12:32PM Elissa and Jeremy are discussing vitamins being gross. Jeremy says "they are so good for you." Jeremy says he is going to clean up the cockpit now.

The next few hours there is not much going on with the House Guests, general chit chat.

3:07PM GinaMarie and Kaitlin talking in the bathroom. Kaitlin tells her that Aaryn told her that Candice, Howard, McCrae and Amanda are coming after her. Kaitlin says the only way to keep Jeremy here is to talk to Helen and vote out Aaryn. Kaitlin continues throwing Aaryn under the bus and trying to convince GinaMarie into voting Aaryn out. Kaitlin says they will not go far if they keep themselves aligned with Aaryn.

3:15PM McCrae and Judd in the HN room. McCrae tells him that Aaryn's trying to flirt with him and he feels Judd will fall for her and Judd says he isn't going to.

3:18PM Kaitlin and GinaMarie want to go up and talk to Helen. Kaitlin says that she feels Howard is going to win HOH and she will be evicted. Kaitlin says that she is going to be upset that she did this for Helen. Kaitlin says that Candice can't win anything. GinaMarie says that there is no way Candice beat her in the competition.

3:21PM Kaitlin talking to McCrae and says Aaryn is throwing her under the bus. McCrae says she is throwing everyone under the bus. Kaitlin says that keeping Jeremy would be much more beneficial for everyone.

3:26PM Kaitlin and Jeremy talking. Jeremy says he has one more offer. He is going to offer to throw the competitions until sequester. He wants to get sequester. Kait tells him that Gina offered to vote out Aaryn.

3:41PM Jeremy talks to Elissa and offers his plan to throw things until sequester. Says he can use the money and thinks the experience would be good. Offers to pull her in when he talks to Helen. He thanks her for listening.

3:48PM Judd talks to Jessie in the Have Not room. Judd says he heard that Jessie was in an alliance. Jessie says that is BS. Judd says just to agree to whatever they say to her. Judd tells Jessie that Howard is a big target next week on both sides.

3:55PM Kaitlin talks to Amanda. Talking her about keeping Jeremy and voting out Aaryn. Amanda says she is onboard with it but the rest of the house is not. Kaitlin throwing Aaryn under the bus some more.

6:00PM Helen tells Andy that GinaMarie will be speaking to him. Kaitlin is considering voting with the house and voting against Jeremy.

6:25PM Aaryn is fishing for information. She knows Helen has been hearing stuff and wasn't ready to talk to her about it. She asks Amanda in the bathroom what Helen has heard. Amanda tells her that Helen heard Aaryn was targeting her and Elissa. Aaryn denies it. Amanda tells her not to worry about it. Jessie and Helen are playing pool. Helen "I love it when I see hair extensions laying next to clothes. Only on Big Brother. Are you and I the only ones with real hair and real boobs?"

The next few hours the HouseGuests spend scrambling for information and throwing each other under the bus.

9:34PM The Rosco Show has begun. The five hosts are Helen, Candice, Jessie, Elissa and GinaMarie. They start off by introducing themselves. Topic turns to GinaMarie making up Helen and Elissa as a Guidette earlier in the week. Helen introduces Andy for the weather segment. Andy: "Today was hot, tonight, will be a little less hot."

9:43PM Howard invites the inventor of Bandana Ball up. McCrae comes up and Howard asks how a bandana ball is made. Howard invites the reigning champ up (Judd.) GinaMarie brings up that Nick was the reigning champ but he's no longer around. Judd says he's the reigning champ. Amanda wonders how Nick got brought up in the sports segment. Howard invites him to stand up and give them a demonstration of his throwing technique. Elissa asks if Judd is going to try out for the Olympics. Judd says it's possible. Jessie asks if Judd is single and the house erupts. Talk turns to the new sports craze rocking the BB house...beach volleyball. Helen thanks Howard.

9:49PM The next segment is the Have-not report with Andy. Andy invites Judd up and asks how he's doing. Judd says it's horrible. Andy asks if there's anything that has made it better. Judd says America gave them Grapefruit and Guacamole. Andy asks how Guacamole is without chips. Judd says it's horrible. McCrae is next up. Andy asks how he's doing. McCrae says he's surviving especially with the help of Amanda. Andy asks how Jessie is doing. Jessie says she's a mid-week slop freak out and she managed to burn herself by grabbing a pan. 

9:53PM Next up is Elissa's food segment. She pulls out a large container of protein, a bag of lay's chips and a container of slop. She asks which is the healthier food. Someone guesses slop. Elissa says yes. Elissa's exercise tip is about twisting your spine which releases something in your body that helps give you energy. Commercial break. McCrae and Amanda get up and do a commercial for slop.

9:58PM Next up is an investigative segment. This week's topic is "The Moving Company". Everyone boos them as they take their place behind the counter. GinaMarie runs in and sets Nick's glasses and hat and set them down next to McCrae. Spencer says the glasses belong to one of their previous members and he's married with two kids and is from Colorado. Andy asks "The Moving Company" if they are bigots because they left the gay guy out of the alliance.

10:02PM The next segment is Keeping it Real with Candi. She calls up Aaryn and McCrae and they discuss their showmance. Next up Aaryn is called up. Candice asks what Aaryn thinks is her most important lesson she's learned in the house. Aaryn: "To invest in a muzzle". Candice thanks Aaryn. Next up Candice calls GinaMarie. Candice says GinaMarie knew the Shadyfreak known as Craig in the house. GinaMarie talks a bit about him. She says they're having a memorial service on Friday and they're going to lay him to rest in Shadyfreak lane. Amanda goes outside to have a cigarette.

10:07PM Amanda comes in as GinaMarie finishes talking to Candice. GinaMarie starts the next segment "Mazel of the week." It was voted on and Helen wins it for saying "Freak you get to see my kids!" The final segment is about showmances. Jeremy is leading this segment asking A or B questions about the showmance partners. McCrae and Amanda answer differently they don't get the points. Next question is soft/sloppy kisses. The audience gets to chose the last question. Jeremy asks Andy to say one. Helen says oral or normal sex. There's a lot of voices laughing and talking. GinaMarie and Aaryn are playing and their points aren't counting. Segment is over. The five hosts return to their seats. Helen thanks their sponsor "Big Brother Slop." The show concludes.

12:40AM Candice and Jessie are going to head to bed. Helen, Spencer, and Howard start hitting the ball up in the air with their heads. The record is 10. Feeds switch to Andy and Candice chatting in the lounge. Candice said she never really had any problems with Kaitlin before but here lately she's been distant. She's sure it's because of the Jeremy thing. Andy tells her that GinaMarie wanted to know who to vote out this week and Andy recommended voting Jeremy out so Spencer doesn't use that vote on her. Candice says GinaMarie apologized about the bed incident but Kaitlin never did and Kaitlin called her a trashy Hoosier.

12:44AM Two man team volleyball has begun in the BY. Feeds switch to Judd rubbing Jessie's shoulders down with something. Judd says GinaMarie trusts him. Jessie agrees. Judd says Howard talked to him earlier. Howard told him that he was watching Judd and Jessie's back and Judd said he's watching Candice and Howard's back. Judd thinks he wanted to talk to him about something else. Judd says he got up extra early this morning so they could chat and then the chat only took like 35 seconds. Jessie thanks Judd for being so great this week. Judd mentions McCrae and TMC and we get brief FoTH. Feeds back and Judd says "They're always together." More FoTH. Feeds back and Judd tells Jessie goodnight. We now have a darkened HNR.

12:50AM Candice, Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Elissa are discussing possible ideas for what HoH will be tomorrow. Andy hits the nail on the head "It could be like who does America think..." Talk turns to periods and missing family. Andy says he doesn't mean his friends and family he hates them all (kidding of course.) Out in the BY Judd has joined Aaryn on the couches and they're also discussing what the HoH comp will be tomorrow.

12:56AM The volleyball game in the BY has appeared to end. Spencer walks over and asks what the contents of one of the glasses were. Aaryn says "Semen..." Spencer says "Yep it's mine!" He walks inside to get something to drink. Judd says if he's not a have-not next week he's going to want to quit smoking and get the patch. Randomly Aaryn tells Judd that she's afraid Jessie wants her out because they're friends (Judd and Aaryn.) Judd says no but he'll talk to her just to make sure. Up in the HoH chat has turned to last names.

After 1:00AM the feeds are going up and down for the rest of the night. When they come back up they show reruns of what happened while the feeds were down. Not much happened. General chit chat and Amanda and McCrae being the last House Guests up making out (as usual) and finally going to bed about 4:11AM.