8:15 pm Helen tells Aaryn that she has no hard feelings and will act mad in public. Helen then told her that next week they should work together secretly. Aaryn said she is open to that and she tried to do that this week with Elissa but she did not understand it.

8:51 – Jeremy and Kaitlin have a serious make out session in the HOH room, Jeremy carries Kaitlin from the HOH bathroom and puts her on the bed and said to her “You know how many girls would love to be in your position” Kaitlin replied “Don’t say things like that you ruin it” He replies he was joking and she should feel special because he likes her more each day.

Meanwhile since the HOH is being occupied, Aaryn talks to Judd and said she put thought into her nominations, she does not like HOH who just put up two people they don’t like.  She does not blow up when she is angry, but she will probably in the house if anyone pisses her off. Aaryn goes around talking to people here is what she said:

Jeremy did not know how to talk to Helen today in HOH, she should have handled that.

 She thinks it is sketchy Howard threw Helen‘s name out there when she knows he is working with her.

She tells Ginamarie that she might be put up by MVP because she would be easy to beat in VETO.

She does not want to be that person that America hates for lying.            

9:31 pm we get a diary room leak. We see Elissa in there with the MVP envelope. Great leak!

Helen and GInamarie talk in the Have not room. GInamarie said she wants a fair game, everyone to be successful, she is in there to win but t is not what she cares about most, what counts is happiness. That is why she loves her job, she does not need a lot of money. Helen said Elissa is alone in the house and asks Giamarie if there is a way to get them to reduce the awkwardness around her.

Elissa comes out of the diary room and tells Helen that she got MVP again. Helen tells her not to  tell anyone. Elissa whispered that she wants to put up Jeremy. She then said she has 2 hours to decide  and then said “I love you America.”

11:38  GinaMarie said “The guys I know who were on Big Brother told her not to win the first HOH and to be awake all night long.”

Amanda was in HOH bathroom as Aaryn and Jessie were in the tub. Amanda was upset and threatening. She told Jessie that if she doesn’t stop flirting with McCrea they are going to have issues. She said she was stepping on her toes. She then accused her of doing it to Aaryn and David, Kaitlin and Jeremy and GinaMarie and Nick. Jessie tried to defend herself but Amanda kept jumping all over her. They did eventually settle down.

Amanda then hunted down McCrea. She tells him she is upset when he talks to Jessie. She further tells him that he should never have a conversation with that bitch. McCrea tells her that she (Jessie) twists things around. Amanda does not hear that she goes on to tell him if she sits next to him he better #$%$# move. Amanda still upset that McCrea is letting Jessie use his lotion and tells McCrea that she can do that with Howard and ask him to hold her hair while she straighten it, She then said that he is stupid if he does not see it. McCrea said &*^% it and won’t ever talk to her again. Amanda gets upset and leaves the room.

A Little bit later McCrea and Amanda talk to Elissa. They tell her to work hard and try for the VETO. That everyone wants her out. McCrea wishes her luck. They say good night. In walks Andy when Elissa leaves, Andy whispered to Amanda that he wants Elisa to win VETO and Jeremy to be put up. 

Meanwhile, Jessie tells Aaryn that Judd and Andy changed their vote at the last minute to David and both of them said Jeremy was the one who told to do it and vote out David. Aaryn tells Jessie that today Jeremy made a final two deal with her, then told her not to tell anyone.

 After she nominates him that she should put up Nick, Helen said that was risky because she did not know what deals Nick has made with people and he could end up staying. Helen said she should put up Kaitlin to break up her and Jeremy. Also, it would look bad if Jeremy won VETO and used it on himself knowing his bedmate would end up on the block.  She also said Kaitlin could float to the end.

Everyone was all snuggled in bed at 3:01. Jeremy was sleeping between Aaryn and Kaitlin in the HOH bed.

So what damage can be done tomorrow? Who did Elissa nominate by using her MVP powers? Who will win VETO? Can Elissa and Helen save themselves? Does anyone in this house have a clue on how to play this game? Do any of them care? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters you’re the best!!!