06:10 PM   Elissa wonders if Howard is even religious at all or if it is an act. She also points out she would be offended if she was Spencer's girlfriend because he is always talking about Jessie and stares at her. Helen, Judd & Elissa talk about who they despise in the house, i.e. Howard, Spencer & Candice. Elissa tells them "people have to earn my likeness" and that she doesn't start out liking people immediately.
Judd in the storage room - Amanda says she feels things are out of control. Judd says Howard is he MVP this week for sure. Amanda notices Judd acting weird and his eyes are dilated he says it is driving him crazy. She tells him to go in the DR and get medicine. He asks her not to tell anyone.

06:50 PM    Howard and Elissa in the kitchen walking around in silence until Elissa spots a bag of trash on the counter, she says it is gross and asks who would do that. Howard chuckles and Elissa says "it's not funny." They go back to an awkward silence as Elissa makes herself something to eat and Howard puts dishes away.

07:20 PM    Judd is looking around Howards bed searching for something frantically - he tells Amanda and McCrae that the DR gave him his meds and he is going to go take a nap, but he goes back to looking around the room.

In the kitchen Elissa asks Kaitlin if she is in an alliance with Howard & Spencer, Kaitlin says she isn't & is willing to call them out in front of her. Ellisa "Someone is lying and I don't know if we should sit everyone down and call them out on it." Kaitlin tells her "I will defiantly ask them." Elissa tells Kaitlin everyone is trying to flip the vote on her.
Aaryn over heard everything Elissa was saying to Kaitlin and she goes up to the HoH room and tells Amanda & McCrae everything she just heard Elissa saying. Amanda & McCrae are pissed fearing that because Elissa spilled to Kaitlin that Kaitlin will talk her way into staying.
 Downstairs - Kaitlin tells Andy that Elissa told her that she might be going home. Andy tells her that Elissa is full of shit and not to worry about it. Kaitlin feels threatened now. Andy heads upstairs and tells Amanda and McCrae what Kaitlin just came to him with.

Upstairs - Amanda is mad and doesn't understand why Elissa would out their plan like this. "she can't play for POV next week. What is wrong with her?"

 Downstairs-  Kaitlin is telling Aaryn that Elissa is saying that Aaryn is telling everyone that Kaitlin has a final 4 deal with Howard and Spencer. Aaryn is upset but playing dumb. She then goes and tells Helen what Kaitlin just told her. Helen "Why would she do that?" Helen calms Aaryn down and tells her that Kaitlin is going home then she tells her about the "fake 5" alliance. Aaryn is frustrated she says "I'm not going after her." Helen says she will go talk to her. Helen runs into Jessie while looking for Elissa and fills her in on what is happening.
Outside Kaitlin tells Spencer and Howard everything Elissa told her - they laugh and say they can't have a final 4 with just 3 of them.

08:00 PM    Elissa is now telling GinaMarie and Judd how Aaryn has to go home because of her racial, derogatory comments and her lies. GinaMarie is just laughing . Helen asks Elissa to talk to her but Elisa tells her wait a minute. 
Helen and Judd leave and go to the storage room. Helen just doesn't understand why Elissa is doing this and says Elissa won't talk to her now. Judd: "what a bitch."
 Back in the room with Elissa , Elissa to Judd & Helen "You guys are crazy, Stop being so dramatic."  Helen asks GinaMarie about the supposed alliance, GinaMarie completely denies it. Helen tells her what Aaryn told her she overheard Elissa telling Kaitlin. Elissa denies ever saying anything. She tells them it doesn't make sense and that Aaryn is a pathological liar.
Aaryn comes in the room agitated and asks Elissa why she is stirring things up. Howard and Spencer join the party telling everyone that they have no alliance with anyone who is on the block. Spencer says he has protected Elissa all this time why is she doing this to him now. She denies everything. Elissa to Aaryn "every time I've had a conversation with you, you stab me in the back." Aaryn "same to you." Elissa says she never wants to associate with Aaryn and Aaryn says she is sick of Elissa starting crap about her. Elissa claims she never mentioned Aaryn's name & that nothing is about her. Kaitlin admits that Elissa did suggest that Aaryn may have started it and that she had also brought up other names. Aaryn says that is why she is involved at all, because her name was brought into it. Kaitlin confirms that and Aaryn says that Elissa is always starting stuff about her and that she had tried to make amends with Elissa but she refuses.

08:44 PM     Andy and Helen in he cockpit room. Both are mad at Elissa. Andy says once Elissa gets an idea in her head she won't let it go until she accomplishes her mission, he tells Helen about the incident earlier, her thinking they were making fun of her religion. Helen points out they don't need Elissa's vote but she almost ruined everything today. Say they need to tell Amanda & McCrae. Helen goes up to the HoH room and tells Amanda and McCrae what is going on and says the Elissa has to go next . McCrae says he told Elissa earlier not to say anything. He points out that Elissa will say "I don't even talk about Aaryn, or think about her" then goes on a diatribe about how much she hates Aaryn.

 Elissa telling Judd and Spencer they know she didn't start this and confronts Judd about not supporting her and making her look like the bad person.
Judd asks her if she trusts him, she says she doesn't know because he knows he told her about the alliance and he just sat there as they attacked her and didn't defend her

09:08 PM     Kaitlin comes out and apologizes to Elissa telling her she didn't mean for that to happen. Elissa tells he she went to her about voting for her and she ran and told the very person she was on the block with. Kaitlin says she knows but that Aaryn was in the bathroom and over heard everything. Elissa tells her it shows she doesn't want to stay by going and confirming to Aaryn what was said. Kaitlin says no one wants Aaryn to stay. Elissa said than obviously someone has been lying to me because all this time - the whole house has been telling Kaitlin that she is safe and she isn't so she needs to find out who is lying to her.



Judd "Where's Elissa?" McCrae " Hopefully in the DR self evicting."

Helen explains to Spencer that there are always rumors in the house and the reason she didn't come to him was she didn't think it was true. Spencer says the rumors were B.S. They agree that they are still good with each other.

Elissa talking to Howard in the hall, she says she really believes that Aaryn has a very poor character, says people were making fun about her religion. Howard tells her to not let it bother her. She says she isn't going to talk to Aaryn anymore and that "Every time I'm in the room with Aaryn she's attacking me.

 Judd in the storage room with Helen telling her how Elissa wanted him to call himself out in the meeting & called them all liars. He says he is a target now, that they all are. Helen wants to know what is wrong with Elissa.


 10:10 PM    Candice, Andy and Jessie at the hot tub. Jessie "they just do this shit to F' everyone up." Andy "I can't believe those A$$holes are making cookies right now." Candice asks to be woken up for the next town meeting. Andy wonders where Elissa is? Did she go to bed? He laughs and says "she did have a big day." Andy leaves and Candice tells Jessie whatever it was Elissa whispered to her in the Hall.

Elissa talking to Amanda - she keeps saying that Aaryn made it all about her. Amanda points out that Aaryn was upset Elissa told her she wanted Aaryn gone and reminds her it was Kaitlin that told Aaryn in the first place.

At the hammock Helen, Candice, Jessie:  Helen is telling Candice what happened, Helen is upset that when she asked to talk to Elissa she said no "I don't want anyone telling me what to do."  Judd walks up and asks "so y'all are gonna go plot against me now?" Candice says she was asleep and has no idea what is happening. Judd says Elissa is upset with him & Candice tells him he knows Elissa loves him and that she has never said one bad thing about him 

11:46 PM    In the HoH they bash Candice and say she has no idea what is going on but is sure Amanda started it and then lied about it.                                                         

 12:26 AM    Elissa is bashing Amanda & McCrae for bashing Howard after she did it all day. Elsewhere Amanda and McCrae bash Candice and Elissa. Candice says "Elissa told me Amanda was the one who started the rumor about the secret alliance." And Judd says he is confused by events today. He felt Aaryn and Elissa just kept going back and forth.

12:55 AM   Fish

01:03 AM     Candice talking to Howard, she says Elissa feels that Amanda set her up for the fight today because all Amanda does is talk bad about Howard & him swearing on the Bible, his secret alliance, using religion etc. She tells him Elissa told her McCrae and Amanda were making fun of him swearing on the Bible when they made him. They talk about Spencer, she says he lies and she found out about the lie that she sat on the hat. Howard says Spencer won't try for HoH and that he has been listening to Spencer talk in the backyard, not someone who would hand out with Howard.

Kaitlin and Andy talk, Kaitlin tells him not to tell anyone Candice told her that Amanda started the rumor about the alliance. She tells him by Amanda masterminding that rumor no one can vote to keep her without it looking like they are in an alliance with her. Andy is acting upset about all this and tells her to stay calm, that he was just up there and they didn't say anything.

Amanda and Elissa talking, Amanda is tired of being the scapegoat. Elissa  says she is tired of being the scapegoat too, that Kaitlin started the whole thing, then she switches and says it was Aaryn.

02:28 AM    Judd comes outside. Kaitlin: "Oh look! It's the secret alliance." Kaitlin asks him if he had talked to Amanda and McCrae about their votes, he says Andy was there but they said they'd vote with the house.

Helen and Elissa patch things - Elissa says none of it had anything to do with her, it was about Kaitlin. Then she moves on to talk about all of Aaryn's character flaws. Helen says they need to get the target off of Elissa. Candice joins them and they talk about how they think there is a saboteur of relatives in the house because things got so twisted today They wonder of Howard could be related to Danielle.

Kaitlin and Judd talk about who Andy is aligned with. Kaitlin says he will go with the house but that she trusts him. Judd says no one trusts Amanda. GinaMarie reminds Judd that if Aaryn stays she'll go to the other side of he house.

04:34 AM   Lights out & All houseguests are asleep.


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