2:20AM  Kitchen - Aaryn talks to Judd and calls GM a slur, saying she doesn't deserve to be on BB.  Judd says again he's not putting Aaryn up.  Aaryn complains Elissa will put her up.  Judd promises to keep her in the House.  Aaryn wants to play in POV.  McCrae joins them.  Aaryn says she's a bigger target than Judd or McCrae and that's a reason to keep her in the house.  She wants MVP to end.

2:35AM Howard telling Candice she has to watch those people that 'take medicine.'  Candice teases Howard about a girl back home.  Howard wants her to put on her bathing suit to get a massage.  Candice doesn't want anyone barging in on them and they talk about doing it tomorrow when noone's around.  Howard is 'sick of the Moving Company jokes' and says it didn't get found out.  He says it was an intelligent alliance with the guys and three girls; he felt it was a strong alliance.  McCrae wanted to flip and Spencer wanted to flip.  If Howard had said no, Spencer wouldn't have flipped. FISH

2:40AM  McCrae and Elissa talking while FISH are on.  McCrae feels bad for Jeremy.  McCrae says Judd has to put up the girls.  Elissa doesn't trust Spencer.  Spencer was banging during the competition and Elissa and McCrae agree it was offputting.   Amanda comes in.  Elissa asks how Kaitlin is acting, McCrae says she's not freaking out.  Elissa wants to pull Kaitlin to them to get Aaryn out.  Elissa says Judd's not putting up Howard or Spencer. Amanda says "he's going to be backdoored."   Elissa thought Judd wanted a girl out.  Amanda, "Why?" Amanda says, "An alliance means we all come to a decision..." and FISH music.

2:45AM  McCrae small-talking with GM in the Kitchen and FISH.  Candice is talking to Howard about getting a counseling license and FISH  Howard takes off on a recon mission.  Aaryn is in the room and tells Candice that David wouldn't take a shower for days at a time. Candice and Aaryn agree all they do is eat.  Andy comes in and says he's going upstairs before he goes to bed.  Talk turns to tomorrow's competition. Candice is obsessed with Judd's Doritos and is going to go upstairs with Andy. and FISH

2:51AM  Judd says Jessie needs to get used to people coming in the HOH room, that he stays up late at nite.  He invites up Amanda, McCrae, GM, Spencer and Howard.

2:53AM Lounge - Andy comes in as Amanda and McCrae are talking about Aaryn.  McCrae is saying that she is so dumb he wouldn't mind getting her out.  Andy offers that Elissa is talking about getting Aaryn out.  McCrae acts irritated and says that Aaryn is 'talking shit.' Amanda says, "but Aaryn is one person" and McCrae replies, "I know we can't do it."   Andy says that Elissa said that Judd said he wanted to get a girl out.  McCrae says with a frown, "he does say that, he does say that."  Amanda asks Andy what Helen is doing telling Kaitlin she won't be put up.  Andy is saying "Elissa is two seconds away from going completely rogue."  Andy says Elissa didn't like everyone coming at Judd and pushing an agenda on him.

FISH.  Amanda says they can't rely on Elissa for anything, they need to put up Spencer because if Judd doesn't put up Aaryn, Elissa will.  Amanda doubts Elissa would put up Howard.  Amanda doesn't understand why Judd would put up GM.  She presses the backdoor Howard plan.  Amanda doesn't think Aaryn is as dangerous to them as Howard is.  She accuses Elissa of being selfish, of having a 'vendetta' against Aaryn.  Amanda says Judd wants to bring Jessie into the alliance.  And if that happens, Elissa is going to want to bring in Candice and that won't work.  Amanda is also mad at Helen.  Andy will tell Helen to  stop being "Miss Truthful."  Amanda says Candice is more threatening than Aaryn and if Judd puts up Candice, Elissa will go nuts.  Amanda lists the order of danger:  Howard and then Spencer.  Andy wants Aaryn to go soon, she's dangerous.  Andy says maybe Aaryn should go this week.  They agree Judd would backdoor Howard. 

3:00am Talk continues in the HOH.  Jessie doesn't think she'll get much sleep this week.  BB won't let Elissa sleep on the HOH couch and she heads downstairs with a blanket and pillow.  GM and Howard talk about a "Liger" that's genetically engineered.  Talk turns to what kind of animal each would like to be and then the sea and sea creatures.

Spencer goes to the Lounge and Amanda swears there is no girls alliance. McCrae mentions Judd wanting to get rid of GM.  Spencer talks about Aaryn as MVP nomination and McCrae calls him a liar. Spencer says Jessie has 'snapping potential' and is always half-cocked.  Amanda says sometimes America gets a vote.  Andy brings up Jessie's  missing (misplaced) hairspray and Spencer says if he had $25 hairspray that went missing he'd be flipping over mattresses, he'd "go Aaryn" on somebody.  McCrae goes back to the "CBS" comment.  Amanda wants to know who Judd has a close bond with and they say Jessie.  McCrae mentions Elissa wanting to sleep in HOH and not wanting to sleep on someone else's dirty sheets, McCrae thinks she sleeps on freshly bleached sheets every day. 

Judd enters and wants to know why they 'ditched' him.  They ask who's in the HOH room and Spencer lists off Jessie, GM, Candice, Howard, and Kaitlin.  Amanda, "that's a nightmare!"  Amanda mentions Jessie could end up being a HaveNot and won't be able to sleep up there.    Judd jokes about nominating GM and how his speech will be.  Judd heads back upstairs and Spencer promises to follow him with Andy. McCrae says GM out is a total waste and Andy and Spencer agree.  Andy thinks he can control Kaitlin. He thinks that if he says something bad to Elissa that America will dislike him and he compares her to the kid in the Twilight Zone who sends people away with one look.  Andy and Spencer head to the HOH.

Judd has returned to the HOH as Candice tells a scuba diving story and how there were sharks; she was so traumatized she didn't marry the guy who took her on the date. GM relates her own scuba diving in Jamaica. Judd thinks his pictures are 'kinda strange.' and picks up his senior high school picture.  GM would have guessed the pictures were of Judd's brother.  The camera zooms in on a picture of Judd and his baby niece.  Howard and Candice talk about Howard's hair cut; Elissa is going to taper it.  Judd thanks Candice for his trim. 

3:22AM GM heads downstairs, along with Kaitlin, Candice and Howard.  Andy pops in to say goodnight.  Judd asks Andy who he should put up so he can blame Andy.  Andy says Jessie and Me and they laugh. After some kidding around, Andy says goodnight and  exits.  Jessie  appreciates Judd sharing his HOH with her and he's glad she's up there.

3:30AM McCrae goes back to bellyaching over Aaryn. McCrae worries Judd won't backdoor Howard and agree they can control Kaitlin.  Amanda thinks if Howard doesn't go up she and McCrae are at risk.   Amanda feels her plan to get out Howard is going south and she's  getting irritated.  McCrae is irritated at Judd, and thinks Elissa is screwing things up by pushing for Aaryn to go.  McCrae says Judd is not protecting Aaryn by not putting her up.  He thinks the other Houseguests are cowards for not wanting to make bold moves. Amanda says again that Aaryn is not a threat. They talk about how Judd wanting Jessie as part of their alliance opens the door for Elissa to want to bring in Candice.

3:40AM Judd asks Jessie who to put up; Jessie reviews two scenarios.  His alliance is telling him to backdoor Howard.  Judd replies, they're telling me to put up whoever, the three girls, and I guess, Elissa.  Jessie asks if that's so Elissa puts up Howard for MVP? He replies that Elissa is too scared to backdoor Howard and he'll see who MVP puts up and he'll know whether to throw the Veto.  Jessie thinks they're just getting him to do what they don't want to do.  They agree that McCrae is letting Amanda call all the shots.  Judd mentions putting up Kaitlin as a pawn; Jessie questions why. She asks if he's officially wanting Howard out now? Judd seems decided on Kaitlin and GinaMarie.  Jessie asks again what Judd is going to do and Judd says again, Kaitlin as a pawn and GinaMarie goes.  Jessie doesn't think that's safe for her game but Judd thinks he can keep both of them safe.  He tells her he's already made that deal with Howard.  Jessie: "Howard and Spencer?"  Judd: "Yeah." 

Judd doesn't want GinaMarie in jury.   Jessie worries again if Aaryn and Kaitlin stay she will go up.  Judd says Kaitlin is more of a threat and GinaMarie's gotten on his nerves.  He's told Aaryn that he's not putting her up no matter what. "She has nobody."  Jessie is concerned Andy and Amanda like Kaitlin more than Jessie and would keep Kaitlin over her.  She feels Kaitlin is being told the same things Helen and Amanda are telling Jessie. 

Judd says he'd feel better if Amanda and McCrae would come up and talk.  Jessie tells Judd that Andy and Amanda feel they have Kaitlin in their back pocket and it gets them further in the game.  Jessie thinks Kaitlin needs to be backdoored.  She's worried Jeremy might come back if Kaitlin remains in the game.  Judd worries it would backfire and Aaryn would go home.   Judd says he's starting not to trust Amanda and McCrae.  Jessie tells him they're playing both sides and there was no backlash on them at all for the last evictions.  As Judd brushes his teeth Jessie comments loudly, "Amanda is running this house."

Jessie asks who Judd trusts as much as Jessie.  Judd says McCrae, but not Amanda, and the threesome of Helen and Elissa and Andy.  He says Spencer has given him reasons not to trust him.  Jessie suggests Judd talk to Helen "about the whole thing"  as Judd goes downstairs to retrieve something.

3:44AM  Spencer, Howard in downstairs bathroom brushing teeth and getting ready for bed.  Spencer says in a low voice to Howard, "we're still the Moving Company but we're stealth." Judd wanders into the bathroom as Howard leaves.  Judd tells Spencer he wants to make a 'different kind of move." Spencer offers to brainstorm with Judd.  Judd talks about people sleeping all day. Judd says the MVP thing makes more floaters.  Spencer tells Judd that Elissa hates him and he's leary of her; he broke his alliance for her to stay. GM will never be in a position to come after Judd. Howard joins them.  Judd asks Howard if he should put up GM.  Judd thinks the veto is key to controlling who goes.  Howard says Candice told him that trouble is brewing between Amanda and GM and they hatch a plot to lie to GM.  Judd talks of backdooring Elissa if she doesn't do what they want.  Spencer tells Judd not to trust Amanda and that McCrae lied about being MVP.  They continue discussing possibilities until 4:10. 

4:00AM Amanda whispers to McCrae in the Lounge, still scheming on how to control the nominations. McCrae wants Aaryn gone if their plan to backdoor Howard fails.  Amanda and McCrae's love-fest is interrupted when they're scared by noise outside the door.  A droopy-eyed Judd comes in shortly after.  Amanda starts denying a girls alliance and presses for backdooring Howard.

FISH and we come back to them discussing Elissa/MVP putting up 'someone random.'  Amanda wants Judd to put someone up for the alliance not just his own game. Judd says Jessie is getting nervous and Amanda tells Judd to tell her about the alliance but not to say anything to Elissa.  Amanda thinks Spencer is a vote for Howard to stay. Judd says he trusts Aaryn more than he trusts Spencer. McCrae says Aaryn goes straight to Kaitlin with anything that's said to her. Judd wants to put Kaitlin and GM up.  Amanda questions why Elissa wants to put up Aaryn. 

Judd says he wants to tell Elissa to put up Candice and if she doesn't, he'll backdoor Elissa.  Amanda tells Judd Elissa won't put up Candice, she'll put up Aaryn.  Judd thinks they have numbers to keep Aaryn.  Amanda insists there's a reason Elissa won't put up Howard.  Judd wants to tell GM that some of the girls wanted her gone but not tell her who, to rile her up. Amanda leaves for a moment and McCrae tells Judd that Aaryn can't be trusted.  Judd tells McCrae that he promised Aaryn he wouldn't put her up. McCrae calls Aaryn a compulsive liar and says she scares him.  Judd wants to backdoor Elissa if she doesn't do what they say.

4:30AM  Lounge - Just as Judd says it freaks him out that Spencer is still up, Spencer walks in.  Judd tells Spencer he's going to nominate GinaMarie.  Judd has finished off 5 beers. He says the HOH room is hot. Talk devolves into talking about GM.  Spencer relates that Howard hates being called Howie.  The next half hour is Spencer educating everyone about life, as McCrae looks like he'd rather be cuddling with Amanda and Judd fights off sleep. Amanda wanders off for food and returns saying that all she's talked about the last week is GM.

5:00AM  Spencer is headed to bed.  Amanda tells Judd that Helen has already told Kaitlin she's not going up.  They agree that Judd needs to make Elissa feel part of the group and Helen needs to stop talking.  Judd says again he didn't want to win this HOH as he goes up to bed.  Amanda and McCrae make out for another 15 minutes before getting up and heading towards the bathroom to brush their teeth.

5:25AM  The Hamsters are all tucked safely in their beds

Who will Judd nominate? Who will America choose as the MVP nomination? It's anybody's guess at this point !

Thanks to all the Updaters !