8:46PM HOH - Helen is entertaining the crew with stories of her 20's.

8:48PM - 9:31pm - FEEDS DOWN, CBS ISSUE

9:38PM  H/N ROOM -  Candice tells Andy that Amanda and McCrae are a powerful couple. She doesn't understand why Howard is a target, when noone else from the Moving Company is. Andy thinks because McCrae was the first to tell, so people trust him more.  He says there's still time to change things up, she should talk to Helen and whatever Helen thinks they should do, they will do.  Andy leaves and Howard comes in and asks about the conversation.  Candice now feels that Helen isn't with her, that she's more loyal to McCrae and Amanda. She feels she has nobody in the house if Howard goes, but if she goes at least Howard will have Spencer.

SR - Helen tells Elissa they've got to keep Amanda this week or McCrae will come after them.  Aaryn is getting close to Amanda and she worries now Aaryn will come after Helen and Elissa. She tells Elissa they need to be on the same page and they have to watch Amanda and Aaryn, that Amanda wants Aaryn in jury as a vote for Amanda.  Elissa says Aaryn "flipped a switch" and has been acting nice this week. They agree Howard needs to go this week and Helen will talk to Jessie. As they leave the SR, Helen comments Amanda is going to run the house if she gets to jury.

10:00PM - LOUNGE  Elissa, Amanda and Judd talk about various competitions and different powers of the game like Diamond Power of Veto. Elissa felt she was tortured by the other Houseguests to put up who they wanted when she had MVP.  Judd asks her who she would have put up and she replies, "well, no one!" 

Judd is mad production won't give him his hats.  Elissa leaves and McCrae asks Spencer if he's going to use the veto. Spencer jokes, 'no' and they talk about how Marcellus didn't use it.

Most of the HG are in the kitchen eating dinner at the table.

10:30PM LOUNGE McCrae thinks Howard will throw Candice under the bus. Amanda needs to stay out of it.  Amanda complains she never wins anything; McCrae thinks that's a good strategy.  Amanda reviews her nomination speech and tells McCrae he cant' cry or she will cry, don't worry or she will worry, don't be scared or she will be scared.  McCrae thinks if the vote were tonight, Howard would be gone. Amanda will highlight her loyalty to others when she campaigns for herself.

10:45PM H/N ROOM - Howard goes in to talk to Candice and she tells him not to give her 'forehead kisses.' Howard doesn't understand why she's staying in the HN room. She doesn't feel like socializing and she's upset she's a H/N and can't snuggle with Howard at night. Spencer joins Candice and Howard and says the only people with any "nuts" is they three. Candice tells Howard she won't campaign against him.  

11:00PM H/N ROOM - Aaryn thinks Spencer will put up GM and Aaryn if he's HOH. Judd wants Elissa gone before jury. They talk about how nice she's been to Aaryn. Judd puts Elissa down and calls her 'entitled' and "unappreciative." She said she's done everything for them but they've done nothing for her. Aaryn doesn't want Elissa or Candice in jury.  Aaryn doesn't think anyone will backdoor her because she's a 'weak competitor' and hasn't won any POVs.

11:15PM H/N ROOM - Jessie and Judd have a semi-intimate moment, with cheek kisses and such. He complains they don't have a bed.

11:30PM HOH ROOM -  Amanda doesn't want to win HOH; she's already a target. Andy volunteers to take HOH if Amanda doesn't want it. Amanda wants Andy to work both Candice and Spencer in case they win HOH.

LOUNGE -  Candice, Elissa and Helen wonder about MVP. Helen thinks it's the last evicted Houseguest. She thinks it makes sense that Jeremy would have nominated Elissa, and Kaitlin would have nominated Amanda.

Candice wants to team with Helen, Elissa and Andy to keep Howard. Helen shoots down the idea, saying she won't be able to work the votes. She tells Candice that Andy, Judd and Jessie want Howard out, and that GM will do whatever Aaryn tells her to do. Candice thinks they can flip it and get Amanda out. Helen doesn't think so. Candice thinks Helen can influence Jessie. Helen disagrees. Candice presses the point for Amanda going, they only need two votes to do it. Elissa thinks it's a possibility, but Helen says Andy hates Howard and wouldn't do it. Candice accuses Helen of controlling the house. Helen takes umbrage to that and walks out.

11:40PM Alcohol for the Houseguests! YAY!

11:47PM BACKYARD - Helen grabs Jessie for a talk and they go off behind the hammock to smoke, but  are called out by Production.  The backyard yells, "Helen's Smoking!"  Helen tells Jessie it's not time to take out Amanda.  Helen sits on the couch and smokes her cigarette.

12:00AM POOL TABLE - Amanda and GM are playing and making wierd, semi-asian, mostly gibberish voices when they talk.

LOUNGE - Helen tells Jessie about her Candice confrontation. Jessie said Candice was 'super-agressive' with her. Helen wants Amanda out, but this is not the week she tells Jessie.  She wants to use Amanda to go after Aaryn, GM and Candice. They need McCrae to trust them. She tells Jessie that Candice accused her of having a F4 deal with McManda and Elissa. Helen says McCrae saved Elissa week 2 and they owe him one. Helen told Candice "I need Howard to leave," and that's when Candice accused her of working with McManda, and she says Candice threatened her. Helen feels she  can't trust Howard, he's done nothing for Helen. Candice thinks Helen controls Aaryn's nominations  but there's only so much Helen can do.  Jessie is worried Candice will point fingers.  Helen says she'll just tell Amanda that Candice said she's coming after Helen and Jessie.

Jessie relays that Aaryn wants Spencer, Candice and Howard out next. Helen replies they can't have Aaryn in jury, they need Elissa in jury.  Helen thinks Elissa has a deal for safety for herself with Amanda next week - if Aaryn doesn't put up Elissa, Elissa won't put up Aaryn next week. Jessie thinks Judd is loyal to her but doesn't know what Judd thinks of Amanda. Helen says she can't go after Amanda without insurance because McCrae will gather an army. She tells Jessie she told Candice she would try to talk to Aaryn but she really isn't. Jessie will tell Aaryn and Helen will tell Amanda what happened with Candice. Helen tells Jessie she's not mad at Jessie for leaking the nominations deal Helen made with Aaryn.

12:30AM Jessie talks to Judd about her conversation with Helen about Candice offering a deal.  She says Helen is lying to Candice about trying to talk to Aaryn to keep Howard and not nominate Candice; Helen wants Howard to go.

HOH ROOM  Helen and Jessie tell Aaryn and Amanda about Candice pressuring Helen.  Helen claims she's "livid" and turns on the melodrama. Amanda thinks she'll always be Candice's target and so will Aaryn. They don't think Spencer or Candice will do anything bold.  Amanda would put Spencer and Candice up if she were HOH since they're coming after her. Helen says, Candice will say, Helen is campaigning for Howard to stay but she's not. They think Candice might have some support in the outside world because she won Miss Louisiana.

Helen retells her Candice conversation story to Andy and GM when they walk in.  She says Candice said she would take down Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa if they don't keep Howard.  Amanda asks, "with what army?" They talk about Candice and how she was first to figure things out like Elissa being Rachel's sister and the MC alliance.

LOUNGE -  Elissa comes in as Candice and Howard  talk.  Candice talks up Howard to Elissa. She asks him about swearing on the Bible and he explains it was to McCrae for one week safety. They talk about how it feels to be on the block and feel noone is with you. Elissa asks Candice and Howard if they are MVP and both say no.  Candice says, "for the 60,000th time, he's not MVP."  Candice says Helen's lying when she said Andy hated Howard. Candice wouldn't defend Howard if he was a bad person.  She doesn't understand why Howard has been singled out for making secret alliances.  Candice feels it's unfair that Aaryn would put her on the block after they saved Aaryn, and she's hurt by Helen because she is supposed to be aligned with her but is lying to her. Howard gets up and leaves the room.

1:00AM HALLWAY BEDROOM -   McManda wonder to Elissa why Candice is campaigning for Howard to stay when she's going on the block too.

1:20AM LOUNGE - Candice is upset Howard left the room and they talk about it.  Elissa comes back in and Howard tells Elissa he's sorry for walking out, that he cares about Candice.  Elissa tells Howard, "you don't have to explain yourself to me.  I have no idea what's going on between you two." Howard apologies again for walking out and Elissa leaves. Candice is still crying.  Howard thanks Candice for standing up for him but she feels disrespected because he walked out when she was mediating a talk between he and Elissa, and he basically blew it.

Howard says he felt Elissa was talking down to him and he didn't like answering her questions about the Grasshopper Alliance, and says he never made an alliance. Candice tells Howard that Helen threw out that Jessie and Andy wouldn't vote to keep Howard and she thinks Helen is running the house.  She thinks Kaitlin went because Helen felt she couldn't control her but she can control Aaryn. Candice had hoped he and Elissa could work out their differences and she could help them. Howard is mad; Candice is mad. They argue back and forth in between periods of silence.

POOLTABLE - Amanda is playing pool with Spencer and tells him when she congratulated Spencer on his veto win, she really meant it.

BACKYARD - McCrae, Jessie, Judd, Helen and Spence make fun of Candice. Helen tells the crowd that she tried to tell Candice about all the alliances Howard's made without her but she didn't want to listen.  Amanda quips, "I can't wait until she sees this show..next week!" as they all laugh. Helen really rocked the boat this week, comments Judd. Helen thinks she's got all the blood on her hands. McCrae is prepared to get bloody next week, "I don't care," he boasts.

HOH - Spencer and GM talk about possibly saving Howard. Spencer doesn't think Howard will be upset if Candice is evicted. They talk about Nick, and Spencer apologizes for voting Nick out but says he had to save his game. GM replies, "It's already buried, love."

2:00AM BACKYARD -  Arryn joins the group and tells GM that it's weird that Candice is campaigning for Howard when she'll be going on the block herself.

HALL BEDROOM - Helen crawls in Elissa's bed (the lights are off) and whispers to her how Candice threatened her if she didn't campaign to save Howard, that if she didn't, then she must have a deal with McManda.  Helen says she walked out because Candice bullied her. Elissa doesn't understand why Candice won't believe Helen about Howard's dealings. Helen says it doesn't make any sense to get Amanda out just to start working with Howard and Spencer because they haven't worked with them all game. Elissa doesn't understand either.  Elissa says she hasn't talked game with either of them, even once. Helen says all they've ever done is lie to her.

She tells Elissa that Candice went to Aaryn to try and work with her. Elissa says it makes her mad that Candice says she is so hurt by Aaryn's remarks that she wants her gone, but "2 seconds later" she's up there trying to make deals. Helen doesn't think it matters if it comes out they are working with McManda because everyone but Spencer knows. She says again if they go after Amanda, half the house will be after them. They know Candice will be upset but Howard needs to go.

2:24AM HAMMOCK Spencer tosses up to McCrae his idea of getting rid of Candice instead of Howard. McCrae is still convinced Howard is MVP. Spencer says Howard feels on the outs and McCrae should get closer to him, and he keeps telling Howard to trust McCrae. He says keeping Howard would be keeping an ally. Candice is sinking her ship, he continues, and with Jessie and Helen's vote they should be able to keep Howard over Candice now that Candice threatened the girls. McCrae says for now, Howard is going, but if Candice keeps getting angry that could change. Spencer presses that Howard isn't good at comps, that he didn't win the POV when he needed to. McCrae tells Spencer he's proven himself by winning the veto. Spencer's more valuable to McCrae than any of the girls and that's why he was cheering for Spencer to win. if Amanda won and pulled herself off, he was afraid he would go up. He tells Spencer he can't help him campaign for Howard to stay because he's campaigning for Amanda to stay.

2:46AM LOUNGE Howard and Candice have been arguing for over an hour now, punctuated by long periods of silence.

3:00AM H/N ROOM  Howard and Candice head to the H/N room and they kneel and pray together as Howard prays outloud.

BATHROOM - Judd talks to Andy about Judd's crazy behavior this morning.  Judd trusts Helen again after the events of tonite. He says that when he heard from Aaryn that Helen and Elissa wanted to keep Howard he freaked out. He's kinda going crazy and is afraid he'll be portrayed badly. Andy reassures him. Judd goes outside to smoke.

BACKYARD - Amanda asks Judd if he's 'still freaking out." Judd says he's afraid he's being portrayed as a 'douchebag.' He tells Amanda that Aaryn telling him Helen, Candice and Elissa felt bad about Howard going freaked him out.  He was angry Helen would talk about that without the entire alliance.   Amanda asks Judd if he's apologized to Helen. McCrae chirps up to say Helen ticks him off every day.  Amanda asks Judd if he made the story about Kaitlin wanting Helen out. Judd admits he lied, with a smile, and claims he had to do it because he wanted to keep Aaryn and he needed to get the target off her. 

Amanda asks if the Grasshoppers was a real alliance and Judd says it was fake.  Amanda says Jessie cried when Howard was nominated so she has to be cut down the road. McCrae and Judd agree Howard is a good guy but he has to go.  Judd thinks he's being portrayed as 'a psycho.' Talk turns to MVP. Amanda doesn't think Howard has it; Judd wonders if it's America. 

Judd wants Jessie, himself, or McManda to win HOH, it's the only way he will feel safe.  Amanda says she's not comfortable with Jessie, she's a floater. Judd thinks it's too early to get rid of Jessie. 

McCrae tells them of his hammock conversation with Spencer. Amanda hates Spencer. Amanda says she and GM are getting closer and they 'had a moment.' Talk turns to wishful eviction order and Judd quips Amanda needs to go next because she starts too much stuff in the house.

3:30AM LOUNGE - Spencer tells Howard he needs to campaign.  Howard tells Spencer he wants him to go to Helen about keeping both himself and Candice; they can mend bridges.  Spencer says Candice already messed that up for him, that she threatened Jessie and Helen. His best bet is to mend fences with McCrae and Amanda, that his only option to survive is for Candice to go. He tells Howard to be social and try and get in good with Amanda and McCrae.

3:56AM BACKYARD - Howard joins the crew, holding his toothbrush. He wants to talk but he's tired.  Amanda offers to talk now.  Howard says he knows Candice is speaking for him, but he doesn't know what she's saying, that she's hurting his game. McCrae, Amanda and Judd are quick to agree with him. He's not going to let anyone bring him down; he wants to work with McCrae and Amanda. "I don't want to be sent home because I'm guilty by association," Howard says. "Now I gotta put out fires I didn't even start."  He doesn't think it carries much weight to say he's not social because he talks to everyone. But if people don't think he talks to them, they could come talk to him. He hopes the can talk more tomorrow. He doesn't want to be blindsided over something Candice has done or said.  He won't campaign against Candice or Amanda; he just wants jury.  Amanda thinks it was a bad move for Candice to campaign for Howard when she's going up on the block too.

After Howard leaves, Amanda tells McCrae it's good that Howard came out and talked to them. They seem satisfied that Howard appears to be scared.  They go back to McCrae's conversation with Spencer on the hammock.  McCrae thinks Spencer was digging for information - how McCrae would swing between Candice and Howard.

4:00AM HOH room - HOH feed remains on Clownie all night (and it's a very scary sight indeed for the early morning live-feeders!)

LOUNGE - Amanda and McCrae think Judd was pretty smart for making up the "Kaitlin's going after Helen" story but they think Judd's lying about the Grasshopper Alliance.  They say he's super-smart and McCrae says as soon as he heard that, he knew Judd is already planning his endgame. they speculate who Judd would want as F2. Amanda asks McCrae if he's going F2 with Judd.  McCrae thinks Judd is playing a better game than he is. Judd wants Jessie in the Goof Troop; Amanda wants Jessie gone before Aaryn or Helen. McCrae and Amanda make out for the next hour before he walks her to the H/N door.

Did Candice sink her own game tonite? Did she sink Howards? Is Helen close to losing control? Maybe we'll have more answers tomorrow!  A special thanks to all the wonderful Jokers Updaters !!