6:30 pm-9 pm BBT

 Feeds come back after David is evicted and all houseguests are participating in the HOH competition.  Teams:  Spencer and Helen; Candice and GinaMarie; Andy and Elissa; Amanda and Kaitlin; Judd and Nick; Jeremy and Aaryn; Jessie and Howard. 

Three teams successfully get the bigger scoops (Judd & Nick, Jessie & Howard, Helen & Spencer) and try and catch up.  Feeds go on and off as teams (Amanda and Kaitlin) are penalized for switching cups instead of pouring. Houseguests are falling, and breathing heavy as they go back and forth between the hedge and the bbq container.  In the end, Jeremy pulls the ping pong ball from the container and he and Aaryn win the competition.  Feeds go down again and when they come back up, many of the houseguests are gathered in the bathroom cleaning themselves up.  Aaryn is confronting everyone in the bathroom about the vote. 


Spencer is acting innocent and complaining about Elissa not going home.  Helen is questioning Spencer's motive for telling Candice to evict Elissa to Howard.  Howard says he’ll talk to him and for her not to flip out.  Aaryn has chosen Helen, Elissa, Andy and Candice as Have-Nots this week.  Helen suggests to Elissa that as MVP this week, she should put up Jessie and backdoor Jeremy.  Kaitlin hides in the photo booth and freaks out in front of Jeremy that she could go home this week because Elissa is going to be MVP.  She is mad that Elissa called her a whore on TV (during the competition.)  Howard tries to comfort Kaitlin and says not to worry because Aaryn won’t be putting her up.  GinaMarie and Aaryn continue to try and figure out who evicted David.  Judd admitted that he voted for David and they think that the 5 votes for Elissa were Nick, GinaMarie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlin.  Aaryn suspects Nick may be lying since he was acting weird.  Aaryn says she has no idea who to trust outside of Kaitlin and GinaMarie.  GinaMarie thinks it is crazy to keep Elissa in the house when she is going to win MVP each week.  Amanda, Howard and McCrae think they have the numbers to stay out of the line of fire.  Jeremy tells Spencer that he will basically control the HOH this week and he can still compete next week so he isn’t worried.  GinaMarie goes to talk to Elissa and Elissa tells her that she doesn’t know why GM started being rude to her.  GM tells her that she isn’t used to being around talkative kids and she is used to happy people and apologizes if she did anything to offend Elissa.  Andy admits to Aaryn that he voted to evict David because he felt like he couldn’t get the reassurance from him that he was hoping for.  Aaryn tells him that David leaving could be good for her because being in a showmance would have made her a bigger target.  Andy says he kept looking at Jeremy during the HOH competition because he wasn’t letting Elissa win it.  Aaryn thinks that America needs to get it's “****” together if they vote Elissa MVP again.


9 pm -12 am BBT 

Nick tells Spencer to sound less truthful so Aaryn believes that Nick voted to keep David again.  He says that he is pushing Amanda and Elissa as potential nominees with a backdoor of Helen if necessary.  In the Have Not room, Candice asks Helen about the plan and then when Elissa walks in, says that one of the three of them will probably be nominated this week.  Helen suspects that Spencer is working with Jeremy and doing their dirty work for him.  Candice says that Nick is smart and thinks that Nick is working with Jeremy too.  They begin to wonder about a “boy super group” that they don’t know about.  Jeremy tells Judd that he gave Aaryn HOH as a gentleman, and that he wouldn’t put the same people on slop like Aaryn did. Aaryn apologizes to Helen about making her a HaveNot again, and Helen tells her she understood and would have done the same thing.  Kaitlin has a migraine and thinks that she is going home this week because Elissa will put her up because she really wants Jeremy out.  Aaryn gets to see her HOH room.  She gets a letter from her stepsister, some Miller Lite, a Spice Girls cd and a stuffed animal.


Aaryn said she didn’t realize how much she cared about Dave until he left.  Jeremy volunteers for nominations because he wants to win POV, but then suggests Helen and Elissa on the block.  Aaryn talks more smack about Elissa and Kaitlyn says that the fact that Aaryn heard booing when she voted to evict Elissa makes her nervous.

12 am-3 am BBT

Howard, Judd, Spencer, Andy, Amanda and McCrae say that no matter who Aaryn puts up, they have the numbers to evict anyone if they win MVP.  Jessie is in and out of HOH, trying to get information to feed to the HOH crew.  McCrae and Spencer say that if Jeremy is on the block, he will be going home.  Helen says she’d shave her head if she had to for a POV or HOH.  Big Brother gives the HGs alcohol.  Amanda doesn’t want to tell Jeremy and  Aaryn that there is alcohol since they drank it all the other night.  Elissa thinks of putting GinaMarie up as the MVP choice. Kaitlin still upset thinking that she could be nominated as the MVP choice.  She calls Judd up to HOH to interrogate him as to who convinced him to change his mind to vote David out.  Judd tells them that he asked Candice who she was voting for and she implied David.  Kaitlin tells him that he is now on their radar for being nominated.  Jeremy and Spencer meet in the storage room and update each other to get their stories straight.  They discuss nominating Helen and Elissa and talk about what a threat Helen is.  Spencer tells Jeremy to use his influence in the HOH room this week. 


3 am- 5 am BBT

Judd tells McCrae, Amanda, and Andy that he told the HOH crew that Candice convinced him to change his vote and they all laugh and tell him good job.  GinaMarie asks if Nick wants to kiss her and he replies 76 days.  HOH crew watching on the cams and Aaryn mentions that GinaMarie doesn’t realize that Nick is q**** and bashes Candice, Elissa and Rachel more as she lays in bed with Kaitlin and Jeremy.