amanda/Aaryn want to know what Jessie said to McC. A/K/A head out of Lounge to look for alcohol. Aaryn talks to Jeremy; she wants to put Candice /Elissa up. Jeremy deflects Candice and mentions Helen. Aaryn spills to Jeremy her deal with Helen (and Elissa). Jeremy says Helen had the same talk with him, and they have a wink deal. Jeremy telling Aaryn if she trusts Helen, he's cool with Candice going up. They consider putting Jess up, thinking Jess could beat Elissa in comp. Jeremy will go with whatever Aaryn's gut feeling is; Aaryn wants it to be a joint decision. Jeremy is convinced Candice, Helen and Elissa are an alliance. Aaryn says Helen may not want to work with them if they get rid of Candice. They want to put someone up who's not a threat to the house because the house would vote out a threat. Aaryn says Elissa's been telling everyone if she gets MVP, she's putting up strong guy players, she wants a whole house of girls.

10-11pm Kaitlin walks into HOH. Aaryn says Amanda told her Jess is being portrayed as the s...t from day one and Aaryn is being portrayed as a b....ch. Kaitlin wonders if Elissa/MVP will put up Jessie now. Jeremy sees Helen/Elissa go into bathroom on the HOH monitor. They agree to put the two up. Kaitlin says Jessie is telling McC that she doesn't want to be there, she feels alone in the house. Jeremy calls her a slur. Kaitlin says Jessie just dug her grave. Kaitlin says Amanda cried in her lap because of Jessie. Jeremy boasts he campaigned against Elissa today. Kaitlin says he was a 'beast' today. Aaryn likes their plan to threaten all the HG that if they don't vote Elissa out. Amanda/McC talk in HN room. Amanda notes to McC that he made a deal with Aaryn that he didn't tell Amanda about. McC says he forgot. They discuss floating to power. Andy enters, reassures Amanda/McC he's solid with the Crazy 8 - to throw Candice under the bus and raise suspicion about Nick. Andy feels he's playing really hard this week and says the other side showed some nasty "ugly colors" this week. Judd and Jessie talk on bathroom couch. Jessie is saying that the only time Aaryn/Kaitlin want anything to do with Jessie is for game. Jessie tells Judd that you can hear the HOH thru the bathroom vent; she stood on the toilet to hear. Judd telling Jessie she can vent to him any time. Judd/Amanda/Jessie/McC on BY couch. Andy and Jeremy also in BY, maybe Howard, can't see. Kaitlin/Aaryn in HOH, Kaitlin is pushing hard for Jessie to go. Aaryn wants Elissa to go. They go back and forth. Jeremy/Aaryn watching HOH screen, Jeremy calls Elissa a gay slur when he sees her. Kaitlin says not to say that. Aaryn: "Queers". Helen/Candice talking in HN room. Candice says standing up for yourself puts a target on your back. Candice says it just kills her that there have been no 'boy fights' and just 'girl fights'. Candice could throw up, everybody is beautiful in their own way, why do they make up stories like you sat on my hat or rubbed lotion on my man, and the men don't even care about them. Candice says Jeremy said after this week he's on his own way. Candice agrees to be "NFL cheerleader" "out there" (and save the venting for the HN room). Elissa in kitchen, makes small talk to Candice and Helen as they walk thru to the BY. Elissa chatting on BY couch, talking about how much she ate. 10:22:24 Jessie boob slip as she's changing into swimsuit. Elissa walks into flight room while Amanda changes, laughs over Amanda's reaction to a taste of protein shake. Elissa says she feels like she's in college; Amanda says more like high-school. Elissa asks if she's ok. Amanda is homesick. Amanda to BY, Elissa to kitchen. Judd to kitchen. Elissa asks Judd if he has the 'hots' for Jessie, he says if he wasn't here (in the house). Andy/Candice in hammock, Kaitlin joins. Andy/Kaitlin joking about shaving their heads. Andy joking about asking Chenbot to cast his nom vote for him. Candice mentions being booed. Jeremy/Nick discussing how their plan worked last week and they're going to keep each other safe. Jeremy tells McC the plan is to evict Elissa this week and Helen next. Jessie/ Elissa are at the hot tub chatting about "American Girl" bikinis and yoga pants. Elissa asks if Jessie had fun tonight. Jessie says yes except (the fight), Elissa doesn't even want to go there. Jessie says it's just the house. Elissa talks about how she's centered in her marriage, and they can be away from each other, her husband encourages her to be a person, there's so much to life. Jessie: "so you're not codependent?" Jessie admitting she didn't really 'gear up' for life in the House. Jessie saying everyone in here is so competitive, it's just nuts. They just saw a bottle rocket. And another one. More.


Elissa saying she's used to being away from her son for weekends and its fun for them reuniting. Talks about how kids want to be more and more independent as they get older. Jessie and Elissa are having a nice chat. Kaitlin and GM talk in HOH. Kaitlin says that Amanda told her that Elissa wanted to put up Nick last week. Kaitlin thinks Nick and Elissa made a deal. Kait/GM say everyone expects them to know what Nick is thinking and they don't. Andy enters; Kaitlin wants to go after those who voted David out, not Elissa. In the hammock, Amanda and Aaryn are talking. Amanda saying Elissa "turns into Rachel". Amanda saying she distanced herself from Aaryn because Aaryn seemed b...tchy last week. Aaryn asks if it was anything besides what she did to Elissa. Everyone was being nice to Elissa and it made Aaryn mad. But now she knows why. (Ed. note: that they were being fake nice to Elissa because she was MVP) They both notice Elissa and Jessie are talking at the hot tub. Aaryn tells Amanda that she/Kat/Jessie were in an alliance at the beginning. Says Elissa asked her to be in an alliance 'three times'. Amanda says me too. Aaryn says she's really not a b...ch but she was being b..chy last week. Amanda convinced that they can manipulate whoever has MVP after Elissa goes. Amanda wondering about Nick, why does he go to the DR "14 times a day"? Aaryn is worried Nick's 'an actor'. Aaryn wonders why Elissa would want to put up Aaryn. Amanda says she wanted Aaryn up multiple times. Amanda saying what made her not trust Elissa was she wanted to put up, Aaryn interrupts: "Guys?" Amanda says, yes, but Elissa told McC out of the blue she wanted Aaryn up. Aaryn says that at the point she knew her and Elissa would never mend and that 'she was crazy' and 'did the most horrible things' to her, but it wasn't until last night, after so many comments, Aaryn finally couldn't deal with it anymore - Aaryn was sick of being pushed. Aaryn claims Elissa was trying to make her look stupid on purpose. She tells a story about when David was outside and down on his knee, Elissa asked if David was proposing; Aaryn didn't like that. Amanda asks if Jessie told her that, Aaryn says no, she said it to my face. Amanda claims Elissa is a wild card and is 'so f...kn lucky' she's here this week. Aaryn: "she walks like a robot." Aaryn: "maybe Nick's her husband". Amanda: 'that would be ridiculous, that would be insane'. Amanda says Elissa doesn't talk about her marriage. Aaryn: 'maybe her little boy is from a different dad'. Spencer/Jeremy in SR - Spencer is MC 100%, tells Jeremy that Elissa wants Jeremy up and that scares him. Spencer tells Jeremy that Elissa has been saying she wants an all-girl house. Spencer saying Amanda is trying to buddy up with Elissa and he wants Elissa gone. Jeremy calls Elissa a c....t. Jeremy tells Spencer to suggest GM to Elissa as a MVP nom instead since GM is injured. Jeremy tells Spencerr Aaryn trusts him. Spencer/Howard/Candice/McC/Jessie on BY couch discussing racial issues and politics. Andy/Elissa in bathroom. Andy being reassuring, telling Elissa they have the numbers to keep her but Elissa can't tell anyone about their convo.

12-1am Aaryn/Kaitlin/Jeremy/Judd/GM in HOH, Jessie comes up. "I just want to clear the air". She doesn't understand why they're mad at her. They accuse her of taking info outside the HOH room. Jessie says she hasn't said anything. Aaryn says she doesn't like things thrown back in her face. Jessie feels the game isn't fun anymore. Jessie calls Jeremy out for talking over people, calls him rude. Aaryn says she doesn't like Jesse's attitude and she is offended. GM asks if someone said Jessie was in a showmance with Judd. Jessie says she saw Elissa looking at her when she was talking to Judd and she thought Elissa was going to tell people she was in a showmance, and she snapped. Jessie says she already apologized to Elissa and she thinks Elissa is a nice. Jeremy accuses Jessie of telling their plan. Jessie denies. Jeremy questions, why would everyone know the exact plan? Jessie denies again. Andy enters/exits. Howard enters/exits. Jessie can't understand why they don't trust her. Aaryn attacks Jessie for saying Elissa's a nice person. Jessie says personal and game are two different things. Jeremy suggests Elissa is offering money to people (Ed. note: not true). Aaryn says, you were in the hot tub kissing her a..s. "It's disgusting." Jesse says she has her own opinion. Aaryn says it's not ok to say Elissa is a nice person. GM offers it's not that Elissa is a bad person, it's because her getting MVP is unfair. Jessie says she's tried to be a mean girl but it's not her nature, and she's willing to give Elissa a second chance. That isn't acceptable to Aaryn, who becomes agitated, saying she can't trust Jessie if Jessie says that. Jessie admits her delivery may suck but she just wanted to clear the air. Aaryn attacks her delivery. Aaryn asks, why do you think Judd is up here after he voted out David? They tell Jessie to watch what she says, it can be twisted. Jessie leaves, HOH clears out. Candice to HOH. Aaryn tells Candice that Jessie came up and attacked them. Aaryn says she had a hard time not saying anything. Candice complains that the girls are fighting and the boys always make it to the end and that upsets her. Candice says 'the girls just terrorize each other'. Jeremy returns. Aaryn teases Kaitlin, 'babe! Is that the first 'babe?’ as Jeremy hands Kaitlin a glass of water. Jeremy says no no, Kaitlin says nothing. Discussion turns to David, Aaryn would so leave the house to go surfing with David. Talk of him coming back in Pandora's Box. Andy/Jessie/Judd on BY couch. Andy asks Jessie if she's ok, Jessie says she's had a rough day. Helen joins the BY couch crew. Her glasses Rx is negative 12 and 13 in her glasses; Andy is negative 5. Andy jokes BB will take away Helen's glasses and she won't recognize anyone. Helen/ Elissa in HN room; Elissa wondering if it's worth it to stay, she wanted to play strategically. BB loves the Rachel connection and she wasn't even going to bring it up. The girls have been so personally mean to her. Elissa doesn't understand. Helen says the fans love the Rachel thing but the House doesn't. Helen says David's 'friends' aren't even sad. Elissa says GM took personal offense to Elissa asking her where she went to school when they were just casually talking, she didn't mean it as an insult. There are a lot of personal attacks. Helen isn't used to people who haven't been college-educated. Helen said not going to college wasn't an option in her family. Elissa's family is the same. Jessie/Andy talk; she's asking him for advice on how to communicate with people. Amanda/McC playing pool and flirting. Kaitlin/Jeremy/Aaryn in HOH. Kaitlin/Jeremy flirting. Aaryn: "America, help me" "I hate everyone" Jeremy, about going to down to shoot pool says, "Let’s go own this house like we already know we do" Aaryn takes Tinkerbelle wings off Jeremy, puts them on herself then takes them off. Asks J/K what they think of what Jess said. Jeremy won't trust her. Kaitlin brings up Candice. Jeremy says he lied to her. Candice told him that Elissa came up to Candice and was thinking of putting up (Jeremy) or GM. Kaitlin asks Jeremy if he believes that, why would she tell on her own alliance? Kaitlin said Andy told her Elissa was complaining how loud GM was. Aaryn agrees GM is loud. Aaryn: "I think our downfall is we talk too much.” Kaitlin is worried MVP would put Kaitlin up. Aaryn recounts (again) their threat to the HG if they don't vote Elissa out. Aaryn thinks they can get Spencer/Andy/ Amanda/ McC/ Judd.

1-2am Jeremy in Lounge continuing his campaign against Elissa. He thinks he has ringworm instead of a bee sting. GM and Nick alone in Lounge. GM tells Nick she thinks she's going up by MVP. GM wants a HOH before she goes home. Nick wants to be cold. GM says Jessie is in their room but it is cold outside. Amanda/McC/Spencer/Andy on BY couch. Howard joins them. Amanda makes an off-color remark about Howard’s bedroom abilities. Howard cares if women gets something out of it. Spencer doesn't care. All laugh. Kaitlin /Jeremy/McC/Amanda playing pool. Losing team Aaryn and Judd join Candice/ Nick/Aaryn on BY couch. Talk turns to meaning of 'malt' liquor. Jeremy thinks it's a mixed beer. Amanda says it's a beer. Aaryn says a malt beverage. Andy relays a story about how he got an unfair grade changed by being persistent with his instructor. Aaryn thinks she makes better decisions when she's drunk. Spencer wants to know if Aaryn is a family name. Aaryn says her name was decided with a coin toss. Aaryn says her hash tag is 'Death Threats'. Aaryn accuses Elissa of telling Aaryn that she will get death threats (says in haggy voice). Alumni Shelley's name is mentioned. Aaryn brags it's 'sick and sad' how good she is at shooting. She has an 'all black' gun. Spencer jumps at the chance to talk guns. Aaryn tells Spencer to put bullets in his ears if he doesn't have ear protection. Spencer asks if Aaryn’s gun is hammer or hammerless and then explains He sounds like he knows his guns. Aaryn's dad has a ranch and they have 7 cabins and rent them out to deer hunters (for $2,000 a year, or $2,000 a gun?). They use deer feeders. They lost their livestock to anthrax. She blames seismographers and contaminated equipment. They have 18,000 acres with oil and natural gas but nobody will buy their oil/gas? Spencer explains about fracking. Aaryn says they won't sell the mineral rights they'll be inherited until someone wants their gas/oil. Andy/Kaitlin/GM on hammock. Kaitlin is still paranoid. Andy telling Kaitlin to chill, let other people freak out. They decide to join the couch crew.

2-3am HN gals asleep; Jessie asleep. Rest of crew outside. Andy to DR. Aaryn is meowing. Kaitlin/Aaryn to SR. Kaitlin thinks H/E will work together with MVP and the person put up will go home. Kaitlin doesn't think it's a smart idea to put them up together. Asks Aaryn if that makes sense, is she acting crazy? Aaryn says if Kaitlin has another option tell her. Aaryn asks what Jeremy thinks, Kaitlin says Jeremy won't talk to her about it. Aaryn wonders why Elissa put David up. Kaitlin thinks Nick made a deal with Elissa. Aaryn wants to know what Kaitlin is most comfortable with -she can't control the MVP - what is Kaitlin most comfortable with. Kaitlin won't name names. Kaitlin feels that everyone even Andy is lying to their face. Aaryn says he's changed "there's something behind his eyes now'. (She trusts him). Aaryn doesn't think Elissa will nom someone that can potentially beat her. Aaryn accuses Elissa of 'terrorizing the house' and 'she promised to keep (people) safe'. Kaitlin says if Jeremy goes up on the block he's going home. Aaryn doesn't think so. Aaryn calls Elissa 'batsh..t crazy.' Kaitlin worries what deals Elissa will make; Aaryn says Aaryn will make crazier ones. Kaitlin thinks Elissa is listening at the door (Ed. note: she's asleep). Kaitlin thinks Elissa has heard all her conversations tonight. Aaryn tells Kaitlin they can't focus on Kaitlin going. In BY Amanda has won her pool game and does a happy dance. Andy comes out of the DR "they actually wanted to talk to me!" Andy/Kaitlin exit to BY, followed by Aaryn. BY convo is about dating. Andy offers that a straight guy in a gay bar gets any girl he wants. Aaryn says she's never met a guy in a bar. Spencer met his wife after she moved onto their street and she needed him to help start her lawnmower. Amanda and McCrae are discussing strategy. Amanda asks McC how they will play both sides when it comes to voting. McC says to 'vote with (HOH)'. Amanda asking if they go after floaters then. McC saying 'they said' David threw the veto comp. They laugh and agree that was stupid. McC thinks it was a 'really good day' if (HOH) wasn't lying to them. Nick/Aaryn/Kaitlin/Jeremy/Spencer/Andy/Judd/Howard on BY couch. Aaryn has red extensions "like Rachel". Aaryn mentions Matt from Rachel/Brendon BB wedding. "Isn’t that disgusting? Andy thought it was pretty funny. GM didn't like how Matt lied. Spencer tries to tell a history story to GM about karma. Aaryn asks if Spencerr is 'trying to act like Nick right now."  When Spencer tries to continue, Aaryn interrupts the convo again. Kaitlin tells Aaryn the things you say make me uncomfortable. Aaryn starts chanting a cheer. Aaryn yells "tequila" in her Rachel voice. Andy thinks America hates Helen. They make fun of her name. Aaryn imitates an Asian voice. GM asks if she can get her nails done first. Aaryn meows. Candice joins back yard crew. Aaryn makes fun of Rachel. GM asked Elissa if her lips were real. Aaryn says she heard Elissa talking about Botox. Andy wants to know who figured out Elissa was Rachel's sister. Candice says she told Jeremy, she had seen her before. GM was going to tell Elissa she looked like a prettier version of Rachel.

3-4AM. BY couch crew still going strong. Jeremy/Howard and Spencer talk about spiders. GM talking about doing people's makeup. Aaryn asks Andy to go get her red extensions (he doesn't). GM brings up the 4th of July dinner and fireworks. Everyone agrees they had a good time. Nick outside. Kaitlin went to Catholic School thru 12th grade. Andy starts his laundry. Judd saw a black widow spider under the bed. Jeremy wants to turn into Spiderman since he was bit by a spider. Judd tells a story about a bird pooping on him. Aaryn must be inside. Talk about their school mascots. GM hated high school. Amanda/McC still whispering, talk of moving, families, etc. Kaitlin headed to bed. Aaryn already in bed, lights off, watching HOH monitor, says she's being 'sneaky'. Kaitlin climbs in bed, says she has no pants on. Aaryn says the living room looks like a thrift shop. Kaitlin says everything is just off; the wallpaper is hideous. Kaitlin notices you can't see David's picture (on screenshot of downstairs). Aaryn complains the candy is gone; all they do is eat and sit around. BY boys talking boy stuff. Nick doesn't feel good after eating the turkey burger. Spencer going to bed breaks up the entire group, all head inside. Jeremy up to HOH and into bed. Aaryn is trying to explain something but Jeremy looks like he's already asleep. McC/Amanda still talking life stories. Howard/Nick brushing teeth. Candice waiting on Spencerr to finish in the bathroom. Spencer says not to rush him, kidding around. Spencerr: I was cleaning up after Judd, who brushes his teeth for 20 minutes. Nick: 22 ! Nick says his turkey burger isn't sitting well. Howard and Judd take a seat. Spencer exits. Howard asks Judd, after tonight are you sleeping with Jessie? They laugh. Andy/Judd brushing teeth now. Nick flossing. Judd and Candice aren't sleepy. Judd says 'Quaaludes'. Andy and Candice wander around while brushing. Howard washing his hands. Nick says he's washed his hands more in the BB house then he ever has. Candice doesn't like people in the kitchen when she's cooking. Andy wants Judd to keep the water running in the sink so he can pee - Andy gets 'pee shy'. Judd turns off the water, remembers, and turns it back on. Amanda/McC to bathroom, McC asks if they are going to smoke. Amanda is going to smoke one of Jessie's cigarettes. Andy goes out with McC/Amanda. Asks them what they think Aaryn is going to do tomorrow. Amanda says she honestly doesn't know. Andy says every time is something different. They were even talking not putting up Elissa. McC says that scares him. Andy says he's talked to everyone today and everyone thinks it would be so stupid not to do what they've all planned out. Amanda says Jessie is getting on their nerves and they're worried about Nick. Andy thinks Nick is freaked out. Amanda says he's acting guilty even though he's not guilty, same as Jessie. McCrae and Andy don't understand why the HOH haven't figured out they don't have the numbers. Amanda says Aaryn's going to put up Elissa. Amanda says she told Aaryn she would be afraid to backdoor her. Aaryn told Amanda that if Elissa came off Elissa would come after Aaryn and Aaryn was all alone. Andy feels Candice and Elissa up is the best case scenario. Andy says nobody should be scared of going up because we have the numbers. Amanda says easier said than done, though. Amanda thinks they may put Helen up. Andy says we're fine. Judd comes outside, singing shady folks shady folks here's three shady folks. Joins group. Judd says that all Elissa did was make a joke. Amanda says because Jessie was dancing like a sl...t? Judd says Jessie likes Elissa. Andy says Elissa said today she's here for her fans and her sister and she doesn't plan on going that far. Andy telling Judd not to believe anything unless it comes from 'us'. Judd thinks he can pull Jessie's vote. Andy wants Jeremy up by MVP; Amanda wants Nick. Amanda says it has to be a backdoor; Jeremy will win the veto. Andy considers having Elissa say that Kaitlin goes up if Jeremy goes down. Judd thinks it's a bad idea, it puts a lot on Elissa and she might crack. Andy thinks reassuring her will work. Andy wants to pin the MVP on Elissa even if she doesn't get it. Judd is worried Helen as MVP would put Jessie up. Judd likes his feather in his hat. He says putting everything on Elissa will cause too much fireworks. They agree the goal is Nick or backdooring Jeremy. Amanda/McC go to bed. Andy and Judd talk; Judd thinks Jeremy will get the next HOH. Andy knows Jeremy will come after them. Andy says, 'who knew this MVP would work out so well for us'. Judd says it's a lifesaver. Andy says we outplayed them. Judd hopes Elissa gets it again. Andy mentions the audience booing when Aaryn voted out Elissa. Andy says worst case scenario is three of their side up at the same time. Andy goes in. Judd covering pool table. Goes in. Judd to bathroom. Andy to bathroom. Judd flossing. Andy (taking out contacts?) Andy leaves first, says goodnight to Judd. Spencer looks asleep. Judd to kitchen then to bed Andy to bed in HN room. HOH room asleep.

4-5am. Amanda/McC in Lounge. McC talking about a girl back home. He thinks he's 'too weird' for her. McC is worried about if the veto comp. Amanda thinks Andy is scared, why does he keep talking about numbers? Amanda thinks Aaryn is with McC/Amanda. Final five is Amanda/McC/Aaryn/Kaitlin/GM. Amanda and McC kiss. Amanda thinks the best thing to do is just to hang out together and be cool. McC doesn't like the cameras. They move to the hammock outside. Amanda thanks McC for being there for her today. They cuddle under the blanket. Amanda wants to know what was said to McC upstairs. McC says Andy came up, they said McC totally got f..ked over, and he agreed. Amanda says Andy is everywhere. McC thinks they should play it by ear, compares it to Bruce Lee's fighting, made up as he went along. Amanda says it's so amazing here. McC thinks it's cool to be in California with a pretty girl. McC says in Minnesota they can see every m..f..star. Amanda says he curses a LOT. McC thinks everyone on the internet is pissed they're whispering outside. " F...k you, Internet!". McC knows BB isn't done by Super Pass any more. McC tells Amanda he's going to need some space soon, he's got to wheel and deal and she can't be around. Amanda feels alone they wouldn't be as strong. Amanda doesn't think Judd has Jessie. McC says if J/J hung together they would be stronger in the game. Amanda says McC looks stinky. McC doesn't care what he's wearing. Amanda and McC agree it would be cool to sleep outside. McC thinks Amanda shouldn't flirt with Howard. He's not jealous. Amanda wants him to be jealous to show he cares. McC says in the game he can't show any emotions. They are napping/making out in the hammock. They finally wander to bed after 5am.

Is this the end of the Crazy 8? Will Elissa and Helen be nominated? Who will be the next MVP? It's winding up to be another exciting week in the Big Brother House!