8:00 PM

Nick pinky swears to GinaMarie that he's not playing her. GinaMarie tells him that it means a lot to her.

Candice convinces Nick to try the fried chicken she is making. Nick says, “Yo Candice, on the real, this [stuff is] mad ill. Candice replies, “Good. Thank you. And stop talking like a black person.“ Nick comes back with, “Sorry, I mean... The chicken that has been fried is absolutely spectacular. I appreciate your courtesy for frying the chicken.”

Jeremy accuses Nick of having a thing for Andy.

Amanda asks Elissa if she told 6 people that Nick was trying to make a deal with her. Elissa says just Amanda, Candice and Jessie. Elissa says Spencer's on board with voting Nick out. Amanda says he's one of those people who you can't trust. Elissa was going to put up Kaitlin but she talked to Nick. He would only give a “maybe” about voting Kaitlin out. She also notes that Jeremy didn't even try to keep Kaitlin off the block. Amanda says she will do what McCrae wants her to do regarding the vote. 

Outside, Jessie is getting guy advice from Howard, Spencer, McCrae and Judd on relationships, friends with benefits, boyfriends, etc. When the guys leave, Helen and Candice give life advice to Jessie too. They also take advantage of the time to work on getting Jessie on their side.

9:30 PM

McCrae and Jeremy were engaged in a conversation about ‘a girl’ figuring out there's a group of 4 guys working together. McCrae tells Jeremy that Amanda's on board to get Elissa out. She wants a deal with Andy. She thinks he will get MVP. Still getting pressure about Amanda, McCrae says he wants her around until jury.




Next, Jeremy joins GinaMarie and Aaryn in the Hammock. GinaMarie want to know from him if Nick is playing her. Aaryn complains to him about his showmance ruining her game. Jeremy says he sees Aaryn being in the game longer than Kaitlin.

Switch to Amanda and McCrae in the storage room. He doesn't seem sure what to do, but Amanda says she will do whatever he tells her. He is worried the others will go after her next. Amanda thinks they would go after Candice first. She tries to kiss McCrae but he won't. She gets mad, “That's like the 4th time today.”

McCrae relays to Howard they have to get rid of Amanda if she catches on. Jeremy and Spencer join them. Jeremy thinks they need to get rid of Elissa, Helen and Candice first because they can't control them (Is your head spinning yet?).

Andy whispers to Amanda that Nick is gunning for Candice and Howard because he doesn't know them very well.

After a long outage, Judd reports BB took his hat. "It just said Cozumel on it. Never thought we couldn't have places on it."

In the Cockpit room, Nick wants to make a deal with Helen not to campaign against her if she doesn't campaign against him. She’s not planning on campaigning against either Nick or Elissa.

GinaMarie and Judd caught Elissa listening to this conversation. They later let Nick know about it.



McCrae tells Amanda that Jeremy thought she was getting the girls together to plot against them. Amanda is getting upset. She might want to get rid of Nick now.  She doesn’t think McCrae defended her enough in front of Jeremy. She is unhappy but will still defer to whatever McCrae decides.

Judd and Helen are still on board to try and get Nick evicted. They debate which of them will take the blame for it.   

 A teary-eyed GinaMarie confesses her feelings for Nick. She asks if he knows how much she wants to kiss him. He eventually says he is in the same boat, but they have to protect themselves, “We go down that road, it’s gonna get crazy.”

Aaryn talks with McCrae and Amanda to make sure they know she is not happy with Kaitlin. She can't talk to Jeremy without Kaitlin being around, but Kaitlin freaks out over everything and tells everyone else in the house. Amanda thinks maybe Kaitlin is jealous of Aaryn.

Aaryn throws out a feeler that Amanda might vote for Elissa to stay. Amanda sticks to her line; she will do whatever McCrae says.


Howard and Nick are in the lounge discussing that Amanda thinks there's an alliance of guys. Howard says McCrae thinks he has control of Amanda, but he doesn't. Spencer joins to speculate Amanda's plan is to keep Elissa. He notes control of the 3rd nomination (via MVP) is smart and it's hard to argue with common sense.

1:40 AM 

Up in the HOH, Jeremy says paranoia is eating Kaitlin up and she thinks Aaryn is avoiding her. He goes downstairs to talk to Kaitlin. He let her know he walked away earlier in mid pool game because he can't do the whole negative energy thing. She says she isn't being negative, but she didn’t like being scolded. He says he didn't know he was doing that and he won't. She worries because Aaryn says things to her that make her question Jeremy.




 Aaryn asks Nick how the talk with Spencer went. Nick says he couldn't get a read on Spencer.

Outside we see two minutes of a conversation where a large group talks about racial comments and the feeds cut away.

Afterwards McCrae is seen holding his stomach. Amanda asks what's wrong. He says that conversation outside really upset him. He's used to standing up for people and feels like he can't in this house. Amanda is mad at McCrae for treating her like he doesn't like her. McCrae says he had to play it up more than usual because he's been getting a lot of heat about them today. Then they get to kissing.

Meanwhile Aaryn thinks that Amanda and McCrae really want to be with them so she doesn't want to get rid of Amanda too soon. Jeremy says Amanda is too smart for her own good but they can take them out like week 6. Aaryn questions who Andy is making deals with. Jeremy says Howard and Spencer told him that Andy is trying to cut deals to keep Elissa. They joke about which of the two of them will end up with the money.  Aaryn says she'll be the last one standing with Helen and they laugh.

3:15 AM        

GinaMarie and Nick chat in the kitchen and head outside to the hammock. Nick tells her that he is mega proud of her for today. GinaMarie gives him pointers on how he should talk to McCrae. He should give props for the Popsicle challenge and assure him he’s had his back this whole time. GinaMarie says Aaryn is her best girl in the house and they need to assure her that they have her back. Nick agrees.

Jessie interrupts them about the craziest dream she just had about some guy she has liked forever and wants to go into details. GinaMarie hurries her along because they are about to go to bed.

After Jessie leaves, GinaMarie says she was upset when Nick went up on the block, “I couldn’t even look at you because I was gonna cry.” Nick assures her “We’re killing it” (regarding the game.)

Again, GinaMarie gives him a hard time about wanting to kiss him. He tells her, “You know we can’t because we’ll end up like McCrae and Amanda.”

The house goes quiet until 4:45 AM

Jessie woke up saying “Oh my god!” She finds her way to the bedroom door in the dark and goes up to the HOH room. She peeked her head in the room and then left without saying anything (probably looking for someone to talk to again.) She goes outside and lights a cigarette and tells the camera she wants the medic to come back. He was hot.  She continued to mill about the house, did some stretches in the dark, took a shower and finally headed back to bed.




Who is going to snap first? Who will survive the block this week? And will GinaMarie ever get that kiss from Nick? 

Thanks to all the Updaters. We appreciate all the effort!