5:20 PM we get trivia and the nominations are underway. The feeds come back at 7:05 pm and we see Kaitlin and Aaryn are on the block.

We see Aaryn first wondering why Judd told her she twists things around, she denies it and does not understand what he means.

We also see Judd in HOH with Spencer telling him that Kaitlin was not the target yet. Aaryn interrupts the boys, Spencer leaves and Aaryn is crying asking how she twists things. He told her to relax, she keeps asking him if she is leaving this week and he keeps avoiding her question, telling her to relax and have some skittles.

7:40 PM – Kaitlin was talking to Aaryn and Amanda and said to them what if the twist is that America can nominate one of them!  Aaryn then said that Judd had told her she would probably go up by the MVP not by him, but he then put her up.

 Meanwhile when Judd comes out of the DR Elissa asks him if he is MVP he said no it was a regular FR session. He then asks her if she is MVP and she said she has not been told yet.

Gina Marie spent more time talking about Nick to anyone who will listen, She still claiming she is not obsessed.

Speaking of Obsessed, Amanda talks to Judd and tells him that Andy is real scared that he won’t put up Howard. She is so set on running this HOH and to get rid of Howard. She said he wants Howard backdoored real bad.

 Later Judd, Amanda and McCrae talk about how Elissa is freaking out saying the twist has something to do with MVP. Elissa is very nervous and gets even more nervous because Gina Marie was in DR for over 30 minutes. When Elissa joins the group Amanda said that they can figure out what the twist is this week if she does not get notification of it tonight.

11:55 PM Candice was telling everyone how she did not find out she was adopted until she was 26. That was when she found out she was biracial. She said things did not add up, her mother had a hysterectomy at 38 so she then thought her father had an affair and she was product of that. Once they told her she was adopted it all added up. She told them she met her birth mother on Oprah. That her birth mom and she look a lot alike. She also said she plans on adopting when she can.

Amanda talks with Aaryn and tells her not to talk this week that she was probably nominated because of the things she said.  Aaryn said that she was told that she has to win POV or she will be going home. Amanda again told her to shut her mouth.

Kaitlyn was talking to Amanda and Judd and said she believed that Elissa has a different contract than them and she has something to do with the twist. She believes that her contract must say she is here for only four weeks. She also said she believes the show is focused around her. Amanda then said she also believes that Elissa knows what the twist is. Judd agrees that she must know the twist and is not allowed to tell them.  She then tells Judd that Candice does nothing in here and should leave. Then Amanda said that word on the street is that she is going up with the MVP nomination.

Amanda a bit later corners Elissa in the storage room. She tells her that she is going up as the MVP nomination. They try to guess who the MVP was. Elissa said that maybe America was MVP. Then Elissa guessed it could be Kaitlin that she could be related to Jeff (from BB 11 and 13.) She said she heard that from Aaryn.

Jessie got the house rocking, seems she told Aaryn that Kaitlin told her that Amanda is going up. Of course, Aaryn told everyone so now Amanda is so paranoid and Jessie slinked off and went to bed! Kaitlin is now mad at Aaryn for saying such things and feels she is the designated pawn and won’t worry about going home unless Aaryn wins VETO.

Kaitlin, Gina Marie, Spencer, Howard and Judd were discussing how they believe Elissa is still MVP this week and does not want to tell anyone so she does not get blood on her hands by nominating Howard. Then they all proceed to bash Aaryn, saying how she is pretending to be weak so people leave her around. After they go back to bashing Elissa and how it is all her fault and she is the twist etc.  Then Spencer makes a verbal commitment to Kaitlin in front of the rest that he will keep her this week.

Howard is saying how preposterous it is that other people in the house are criticizing him for using religion. He doesn't like how he had to apologize in front of the house, then have McCrae/Amanda lie to his face (about McCrae being MVP and making Howard swear on the bible that he won't nominate McCrae/Amanda without getting the same protection in return.)

Howard talks about how he's not afraid of fighting the Power and that others shouldn't be afraid either. Kaitlin seems really pumped up and excited and wants to form something, but Howard warns her they don't have the numbers

The group in HOH is saying how Kaitlin doesn't owe Elissa/McCrae/Amanda anything and that they will try to make Kaitlin feel like she owes them something, when she really doesn't. Kaitlin is convinced she'll be going home next week if she stays this week.

Spencer says he has to play an honest game now because the whole house has already dragged him through the dirt for lying, and Spencer says lying is part of the game, so how dare they ostracize him for lying.
 Then Spencer goes on to say that Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae are running the house, which they believe nobody is smart enough to run the house. That after this week and getting Aaryn out they will target them to get them out and show them how it feels to break up the strong alliance.

Kaitlin and Gina Marie leave and Spencer goes on to tell Judd that they can get Amanda and McCrae broken up, that Elissa are too strong.  Judd then tells Spencer that Amanda is pushing to backdoor Howard.

All the house guests were sleeping by 5:15 AM

Who will be the third nominee? Will Aaryn win VETO so she sticks around another week? Will Amanda be voted out instead of Aaryn? Why is Amanda so paranoid? Will the back door be used this week? Who knows, time will tell! Until tomorrow! Thanks Updaters you’re the best!