3:30 PM

Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy have been bonding and established a new alliance they decide to call the Goof Troop. They think the name fits them because they are all goofy.  Amanda also brought Andy up to speed there will be a fake alliance of the four of them plus Helen and Elissa called the Knockouts. Andy mentions GinaMarie got mad at Judd talking about her "Nick" shrine. It wasn’t as good as the blowup between Candice and Jeremy though. Amanda said she started the argument between Candice and Jeremy on purpose and that Candice went "Shaniqua." Andy thinks Kaitlin would go after Howard and Candice. Judd mentioned that he tried to plant a logic seed in GinaMarie last night to put up people the house wants out so no one will be mad. They speculate about the MVP; how long it will last and who would get it if Elissa was not there. They agree Howard is high on their target list. Amanda says Elissa has to go too, but when she leaves, the others aren’t as concerned about Elissa.
Aaryn tells GinaMarie that Jeremy was responsible for getting David out. GinaMarie says, “Yeah, I heard that today,” and Kaitlin was only included [in the plan] because he was hooking up with her. Aaryn saying If Jeremy hadn't turned on David, things would have been different and he is in this position because David and Nick would have been a vote for him.

In the kitchen, Amanda and Aaryn have a civil chat that Aaryn was joking about Elissa being obsessed about Amanda. Amanda advises Aaryn not to call people like Judd, shady. Amanda notes, "This boy’s alliance couldn't have worked better for us. They betrayed everybody. Now Jeremy is leaving. Spencer and Howard are next." Kaitlin joins adding that Howard uses religion and race in the game. Amanda asks her, "Do you trust me now?" Kaitlin says: "yeah" Amanda replies, "You're such a liar," but goes on to tell her that she and McCrae tried to find a way to keep Jeremy because they have nothing against him. Kaitlin says, "Now I have a fire under my ass. That's for sure." Amanda jokes, "That's called herpes."

Aaryn called Judd in to talk in the cockpit room to make sure Judd knows she's just joking when she calls Judd shady. Judd tells her Kaitlin would be a target before her. Aaryn knows Kaitlin has been told she will be protected for using the Veto today. Aaryn said she would never vote for him to leave. Judd reciprocates. They are tired of GinaMarie talking about Nick. Judd let’s her know the blue hat is really McCrae's.

6:00 PM









Howard coached Aaryn with some workout cycles; weaving in and out between the weights he laid out and then hopping over them too.  Elissa then teaches Howard Yoga moves.

Jessie joined Spencer, Amanda, Helen and Andy in the kitchen. She’s being very playful. She does a few dance moves then runs over to Amanda and motorboats her breasts.

Helen announces the Nail Party will begin in 10 minutes and the house divides with the girls in the HOH and the boys out back.


Amanda stays downstairs going back and forth from outside to the kitchen. She has been trying to get the slop to just the right consistency for some time and it seems to be getting her just this side of a meltdown.

Up at the Nail Party, they discuss how the live feeds work, with screen caps and flashbacks and GinaMarie moons us with an invitation to capture that. Helen seems shocked that we can watch them sleep. Elissa says she was surprised by how different the feeds are to the show.

Spence looks to Judd for reassurance. Judd says he thinks everyone but Kaitlin is evicting Jeremy. They discuss getting girls out next; Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie in any order. Maybe GinaMarie last since she's the least likely to win.

9:00 PM

Howard and Spencer say they feel bad about Jessie burning herself today. (I heard her talking earlier that she was daydreaming while cooking and reached down and grabbed the pan instead of the handle). Spencer is horn-dogging pretty bad on her tonight. Spencer says he does not believe that McCrae is the MVP thinking McCrae said that to take some of the pressure off of Elissa.

Jessie complained about Jeremy and Kaitlin to Amanda and McCrae at the hammock. She said he crashed the nail party and “couldn't he stay out of my airspace for 5 minutes?” Kaitlin was getting on her nerves too.

When Jessie leaves Amanda says she is scared about the fact that she is falling for him. He replies, "what is there to be scared of?"

Andy, Elissa and Judd are on the backyard couches. They complain about Jeremy. Andy notes Spencer is on GinaMarie's radar now and Judd is off. Judd is not so sure.

Jessie is playing pool with Howard and Spencer and comments that Big Brother is playing up the Kaitlin/Jeremy showmance in hopes of bringing him back. BB gives her the talking about production message and she yells, "Why?! Because I'm right?"

Jessie, back to a playful mood, spots Andy by straddling him as he lifts weights. Afterwards she yells, “Pillow fight” and runs around hitting several people before zeroing in on Judd on the couch.

There is a Volleyball game using the hose as the marker for the imaginary net. Elissa accidentally hits Helen in the face with ball.

Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn gather at the hammock. Jeremy says, “You're the only ones I plan on hanging out with.” Kaitlin is sad Jeremy is going “by the act of my hand.” She also notes, “No one's going to be able to get Elissa out of this game until she wants to go!” Aaryn passes on that, “I know, Howard and Spencer are not on Helen's radar anymore. That's what she told me 10 minutes ago.” Kaitlin disagrees, “I can guarantee that Howard is the next target. They are going to get all these guys out first. Whether Helen forgives people, she doesn't forget what you did. She's saying that when people do 2 strikes, you’re out with her.” Aaryn asks, “What were Jeremy's strikes?” Kaitlin says, “… the wine night and the personal attacks.”

Spencer meets with Helen in the HOH and pretty much tells her anything she wants to hear. He is OK with protecting Kaitlin for a week. Helen told him he could put Kaitlin up if that's what the house wanted. She couldn't tell him what to do; it’s just she, Andy, and Elissa had told Kaitlin they would try to protect her because of her using the POV. And Elissa had said she wasn't putting Kaitlin up as MVP at least for a week.


Andy tells McCrae and Amanda he doesn't like the alliance name “Knockouts” but thinks Helen will like it. They talked about whether to include Jessie in the Knockouts. Amanda says if they include Elissa, Candice will be in it and so will Howard. Andy said and then it becomes Fartsville USA Part II, "Let's just call our alliance Everyone but Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie.” With Judd there too, they speculate about Nick being gay. McCrae wonders if Nick was trying to start a showmance with Andy.

1:00 AM

With Judd, Andy, McCrae and Aaryn in the know, Amanda has taken all the Nick Shrine items under her blanket and they hide them. Lots of giggling as they wait for GinaMarie to go to bed and make the discovery.  Candice and GinaMarie stop by to say they are going to bed and pretend they are driving in a car as they head that way. 

Within seconds, GinaMarie is back demanding to know where the items are. She starts to shake and cry, so Amanda let’s her off the hook and shows her where everything is. GinaMarie is instantly better, smiling and laughing with everyone. After GinaMarie goes to put the items back, Judd says “It’s all funny till she gets that HOH!”

Earlier while they were waiting, Amanda commented, “Where’s my husband?” She is told he is outside, but she didn’t really want to go out there. She just wanted to know where he was. She jokes about McCrae carving her a ring out of soap. Candice leaves and comes back to report she told McCrae that Amanda wanted him and he jumped right up. This makes Amanda happy.

Back in the bedroom, Candice and Howard tell GinaMarie that they are going to have a memorial service for Nick tomorrow to finally stop GinaMarie's mourning and put things to an end. They decide to put all of Nick's things in a crate and put it in a drawer tomorrow. GinaMarie agrees.

3:00 AM

Amanda tries to convince GinaMarie there must be a meaning behind the specific items that Nick left behind. She considers it for a bit but eventually says he probably just forgot that stuff.

Amanda and McCrae get some alone time. McCrae says Spencer asked him if he really got MVP or was he just trying to protect Elissa. McCrae doesn’t think he lied very well. Amanda tells him not to worry about it. They continue reviewing the evening events and do some smooching before head to bed.

While they are feeling their way in the dark Amanda finds what appears to be the Dental Dam still in its packaging in her bed. She hands it to McCrae and he drops it in the floor.

Out by the Memory wall, Judd recounts to Andy that when Amanda saw her photo for the first time, she cried on the floor, making fun of Jen from season 8. Andy thinks BB had it out for Nick from the start because his first impression was that Nick was a smug shady bastard and then BB used a pic of him where he totally looks like a smug shady bastard!

And with that the house goes quiet just before 4:00 AM.

Will playing it cool work to save Jeremy? Could another target possibly rise beyond him? It's a long way to Thursday!

Thanks again to the efforts of the Updaters!