Greetings Jokers readers & fellow Big Brother fans! It's day 10 in the Bigot Big Brother house, and already some of this seasons HGs have begun to let their true colors really show. The HGs, unaware that there is a lot of discussion going on in the outside world regarding controversial comments/cast members, begin their day slowly and uneventfully. 

9:20 AM BBT
Houseguest are waking up.
Elissa and Helen are in the 'Have Not Room' chatting. Elissa says to viewers, "We don't like slop!" [That's the point, Elissa]
Helen wishes she could have a glass wine or anything other than slop.

Andy and Judd talk game in the backyard.
Andy says they will be solid if all 8 stay and one of them gets HOH. 

9:35 AM BBT
Andy and Helen are in the bathroom whispering about her conversation with Elissa the day before.  Andy says he "wants her (we think Aaryn) the f***k out." Helen tells him not to freak out. 

9:55 AM BBT

Up in the HOH room, Amanda and McCrae are in the bed. Andy, who is literally everywhere in the house today, is talking about his conversation with Aaryn. He says she was targeting Candice, Helen, and himself. 
Amanda says that it will all be better when they get rid of David. She wants to break up Jeremy and Kaitlin. Andy says they should keep them around just to annoy Jessie. 

McCrae says GinaMarie is on the Bieber Fever team and Amanda mentions "We have the numbers."
They're going over different scenarios. Andy says it's important not to raise any red flags. 

                                                                                          10:00 AM BBT

Amanda and Andy wonder why Nick goes to the diary room so much when they are making big moves and don't get called near as much. 

They both say they trust everyone in their alliance 100%. 
McCrae returns and they discuss next weeks HOH and continue to talk game.

They talk about how they think Aaryn will be the next one out of the house.
Judd joins them in the HOH and they laugh about Candice sitting on Aaryn's hat.

Amanda: We need to keep Candice around for a while, that annoying private jet-setting bitch.

Andy: I still think Candice is a nicer person than Aaryn. 

Amanda: We can manipulate her more, too.

11:30 AM BBT

Andy and David are sitting in the living room talking.
David asks about how Andy came out and what family's reaction was like.

A: I got outted to my parents. I hadn't told them yet so when my mom called and asked "Do you have something you need to tell me?" So I told her and I told my dad a little bit later, but they were both great about it.

D: Really? Wow. That's awesome.

A: Yeah. I was really scared to tell them, but I'm happy I did. Right before I came here [my dad] called and told me how proud he was of me and that made me feel really good. 

D: How old were you?

A: I was 22. I was old.

D: Dang! That late, bro? That's insane. So it was only like 4 years ago.

A: Yeah. I'm super glad everyone in this house has been really cool. I was kind of worried there would be someone in the house who was really against it. And I worried I'd have trouble relating with some of the guys but there really hasn't been a problem. Everyone has been so great. I think the times are changing though, you know?

D: Yeah. Big time, bro.

[Andy, you no idea who some of these people are.]

12:00 PM BBT                            
Howard, Spencer, McCrae, Andy, Jesse and Candice are in the living room chatting...
I'm telling you, it was slow today.

12:20 PM BBT
GinaMarie is laying in bed with Nick. If Nick is on slop, he's just going to eat it and not say a word. Gina is making fun of Jessie's short arms. 

Nick eventually goes to make breakfast in the kitchen.

1:00 PM BBT

Amanda is making a slip-n-slide in the BY with trash bags when she gets called to the DR.

Inside, Aaryn and Nick are talking in the kitchen. 

Aaryn: Just another day in hell. It was fun for the first week. Now it's getting serious.

[Wait until you get out of the house, Aaryn.]

1:40 PM BBT
Fast forward to the BY. Aaryn and David are laying out. Elissa is in the pool. Gina is working

Aaryn: Elissa kind of looks like a man. Ew, I've never noticed it until now. Maybe she has a wiener, too. 

David: Maybe

Aaryn: Maybe she was born a man.

--They both laugh--

David: I think you are the smartest, wittiest girl to ever be in the Big Brother house.

[David clearly needs a lobotomy]

Aaryn: Shut up! Thank you though, that's very sweet of you.


2:25 PM BBT

Amanda is worried about some of the things she said the night before. She says she wouldn't normally have said them, but she was drunk.
[I'm not buying it, personally.]

2:40 PM BBT

Nick and McCrae are talking in the HOH room.
McCrae says he may be able to have Amanda under his thumb but eventually she has to go.


Nick says they just need to stay out of any drama and let the girls go after each other.

Amanda and Andy join them. The conversation, obviously, changes. 

3:40 PM BBT

Helen, Spencer and Howard are in HoH.

Helen says they need to make it to jury together.
Spencer agrees.

Helen mentioned Candice's vote. Spencer said he would talk to Candice on Wednesday before the vote and Helen shouldn't talk to her because if multiple people talked to Candice about it, it would be traced back. Helen said she wouldn't. Helen thinks they need to calm Andy down because he's a little scared. She also said something about Judd. Spencer said that Judd is paranoid because he was like, "Why is Spencer talking to Nick for so long?" Helen says they can all still talk to Nick. 

The three all agree they like David, but just had to vote him out because of who he aligned
with. Helen hopes to record a goodbye message to David saying "Men have three downfalls: money, power, and sex - sex is yours and that's why you're out of the house."

After Helen leaves HoH, Spencer tells Howard he wouldn't be talking to Candice about the vote at all because they already have the votes to evict David from the Moving Company. That way the blame will fall on Candice and Candice won't know anything. Howard called GinaMarie and Candice the perfect pawns. Spencer told Howard that Helen wanted Jeremy gone next, which he played along with, but after what happened with Aaryn, now Helen wants Aaryn gone.

4:20 PM BBT

Kaitlin and Aaryn are in the HoH talking. 
Aaryn thinks it's so odd they're in the HoH room in BB. 

Aaryn: this room is so relaxing. we have to get it. 

Kaitlin: Jeremy asked what he'd get if he won HOH and I said a pat on the back... You can tell he's 23 years old. 

K: He's way smart. 

A: Would you tell me if he starts turning on me? 

K: Yeah. 

A: I don't trust Candice. 

K: We need to keep Candice b/c she's weak. 

A:I know but there's always a chance someone could win so we need to get people out who might come after us. I don't know. I wish I could just relax, but that'd work against me because I'm being fake. 

K: We have to be careful to not be confrontational. 

A: I'm being more careful today. 

K: We need to keep people in their place. 

A: I can't begin to tell you how pissed I am at the Elissa thing. We were also supposed to be on the same playing field. I feel shafted. We have to figure out how to get her out for good. Might need to be twice, but this house is gonna do that. She's not going to change anyone's mind because she's crazy and flipflopped too many times. 

K: I think she's going home. I do. 

A: I do too. God this is crazy. Anyone could win HOH.

They both think they have Judd wrapped around their finger. 

K: We can manipulate him. It would take one titty flash. 

A: As long as we give him attention, he'll stand by us as long as we want. 

A: I didn't realize how mean we had to be to win this game. 

5:10 PM BBT

Andy, Spencer and Howard are in the HN room talking.

Spencer says Candice is a sinking ship and he's worried that Judd will talk to her about the vote. Howard says he can work on Judd keeping his mouth shut. Spencer says that Jeremy will vote for David to go home & they'll never suspect it and blame Candice, even though she'll be voting for Elissa to go. He says that Candice will blow.

Spencer leaves the room.

5:50 PM BBT

Amanda & McCrae are in the HoH room talking; getting to know each other. 

A: You're cute.
Mc: You are.
A: I want to fix your hair.

6:42 PM BBT

Elissa and Judd discuss Aaryn's inappropriate slurs. 
She says she heard Aaryn say she feel's sorry for people named Gay. She said she wouldn't think much of the comment if it wasn't like the 10th thing she's heard her say.

6:49 PM BBT

Aaryn and David kiss in the bathroom... 

Aaryn: No tongue on cam.

7:50 PM BBT

Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie chat on the hammock.

GM: I really want MVP.

A: Is the camera on us? America, please vote for me for MVP. Thank you. We will rock your world. 
K: Elissa, the crazy bitch, cornered me. She asked "is Jess talking about Jeremy?"

A: She's stirring sh**.
GM: Amanda's definitely on the dark side. Candice is too since she's already dark.

A: Careful what you say in the dark, you might not see the bi***.

Amanda joins them.

 10:15 PM BBT

Amanda and McCrae are in the HOH alone.

McCrae says she needs to dial back "homophobic comments." Amanda thinks it's okay because they're friends and he jokes with her. She says she's the biggest gay activist.

They're both laughing.
McCrae just worries the remarks may hurt their game. 

10:22 PM BBT

In the BY, Spencer and Jeremy talk in the hammock. 

They're nervous McCrae might be choosing Amanda over the Moving Company alliance. 
Jeremy says he came to this game to play ruthless...has no problem turning on a Moving Company member if they're not loyal.

10:45 PM BBT

The HGs get alcohol (here we go,) but they decide to wait for the have nots to be able to drink at midnight. 

11:05 PM BBT

Kaitlin, who didn't want to wait to drink, sneaks a beer from the kitchen. 

11:10 PM BBT

Aaryn, Kaitlin and David are drinking alcohol (the other HGs don't know).
They say they'll have to hide it if the others come. 

11:20 PM BBT

Jeremy walks in with a bottle of wine. Aaryn asks if it's midnight yet. Jeremy says no, but he's already popped it open. 

11:30 PM BBT 

Aaryn, Jeremy and David are talking about Elissa. 

Aaryn says the house is going to lose it when they see a bottle of wine is missing.

12:00 AM BBT

Everyone is officially a "have." The former have-nots are all in the kitchen hugging. 

12:15 AM BBT

Jeremy tells Judd he drank the wine and everyone can suck his...

12:22 AM BBT

Aaryn says she only drank the wine because it was offered to her. She says of course she isn't going to say "no take that back to the kitchen."

12:24 AM BBT

Aaryn tells Jeremy that Amanda said it was rude for him to drink the wine. Jeremy goes in to confront everyone. 

Helen: Why is he yelling at us for him drinking a bottle of wine?

Kaitlin gets upset at Jeremy.

Amanda is outside yelling at Jeremy. She said she thought it was wrong they took the wine, but when everyone was asking about where it was she didn't say anything except, "Check people's teeth."

Jeremy tells her to shut up. She tells him not to disrespect her.

Amanda begins to cry and Jeremy tells her to stop. 

Kaitlin is on her way to the BY to yell at Jeremy because she doesn't like how he's treating people. Elissa tells her not to do anything because she is on TV.

12:42 AM BBT

Kaitlin tells Jeremy he made his bed and to now "go fu**ing lay in it."
She says David will probably go home now because of Jeremy. That he made a much bigger disturbance than Elissa ever did.

12:55 AM BBT

McCrae, Amanda and Helen are in the HOH room rehashing what happened. Helen is crying because she feels bad for David. She says he's the nice one.

12:57 AM BBT

Candice asks Aaryn who told her that she sat on her hat. Aaryn refuses to answer her.
Aaryn tells Candice she's acting like a child. They begin to argue. 

Aaryn says she knows Candice told Helen what she said about her looking like she was going to cry in the POV ceremony. Candice says okay. Aaryn says that Candice brings up being 30 but she's acting like a child. Candice scoffs & says, "Oh I'm acting like a child, I'm not scared of you boo thing."

Candice tells Aaryn that if she wants a career in hosting, being the villain won't help. 

1:06 AM BBT

Helen is crying about Jeremy confronting them earlier. 
Jeremy is apologizing. She accepts his apology.

1:23 AM BBT

Andy joins McCrae Judd and Amanda in HOH. Says he's glad people are just shooting themselves in the foot. 

Amanda tears up because the men in her alliance didn't stick up for her when Jeremy was yelling. Andy said they couldn't because the alliance is a secret, but they hug her (he and Judd) and tell her sorry. 

2:18 AM BBT

Spencer is up in the HOH with McCrae.

Spencer asks Mccrae if he's willing to drop Amanda. He says yes eventually. Mccrae says if Jeremy has his side piece he wants his. They both agree they can keep Amanda till jury then drop her. Spencer tells Mccrae that he was the one that told Aaryn that Candice sat on her hat. He said he was joking when he said it. They laugh about the whole hat situation and the fact that they are calling Candice the mad hatter. 

Mccrae says he's worried about the "moving company" not trusting him with Amanda. Spencer says that they trust him but they don't trust Amanda. They don't want her in his ear. He just wants confirmation he's willing to drop her and he says he is. 

Amanda walks in the room and starts telling them about Jeremy saying that he thinks Elissa is staying. She also tells them Jeremy told her he would put up Ellisa and Candice up. 

At this point in the early hours of the morning, the feeds begin to get boring. Andy mentions sexual passes he thinks Nick keeps making towards him, Jeremy apologizes over and over to Kaitlin, and Amanda chain smokes in the BY before they all go to bed. 

Now, so must I. 

I have a feeling, some of the things these house guests are saying will begin to catch up to them, but only time will tell (which they have plenty of.)

Thank you to all the Jokers live feed updaters. To say I appreciate you is an understatement.  You're the best on the web!