9:00pm While the other HG's were practicing. Judd went in the house into the Have Not room and was trying to open one of the Big Brother suitcases that Howard's belongings are in to see if Howard has the envelope saying he is MVP. He was unable to open the suitcase.

9:39pm Indoor Lock down. The House Guests must stop practicing and are called back into the house.

11:28pm Jessie says it's been six days since she's been called to the Diary Room.

11:34pm Aaryn tells HOH crew that GinaMarie packed Nick's cup and said she's not going to wash it.

11:35pm Helen and Elissa in lounge talking game again. Helen tells Elissa that she really believes Howard is the MVP. Almost all the House Guests are in the HOH.

11:38pm Jessie just gets called to Diary Room after not being called all week. Everyone cheers. Spencer offers to show her where it is.


1:49am Elissa tells Howard that they should vote Aaryn out. Howard says he is going to vote the way the rest of the house is voting.

1:56am McCrae says if Aaryn stays, she'll go after Elissa but if Kaitlin stays she'll go after Amanda and MccCrae. Andy agrees that's the one good thing about having Aaryn stay in the house, because Aaryn and Elissa can go at it. McCrae says that one of the worst things about HOH competitions is that the person you don't want to win will win it.

3:04 am GinaMarie and Kaitlin in kitchen. Andy walks by as he is going to bed and Kaitlin asks to talk to him. Kaitlin wants to know if the house is still voting out Aaryn. Andy tells her he would rather vote Aaryn out. Andy says there are pros and cons to both. Katilyn wants to know how Spencer is voting because she thinks he is lying to her face. Andy says he will tell her more tomorrow. Katilyn thinks it will be a 5 to 4 vote.

3:10am Kaitlin repeating conversation to GinaMarie about what the votes will be.

3:12am GinaMarie says she is tired. Kaitlin says she is wide awake. Kaitlin is concerned why Spencer is acting weird. He told her if he votes for her it will confirm they are in an alliance. She says that is probably why Amanda started the rumor. She feels people are not going care which one goes. She can't believe they put her in the same category as Aaryn and everyone is weighing the pros and cons. They want Aaryn so they always have a target. If I am going to be a target every week then I would rather go now. Kaitlin confused about why groups that should be together are voting differently.

3:20pm GinaMarie saying she is going to bed, Kaitlin says she is coming. GinaMarie looks at Nick's picture and says questions "why did you have to leave?"

There is general chit chat the rest of the evening amongst the rest of the House Guests that are still awake.

5:49am Judd tells Amanda that he doesn't think Howard is going after her. Amanda says Spencer said Howard will go after her.

5:54am Amanda says if Howard or Spencer win HoH they can fake it. They can say Elissa was MVP during Judd's HOH and that she is MVP that week and threaten that Elissa will put Howard and Spencer up if they do not put up GinaMarie and Aaryn.

6:01am Amanda and McCrae leave the HOH. Andy says he will leave in few minutes. Judd tells Andy that he trusts Howard more than Spencer. Andy agrees.

6:06am all the House Guests are in bed.

Will the House Guests keep Aaryn who the house and most of America believe is racist and a homophobe? Or will Kaitlin be able to "stretch" her way to safety and remain in the Big Brother house?  


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