2:45 PM:  Andy pulls Kaitlin into the cockpit room to make sure she understands that if she doesn't use POV that the house will vote her out this week.  Confirms to her that nothing can be done to save Jeremy and at this point she says she knows and that she basically came to grips with that yesterday.  He plays nice and points out that he's noticed that Jeremy has been really nice and "genuine" in the last day. Kaitlin says that he has accepted it, and that she will definitely use the Veto because he will go home next week anyway if she doesn't.  She cries that production told her in the DR that in 15 seasons this has never happened before and that it sucks that she is being put in this position. She says she will never forgive the house for doing this and she will put on a happy face, but will never forget. She also tells him that she won't vote for him to leave and Andy says they totally understand that and don't expect her to. Andy encourages her to keep her head in the game, that this is a clean slate for her, reassures her that everyone likes her and will protect her.  Kaitlin is bitter and says she wants Spencer and Howard out soon. Andy agrees and says a lot of people want that as well. Her hate continues to Candice and Jessie, says Jessie just goes where the numbers are. Andy agrees that Candice has to go because she is a vote for Howard.  Andy says the only person that has anything bad to say about her is Candice. She asks when they are planning to get rid of Aaryn, he says soon but Howard is the main target right now.  Kaitlin says she won't ignore Aaryn even though she knows nobody likes her. Andy says he understands he did the same thing when the house was against Elissa, but that she has just burned to many bridges and she can't recover from the things she has said and done. She says she won't be able to vote for Aaryn or Gina Marie. Andy says this is not a problem and that Gina Marie is good, as is Aaryn for awhile at least until Spencer and Howard are gone. Kaitlin leaves and goes in search of a cigarette.

3:40 PM:  Photo Booth time!  Jeremy takes some pictures with his key in his mouth. Gina Marie takes a series of pictures with Nick's coffee cup and then later his blue hat, going so far as to put  sunglasses and the blue hat on a beach ball with the coffee cup on top. Jeremy and Kaitlin take some together as do Judd and Jessie. Helen and Kaitlin take shots with the HOH key and POV medallion and pretend to fight. Have-Nots take a shot together, Jessie holds two grapefruits in front of her chest. Jessie says her nipple is hanging out in all her pictures, Spencer jumps up to see. Meanwhile Aaryn is angrily cleaning out the refrigerator in the kitchen, complaining about how people put things away. She comes in to take pictures too, Kaitlin tells her she will be waiting in line for awhile.

4:40 PM:  McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, McCrae are hanging out on the backyard couches.  Amanda says it is the first time they have gotten three strong guys out so quickly. McCrae thinks a girl will win this year.  McCrae lost a pack of cigarettes, Amanda says she asked production to roll back to the tape to find them but they declined. Amanda goes inside to cover one of the beach balls in saran wrap to make it heavier so that they can play kickball.  Jeremy, Andy, Judd and Howard join them.  A fly keeps bothering Jeremy and he says it's ok he is used it to it because he's African. He asks if anyone knows what that African tribe is called where they stand on poles and flies just sit on them and they don't move.  Aaryn asks if he is talking about the "Save the Children" commercials.  She starts talking about genital mutilation and how bad it is.  Judd says that it can be repaired with plastic surgery and talks about the episode of Nip/Tuck that was about it.  Later, Andy tells Helen about Jeremy's comment and Helen says "what's wrong with him."

5:30 PM: Kaitlin and Jeremy in the Hammock. Jeremy has accepted his fate, trying to be positive about it. Jeremy is very sweet to her, giving "eskimo kisses" etc. Basically a nauseating exchange.  Meanwhile Aaryn and Judd talking in the bathroom, she confirms with him that Kaitlin is definitely using the POV on herself. She tries to get info from him, but he mostly talks about things she already knows. He goes so far as tell her that he's heard talking nice about her, she asks who and he says Helen he thinks, that she really wants Jeremy gone.  Aaryn thinks she is going to have to kiss a lot of butt and that she's starting to realize the jigg is up.  She wishes she wasn't on the block, he assures her she has nothing to worry about, she says yeah but that's what they told David. She says Gina Marie is starting to drive her crazy (they can hear her talking in the kitchen.) Judd thinks Nick was just stringing her along.  He hopes that he never talked badly about her in the DR. BB reminds him not to talk about production.

6:30 PM: Andy, Judd, Spencer and Helen in HOH. Helen brings up Jeremy's racist comment about the fly. Judd says he didn't really hear it, but knew there was more to it because Howard walked away.  Helen says that her food (HOH food) is the "people's food" and that anyone who voted the right way is welcome to it. Judd says he can't have any because he is a Have-Not. He says he needs to save his energy for HOH and they all say they would love for him to win it. 

6:50 PM: Helen, Elissa, and Kaitlin in the storage room.  Helen thanks Kaitlin for agreeing to use the POV, says America is going to love her for using it.  Kaitlin cries and says it's going to be so hard. Elissa and Helen reassure her that they want to be friends with her and that she won't just have Aaryn, that they will spend more time with her and get to know her. Elissa reminds her that she originally said she didn't want anything with him and that she needs to get back to that mentality.  Kaitlin says she won't be able to vote him out, Helen says that is fine and that she should vote for Spencer and that she will give him a heads up so he doesn't get upset.  Elissa and Helen leave and Andy comes in.  He hugs her and she really cries.  She says she wants to smack Jessie for the comment she made about the photo booth (she said her and Jeremy were hogging it.) Kaitlin walks out and Amanda walks in, she reminds Andy it is her, McCrae, Helen and him in the end.  She says Helen talks too much though. They agree that best case scenario would be for Kaitlin to get HOH because she would put up Spencer and Howard. Andy says after what Kaitlin has done this week he can't campaign against her.

8:30 PM:  Helen and Elissa dress up and impersonate Jersey Shore. Gina Marie helps them make up a routine. Gina Marie gathers most of the other houseguests in the living room and they do their routine for them. Elissa is "from NJ, dating a vanilla, gorilla juice head" who picks her up in his Impala, but she said no you better pick her up in a BMW because "she's a classy broad." Helen is the "hip hop diva" and Gina Marie leads them in a dance. Helen is way into it and seems to be confusing the Jersey Shore with 80's rap.  Jeremy is wearing the baby costume from the Veto comp and Kaitlin is wrapped in a comforter. 



9:35 PM:  Jeremy campaigning to Amanda, Judd and McCrae in the hammock. McCrae suggests that he should be campaigning to Helen. Jeremy says that Elissa is gunning for the guys first and that will hurt McCrae and Judd. Amanda says that Jeremy has lied to him a lot, and he denies it saying he's been very up front. Judd thinks it may be better to evict Aaryn rather than Spencer to get a girl out.  After Jeremy leaves Amanda says no way are they keeping him.  They worry that if they keep Jeremy he will rally Howard, Gina Marie, Kaitlin and Aaryn.  Judd says if for some reason Jeremy stays it would not be smart to keep Aaryn.

10:20 PM:  Andy, Helen and Elissa in HOH.  Helen thinks it might be smart to keep Aaryn close and include her more. Elissa says she just can't associate with certain people and every conversation she's had with her leads to something ugly.  They agree that they are sure Kaitlin will use the POV and aren't worried.

10:40 PM:  Jeremy campaigns to Judd in the Have-Not room.  He points out that Judd won't have anyone to hang out with if he goes. Judd agrees that he will just hang out with McCrae and the girls.  He tells him it will be all girls in the end and that Andy will be evicted last because "he's one of the girls."  Jeremy thinks McCrae has gotten MVP twice in a row, and Judd plays dumb like he doesn't know it's been Elissa. Jeremy says he isn't bitter and that Judd should want him in the Jury because he would vote for him to win. He says McCrae and Amanda told him the same thing.  Judd says he will consider it.

11:20 PM:  Aaryn spreading a rumor to Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy in the cockpit room that Elissa just wants all the guys out first and to leave, that she misses her kids and only wants to stay for half of the game.  Aaryn is paranoid and worried because the vote didn't go as she expected the first two weeks.  They tell her it's because she was on the wrong side of the house.  She leaves and so does Judd. McCrae is worried that she will get in Judd's head.  Amanda tells him not to worry that Elissa is with them, even over Helen and that they just have to make her think she is making her own decisions and not tell her who to put up. Talk continues with Judd, Amanda, Andy and McCrae. They say they are loyal to each other and just make fake alliances with others.  Judd says he heard Amanda was on the Amazing Race, she says no but she dated a guy from it.  They all worry about Candice and Howard. They say they can't let Elissa win HOH next week because they don't think she will put Howard up. 

12:30 AM:  Aaryn and Gina Marie talking in the kitchen.  Gina Marie thinks that people will stop watching the show when the "hot blonds" are gone.  Aaryn lays into her about trusting Nick and how it hurt her game.  She is being pretty harsh and trying to get her to see that he was playing her and that he came in to win money not find love.  She says that continuing to pine over him is further damaging her game. Gina Marie continues to make excuses.  Kaitlin comes in and tells Gina Marie that everyone outside is talking crap about Nick, Gina Marie goes outside to see if they will continue saying it with her there.  After she leaves Kaitlin tells Aaryn that they were actually making fun of Gina Marie.  Aaryn tells her about the conversation she just had with Gina Marie and says it's not fair to Jeremy to see her moping around so much.  Aaryn says that Gina Marie is starting to embarrass her and it pushes her away.  Kaitlin says that Gina Marie is going to be there for awhile, Aaryn asks who told her that and she tells her that lots of people have told her.  Gina Marie comes back in and tries to get Kaitlin to tell her what they were saying. Elissa walks in and says it was fun being a "guidette" tonight and that she learned from the best (Gina Marie.) 

1:00 - 3:00 AM: Nothing eventful happens, Aaryn does a cup magic trick with Judd and Gina Marie. Gina Marie and Judd talk on the backyard couch about how the MVP nominee keeps being the one voted out.  Judd tells her he heard that Jeremy wanted him out. Gina Marie says she never heard that, and why would Nick hang out with him if he wanted him gone.  Gina Marie continues to rant to whoever will listen, says she's 33 and ready to settle down.  She says she's smart and doesn't say things wrong, says "really guys I went to Stanfort."  Amanda laughs and says it's "Stanford" and she said it wrong. They decide to go in and Gina Marie thanks Amanda and McCrae for listening to her, McCrae says "yeah, thank you!" Amanda and McCrae get ready for bed and talk for awhile in the cockpit room before heading to bed.

That's it guys! It looks like Jeremy is toast for sure. Kaitlin is definitely planning to use the POV and he will be backdoored. Do you think he will be able to turn it around? Will Gina Marie ever stop talking about Nick and driving the rest of the house crazy?  Thanks to all the updaters today, you did a great job!