10:00AM  Helen begins her daily jog/exercise routine. Howard begins his morning Devotional. Speaking rapidly, Howard praises God and Jesus for their Grace and mercy and puts his fate in Their hands. He ask blessings for his family at home and all the Houseguests' families. He ends his prayer and begins his morning study of Bible verse as he sits in the photobooth.

Judd and Helen have a few moments in the BR. Judd tells Helen, of the bedflipping incident, that Aaryn only "put it against the wall." She tells Judd that Spencer has lied to her,  but she's not going to hold any grudges now. She feels 'bad' for him (continuing her new pitch that she's just not going to go after Spencer anymore). Judd knows Nick and Spencer wanted him out.

Helen says Jessie wouldn't talk to her  last night (when Jessie was upset) but did talk to Elissa. Candice says she and Jessie both had a bad day and maybe she just didn't have the strength to talk about (game).  Aaryn's now up. 

FISH brings us back to Candi saying, "This is crazy... 15 minutes?" Helen whispers Jessie is "out the door" and she's only telling Candice that. (There was a message played to the HG during FISH).  Judd asks if it's a "twist?" Candice wonders about a DE. Helen jumps in the shower, Judd hits the have-not shower as the rest of the Houseguests pile into the BR in a mad rush to get ready.


11:00AM HOH -Andy Aaryn that GM, Spencer and Jessie have a plan to vote out Amanda. He told Jessie he couldn't do it since Judd wasn't included in the names listed. Aaryn wants to deal with Jessie after the vote. He tells Aaryn that Howard approached him this morning. Aaryn tells Andy she's mad at Howard for calling her an "Indian" (as opposed to Chief) in his talk and there's no way she's voting Amanda out on a tie-breaker. Andy tells Aaryn they need to stick with McCrae and Amanda and reassures Aaryn she can trust them; they have Andy's "undivided trust." Andy goes downstairs and jokes with Jessie that they could have a DE in 15 minutes and jokes the same about DE with McCrae and Amanda.


COLOR ROOM - Howard tells Candice he spoke with Andy, "he's the key." Candice doesn't trust Spencer; she wants Howard to talk to him and see if "something's cookin' '" (to vote out Candice after she "slaughtered him in front of everybody"). Howard wants her to talk to him, she wants Howard to do it.  Candice relays they want Jessie out now and Howard replies they're just working on next week.

11:16 AM FISH and then TRIVIA for 9 hours

7:00 PM BBT scheduled BB Live Thursday show is broadcast.

(A clip of the Candi house meeting was shown on the broadcast; Howard's speech afterwards wasn't shown. Judd's family was previewed, Judd's "the biggest thing in this town since electricity." His dad was very proud to see his son's picture on the front page of the local paper and  the town Mayor says Judd has 'put us on the map.")

Amanda's not ready to go and wants to have a "nice big Jewish wedding" Candice is not ready, either, and wants people to vote with their hearts. She tears up when talking to Howard during her speech Howard is ready for whatever comes his way

**Howard is evicted 7-1, Spencer voting for Candice.**

(Ed note: Sorry to see you leave, Howard, and good luck to you!)

We come back to Howard's goodbyes (last hug to Candice), roaring applause for him and his interview with Julie. Howard feels he was evicted because he wanted to 'buck the system.' Julies asks him about the racist things said in the house.  Howard says when you can't go anywhere, because of his temper, he needed to take the high road.

Spencer had a nice goodbye.  Amanda says he was her target for weeks.  Helen has a nice goodbye also but tells she had a 'heavy hand' in evicting him. Candice wants to continue their friendship and maybe "go sailing."

Julie asks about he and Candice and Howard thinks they will be great friends. She was his "angel" and "a God-send" to him; he'd rather she stay and fight. Julie reveals to Howard the MVP was America and has been for the last two weeks. He's surprised and thought it was Elissa.

Julie tells us are to vote MVP again !! yay!!

And we're off to the HOH comp!!


There are horned bull heads with a stick on a rope attached as a handgrip.  It's a western theme, "Bull in a China Shop." The object is to stay on the revolving barrel and hold onto the bullhead as long as they can.  If they fall off, their china cabinet is supposed to be hit by the bulls head and fall over (most don't). 

Elissa falls to her knees but manages to get up without falling off as Julie comments, the yoga came in handy. (We find out later that Andy intentionally tripped her.)  Elissa is struggling to keep up.  Spencer looks like he's out for a Sunday walk, as does GM and McCrae.  Julie announces there will be no Have-Nots this week. 

Julie offers the first three to drop will get to open one the three boxes sitting on a haystack.  One box contains five grand.  No takers. Spencer wants his pictures. We come back from commercial and everyone's still up and holding on.   We find out next Thursday will be a DE !!!

The battling house guests take us into the end of the show. The turning barrels pick up speed as Julie warns the bulls are going to run a lot faster.

7:04 PM Back to live feeds! Everybody still up. Aaryn is sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the porch of the "Timbucktoo Hotel" and giving encouraging words.

Barrel slows, stops for a moment, then continues rolling in the same direction as before.  Spencer claims he's tired. 7:14.

McCrae asks Aaryn to tell a story.  "There once was an HOH and he got letter from home and pictures from family..." she begins.

Spencer, drenched in sweat, falls, followed by Candice and Helen.  Amanda struggles to  walk backwards and we come back from fish to find her down also. Elissa falls and looks disappointed.  Production tells McCrae he has to walk backwards (he's sideways.)

7:35 PM we're back! and it's McCrae, Jessie and GM left. McCrae talks a potential safety deal with GM; she counters with a promise to keep them safe and she'll give them a night in the HOH bed. Jessie struggles but holds on,  and she's down. 7:47. 

GM and McCrae barter for GM to have HOH. McCrae wants HOH, but GM wants her hair dye.  McCrae almost slips down the front but recovers. GM isn't giving it up to McCrae. McCrae stumbles and falls off. 7:59

GM IS HOH!! Congratulations, Gina Marie !  Good Job !! 

Candice opened the box with $5,000, Helen opened the box with the BBQ dinner for herself and three others, and Spencer got a bullhorn in his box which he must use to talk to everyone until nominations.

Helen screams and hugs GM like she's her best friend.  GM hugs everyone and does a victory pose. Amanda breaks a china plate over Spencer's head; she didn't think it would hurt and Spencer seems surprised it did. Judd is carrying GM around as they celebrate.  McCrae and GM compliment each other - "Coke, tonite, baby!" FISH

8:00 PM  GM tells the Houseguests she'll have an 'open-door" policy with the HOH.  They all talk excitedly until the back door is opened at 8:06 FISH

Helen comments it was over two hours for the competition. GM hugs Elissa and Elissa tells GM she's "amazing." Aaryn congratulates GM. Helen gives GM a peptalk and says she has 'the best sportsmanship here."

Spencer walks around talking to people with the bullhorn. He tells Amanda he was the vote for Candice. BB tells Spencer to 'put on your mic' and they all laugh.

GM chats with Elissa and compliments her for bringing herself back to her feet when Elissa fell to her knees at the beginning of the competition. GM assures McCrae they can spend  tonite in the HOH. McCrae worries to Andy and Spencer that GM may come after he and Amanda; Andy doesn't think so.  

COLOR ROOM - Helen can pick 3 people to take to her BBQ; GM won't eat ribs and she's HOH so she declines. Helen wants to take Aaryn and Elissa, and they'll have a contest to figure out who the third person would be. Aaryn says she'll give up her place if Helen wants to bring someone else. Andy and Judd, listening at the closed door, come in and invite themselves to the BBQ. Aaryn wants them to impersonate a HG. Helen says it should be the best impersonation of GM. They decide to have a contest at noon Friday and the winner can go to the BBQ.

GM is still pumped and does a happy dance. GM thinks it will be 'a really cool week." She doesn't want to move out of her bed downstairs because "Nick is with me" in her current bed.

HALLWAY BEDROOM - Amanda and McCrae go to scheming. Amanda tells McCrae that "America likes Judd," he's got three questions from Julie so far. They suspect Judd was MVP last week and will get it this week too.  Amanda wonders if they can backdoor Judd; Aaryn is the only person who can tell GM to do that. McCrae thinks if GM thinks they are pushing an agenda, it won't work. They take Andy into the color room to discuss backdooring Judd. 

9:00 PM LOUNGE -  GM wants to put Candice and Spencer up, with Jessie as an alternate. Aaryn doesn't want anyone to think she was involved in the 'evict Amanda' plan.  GM tells Aaryn that she's one of her 'good friends.' Aaryn  resented GM the week Kaitlin went home but likes GM now, and GM apologizes; it was hard for GM being on the block next to Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Aaryn wants GM to tell Candice, "if you EVER lie about Aaryn again, I'll personally handle it." GM tells Aaryn that Candice was trying to get the house to flip. Aaryn thinks Jessie is jealous of GM. She wants GM to 'drill into" Candice how much she lied about Aaryn and that Aaryn is 'sick of it." Helen, McCrae and Amanda, and Aaryn could vote Candice out, says GM. "She needs to go," agrees Aaryn.

Andy pops in. Aaryn wants Andy to tell Helen the target is Candice.  Andy thinks it's an easy week. "The house is unified," he brags.

Most of the HG are getting ready for a taco dinner.

9:30 PM COLOR ROOM - Aaryn tells GM she'll take herself off if she goes up with MVP nom. After Aaryn leaves, GM tells Jessie she's focusing on Candice and Spencer, it's an easy week. GM says she will still be nice to Candice but Candice causes too much 'drama.' Jessie worries she will go next. GM goes back to talking about Nick and tells Jessie she made MAXIM  "Home-town Hotties" and strikes a 'swimsuit pose.'

10:00 PM  LOUNGE Elissa, Helen and Andy talk about how much they love GM. Elissa comments it was the smokers who won. Andy and Judd, followed in by Jessie and Spencer. Jessie questions Helen why she's taking Aaryn and Elissa to the BBQ instead of Jessie. Meanwhile, Spencer and GM, in the kitchen,  make small talk (if there is such a thing when speaking thru a bullhorn).

HALLWAY BEDROOM - Aaryn and GM go talk game to Amanda and McCrae. They think that Jessie on the block will prevent Candice from winning veto. Aaryn intends to tell Spencer she's saved him from the block this week so he won't nominate her against Amanda next week. 

LOUNGE - Aaryn tells Helen the target is Candice. Helen relates that Jessie asked for one of the BBQ slots and questioned why Helen wanted to take Aaryn. Aaryn says it's scary to have Jessie stay because she wanted to flip last night. They're upset with Candice wanting to interfere with their plan to vote out Howard. Aaryn says that Candice saying Howard was the only good thing that happened to her in the BB house made Aaryn, "sick." Aaryn tells Helen, that Candice told GM, that Elissa and Helen were gunning for Aaryn. Helen denies it. Aaryn thinks MVP has no power now since they have a solid voting block. She asks if Elissa is 'still cool with me' and Helen says yes; Aaryn seems satisfied. Helen feels bad for Spencer and hopes he doesn't have to go up.

DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM - Aaryn and GM squeeze in a quick bash-Candice session.  They don't like that she was recruited for the show and didn't have to try out. They call her names and say she has no integrity, is inconsiderate, and that's she's a manipulator. 

HALL BEDROOM - Andy walks in with Jessie and Elissa and makes fun of Elissa almost falling in the competition. Elissa retorts she 'did it for drama! and tells the group that Andy kicked Elissa. GM also saw Andy kick her. Andy hopes the BBQ is a dud. There's general chit-chat as the Houseguests wait for GM to be called to the DR for her HOH key.

11:00 PM GM is in the DR. Judd is trying to catch a few zz's in the HN room. Candice has joined the rest of the Houseguests in the hall bedroom.  Elissa thinks Spencer is being too gross and decides to restock the papertowels and clean the dining room table off.

H/N ROOM - Amanda goes thru the overhead storage bins looking for her black sweatpants. Judd wants Andy to sleep with Jessie and if not, he's going to sleep in the HN room, he tells Amanda. He's worried Candice will say something about him. After a few minutes, he goes into the hall bedroom to complain about Spencer's microphone.

11:36PM HOH "Who wants to see my HOH room - Boom Boom Boom let's get it on!" GM yells excitedly. Helen leads the cheer, "HOH HOH HOH" as they all pile up the stairs.  GM makes an announcement at the door: she loves great competitors and great sportsmanship. Everyone did amazing today and she applauds everyone. Calling it the 'smoosh' room for the 'two newlyweds,' she yells, " Let's Rock!" as she opens the door.

Sneak preview: there's a pageant crown, and a purple dance costume, pageant photos, a picture of her Mom and StepDad, Christine Aguilar CD, hair dye (yay!) There's a red velvet cake, ice cream, and a picture of Nick.

GM tells of her friends, Jenn and Candy, in a recital dance picture. There's a picture of GM, without blonde hair and a picture of her nephew at his birthday party; she loves him to death. Her (really big) crown was a really big achievement in her life. She tells how she used not to win pageants, but she continued trying and the friends she made pushed her more and more. It took her 7 years to win the crown, in 2003. She won a 6ft trophy and she drove home on the FDR freeway with the top down and her trophy. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," she finishes.

GM's letter is from her dance teacher of 23 years, Jen: "..everyone at home is rooting for you. You know you're totally missed. We all believe in you and know how strong you can be... Don't let go of who you are...keep your eye on the prize...We all know that when you set your mind to something there's no stopping you ..and come home with the money for a new car."

GM thanks everyone for sharing HOH with her. In her fridge is butter, Cokes and Eggplant Parm. Spencer is first out but comes back up. Candice is second out and Amanda follows.  GM  thinks the red velvet cake can be the wedding cake; McCrae says no, it's yours.

GM yells to BB, thank you for putting a picture of Nick in here! Elissa thought the letter might be from him after she saw his picture. GM tells about the competition for the slot GM declined at the BBQ; it's an "imitate GM' contest.  They'll do it at noon tomorrow so the HNs can eat tonite.

Candice goes into the SR to get food for end of HN. She is joined by Amanda who also rummages. Amanda takes her 'stash' out of a deep pot inside the kitchen island.  Candice mentions the cookies she had in the drawer with her perfume, that someone thought she was 'poisoning' them. Amanda asks Candice if she's doing ok, she's ok. Amanda goes back up to HOH to beg a soda as Candice puts the pizza in the oven and retrieves some 7-up from the SR. Helen tells Candice BB knows they want alcohol so they don't have to request it, then runs to the SR asking BB if they can have alcohol. (there is none).  Helen comments it's the fourth night in a row they don't have alcohol and goes back up to HOH

12:00 AM HOH - Aaryn, who's decided to try on GM's recital costume, complains it's 'way too tight' and they tell her to come out anyway. Helen shows GM how to feed the fish. Aaryn is shimmying in GM's costume but it is too tight so she takes it off.  GM comments one of the necklaces she's wearing in a picture has a clown charm, like "Clownie." Elissa and Judd leave HOH followed by Helen.  Elissa gives Candice a big hug. Judd tells Helen he requested alcohol after she complains they didn't get any. Helen compliments Elissa in the bathroom for staying up longer than Helen.

LOUNGE - Amanda and McCrae are followed in by Jessie. Jessie feels it's rude for Helen to invite Aaryn to the BBQ, when Aaryn's been Helen's target for a week.  Andy pops in to talkblock.  Amanda tells Jessie not to take it personally, but Jessie feels it's a slap in the face to those people who have supported Helen all the way along.  Amanda thinks it's because it was "Helen and Elissa" that picked up who Aaryn put on the block.  Jessie says, well are they going to keep on gift-giving every week? She complains that Aaryn gave up noms to keep herself in the game so why take her to a BBQ,  too, what about Jessie's whole loyalty thing, doesn't that have any weight? 

Jessie thinks they will make deals to keep Aaryn safe again next week and it's a huge deal to Jessie because where does that leave her?  Andy and Amanda both tell her to go talk to Helen. Jessie doesn't feel she has equal power in this game. Amanda says we all have equal power but we all have different power with different people.  Amanda says, it's not a big deal.  Jessie says it's a huge deal, to be able to drunk and have a fun day - it's a huge deal.  She wants to vent but they want her to go talk to Helen.  Amanda asks Jessie, "What were you expecting?" Jessie replies, "maybe a friend?" Andy and Amanda walk out on Jessie, who starts crying (this argument is just the beginning of a screaming match to follow in just over an hour from now). 

HOH - Aaryn asks who GM wants to go home next week? GM replies, "Candice."  Aaryn thinks Jessie needs to be up next to Candice so Candice can't win veto and come after GM and Aaryn next week.  Aaryn pushes for Spencer's safety. Aaryn says that Helen, McCrae and Amanda all said to put up Jessie and Candice and they have the votes to get Candice out even if Aaryn is nominated by MVP.  Judd told GM he wouldn't be mad if she put up Jessie.

12:30 AM LIVING ROOM - The Lounge conversation between Amanda and Jessie has moved to the couch. Amanda is strongarming Jessie about her talking to Howard last night. She tells Jessie to go 'cry in the corner and... hide under her sheets'.   KITCHEN - Amanda vents to Elissa, Candice and Helen what she was yelling at Jessie about.  Elissa thinks Jessie is mad because Aaryn is buddying up to Judd.  Candice says Jessie came to her last night with the idea to keep Howard; she wanted Howard to stay and saw a glimmer of hope. 

Amanda turns her anger on Candice and says Candice wanting to keep Howard would flip the house on Helen and Elissa.  Helen yells she's not at the top, "why do people say that?" Amanda criticizes Candice for wanting to keep Howard.  Candice replies if someone came to you in the middle of the night to keep McCrae you'd listen.  Amanda gets louder and asks Candice if she wants to know what Howard said? FISH comes back to 'real sexy," "In front of Andy and in front of Judd!!" Amanda shouts, as she storms off, only to come back. Amanda doesn't think it's the same if she tried to keep McCrae because McCrae cares for her.  Amanda says she feels stupid for telling Candice that she wanted her to stay in the house longer. 

Helen jumps on the bandwagon and says because Candice tried to flip the house, she didn't show "loyalty." Candice says she hopes the day comes when everybody is up against their person and she just wants to see how they act when that day comes. Elissa tries to say that everyone was working with Candice but Helen cuts her off to say she, too, heard Candice was trying to flip the house at the last minute. Candice says someone brought it to her; she and Howie were in the middle of their goodbyes. She wanted her person to stay. If she thinks a person is with her, that's what she thinks. Elissa says she loves Candice. Andy takes a spectator chair. 

Helen doesn't like the screaming match that's going on (even though Helen's a part of it).  Candice says if she thinks Howard's something to her, and she wants to protect him, she can't be faulted for that.  She doesn't know what Howard said to Amanda. Amanda says she didn't want Candice to know. She claims went to the DR and sat there for an hour.

Amanda keeps browbeating Candice, "you willfully did not want to listen!"   Helen starts crying and says it broke her heart, "are Elissa and I chopped liver?" "Why were you trying to frame Elissa and me?" Candice asks her what she's talking about?  Helen responds, "If... Howie had stayed,  Elissa and I would have looked like imbecils." Candice says to be honest, you have a final four deal and your going to "pluck all of us off like feathers."  Elissa tells Candice that even if there was a F4, it doesn't mean all 4 will be winners.  Amanda says if you watch the season there's no final four deals between us.  Amanda has no final 4, and says Candice is going underwater like a sinking ship, at least she could "go out with class."

Elissa leaves, Helen leaves,  Amanda leaves. Candice is left crying with GM and Andy in the kitchen. GM is clueless what's going on.  Candice says, "they can vote someone out at their discretion but if someone tries to vote them out, it's a problem."  It's a game. She's allowed to stick with who she wants to stick with. 

She says Amanda said Howie came up to her and said something obscene to her. Andy claims their body language was very weird, and Amanda looked very uncomfortable; it looked like an odd encounter.  Andy is not very sympathetic and says she should avoid confrontations like tonite. Candice retorts Amanda came at her, and she thinks Amanda is lying. 

Candice believes she's allowed to her own opinion and her own vote.  People wanted Howard  gone and she wanted him to stay. She asks, So we can't flip the house, so we're all targets, but if we flip the house so we're not targets, then it's a problem? Andy advises that things change quickly and she still has a friend in him as he walks away, leaving Candice sitting alone again.  Andy walks into the bedroom and tells Spencer that Jessie and Candice are sinking their ships.

Judd comes into the kitchen and Candice asks, "so you heard the words come out of his mouth?" Judd says Howard looked mad and was whispering but he didn't hear.  Andy comes back in to say he didn't hear, either, but it "looked weird." It  was "odd body language," he claims again. Candice can't imagine Howard saying what Amanda accuses him of, because a large black man saying that to a woman on  national tv... (cut to HOH). 

Candice says Elissa cheering McCrae on made her feel like an outsider. It's ok if people wanted Howard gone but people can't be mad at her for looking to increase her position in the game.  Andy replies that Helen and Elissa would have been a low number if the house had flipped.  Candice said Helen officially asked her to be with them only yesterday, and let's be real.  Candice is upset that Elissa said, "you're going to turn on the alliance that is going to get you to jury?" because Candice doesn't just want to make jury.

12:42 HOH - Helen is talking about Jessie being mad over the BBQ. Amanda says Jessie is 'bats..t crazy!" That Jessie was upset that "Aaryn" got it. Helen justifies that she's picking who goes to the BBQ for her own gameplay. Helen says if Jessie came up with the deal for Aaryn to stay, she should be happy the way things are going, that Jessie is being selfish.   GM says she's putting Candice up, she doesn't like negative energy and she's got $5,000. Amanda says Jessie went to Candice with the idea of flipping the house. GM tells that Jessie came to her, too, and calls Jessie a flip-flopper. Amanda brings up the BBQ fiasco again and says that Jessie doesn't think people with money should win. Elissa says successful people are those that "do the right thing" and then tells Aaryn that Jessie was upset about Amanda and Aaryn taking Adderal. McCrae immediately launches into a rebuttal that he doesn't need pills.

Amanda claims she wasn't even involved in the scene with Candice (Amanda started it) and regurgitates again that Howard scared her, and she checked with the DR to make sure she "wasn't in a threatened environment." FISH

1:00AM HOH - We come back to a Jessie bash session. Aaryn accuses Jessie of having gone thru all the guys except the 'gay.' Helen brings up the BBQ again. Elissa jokes, "Aaryn would say, who voted to get rid of Amanda? You're Have Nots even if your not, and if one of you eats something besides slop you're out this week!  If I see even one of you. I don't care what Big Brother says!" and they all laugh.  Aaryn says Judd is flirting 'hard core' with her. Helen tries to get in that Jessie was putting Helen's "name out there," but nobody is really listening to her as we go to FISH.

1:07 AM HOH - We get a brief clip of Andy telling the room that Candice is very upset about the comment Amanda claims Howard made and she's going to the DR to ask if Howard did make that comment.  Amanda says quickly, "He did!" FISH

1:14 AM HOH - We're Back! Elissa's gone, Andy is seated. Amanda claims that she didn't want to get into an argument with Candice to begin with, that she came out to the kitchen to tell people about her argument with Jessie. Aaryn says Jessie got under the covers with Spencer and told Aaryn she could sleep with Judd tonite.  Helen leaves to see if Candice is ok. Judd tells the group that he and Jessie aren't associated, "100% done," he says. Aaryn asks for a raise of hands for Candice and Jessie to go up.  McCrae pipes up to say he's not trying to push any agendas.  Aaryn says she is, she's "drunk." Aaryn flirts with Judd, 'at least we can come out with our marriage!" FISH

1:14 AM KITCHEN -  Elissa is talking to Candice (we're shown Spencer, so I'm assuming he can hear the conversation. He looks angry and picks his mic up twice and speaks into it).  Elissa is saying if telling some girl he wants to "do her" is worth half a million dollars then he's gonna do it.  She thinks it's hard to believe, but she wouldn't for a second say that it didn't happen and asks, why would Amanda make that up? "There's no reason for her to make that up."

Elissa says Howard's always walked out of the room with her. Candice thinks he probably felt she was against him. Elissa complains Howard wouldn't look her in the face and it made her uncomfortable, but she didn't want to put him on the block when the house wanted him up because she didn't want Candice upset with her.   Helen comes downstairs. She tells Candice when everyone knows about the house flip but "Elissa and me," it made her feel like Candice was against them. In an aggressive invasion of space, she grabs Candice's arm while telling her she's not mad at her. Candice starts to defend her platform, that she had a right to want to keep Howard. Helen locks onto Candice's right arm. "Listen, Listen," and then reaches across Candice to grab her left arm and pulls it across Candice's body.

"Listen, Listen! We love you. Howard is gone. I've said repeatedly to come play this game with me and Elissa. We welcome you with open arms, we do. You continue to fight it!" she says, raising her voice.

 Candice doesn't react to Helen pinning her arms down and just moves her arms out of Helen's grip as she talks. She says she's not fighting, but they want her to believe they're not in a Final 4 with McCrae and Amanda?  Helen complains that just her saying that makes her and Elissa targets.  Candice doesn't like Amanda, she's a female version of Jeremy.   Helen pokes Candice's hand for emphasis while saying, "that's fine," as Candice finishes her thought: "Who is she, Queen Jesus?.. She says 'I offered you an invitation', "but I don't have to play the game with her!" 

Helen insists it makes "Elissa and I' have targets. It hurts "Elissa and me" and it puts huge targets on "Elissa and me" and I want you to stop that, because it puts huge targets on 'Elissa and me'. "Elissa and I.." (We're saved by  FISH)  

1:20 KITCHEN - Amanda comes back downstairs. She wants to say she's sorry for hurting Candice's feelings, and blames her previous argument with Jessie.  She gets what Candice was doing today trying to look into a plan to save Howard and she wants Candice to know.. FISH Amanda is back to the hallway bedroom. She tells Spencer that Jessie said McCrae was hot. 

Candice is tearful, and says they should respect her telling them (about the plan). Helen expresses concern again about targets on the backs of "me and Elissa". Candice defends her right to try to save Howard over Amanda. Candice says again, whether Amanda says he said that or not, noone heard it...and damn him to Hell if he did. Helen, completely un-empathetic, goes right back to, "I'm not mad at you!" ..FISH. 

Aaryn has joined the group. Candice thanks Helen and Elissa for coming down and saying that they loved her. She's just hearing that someone that she cared for and "chucked for" on national tv may have said something, "horrendously derogatory..." Helen interrupts to say they didn't tell her because, A, we didn't know if he'd even believe it and B. he would deny it, so what was the point?  It was Amanda's fight to fight, not hers - and Elissa's. FISH 1:25

1:27 KITCHEN - It's Aaryn's turn to get a few punches in.  Aaryn says that Candice scared her when "I think I said some things that you 'took the wrong way'."


"And when I heard that you had called me a racist, it frigging scared me because it was on national TV, and I just never meant to say something derogatory like that.  And it hurt me and it made me feel like, if you were telling people that,  they were seeing me as this monster, and I know I have not been perfect in this house and I didn't want to ever hurt you, but I also don't want people having that bug in their ear. And so I just, I feel threatened by you and scared of you and that's the only reason I ever want to go against you or put you up is because I felt you were coming after me. That's it.  And I really am  sorry if you ever felt like I was coming at you in any derogatory way, because that's unacceptable and disgusting, and if I ever say anything that offends you I want you to tell me."

" And I haven't said anything to you about Howard, but I'm sorry that I had to do that. I'm sorry that I put you up. I what us to, I have respect for you and I want you to have respect for me and I know that might be hard for you to do, but when you're ready to talk to me I'd love to talk to you.  And I know it's very hard losing someone in this game and I felt horrible when he walked out the door. And that's all I can say  to you...I am here."

Aaryn goes back to HOH.  Elissa is the only one to hug Candice. Candice says, you should have told me that. and we go to FISH

1:30 KITCHEN - Candice is saying, "I just can't imagine a person coming on national tv and praying however many times a day as he prayed and saying that...." Helen talks over Candice, and is back to using aggressive body language, "Like Candice, we've been TELLING you, through this game, he's different to you than he is to everybody else. And I think you'll see it when you see the show. I think when you see the show you'll see it. He treats you, and when you guys hang out, you hang out by yourselves, you don't see how he does, how he is with everybody else!  Candice replies meekly, "But, like, he was always so respectful, just a. .."

Elissa comments, "He never once looked me in the face." Candice says he looked her in the face. Elissa says, "Ne.Ver. Never.." Helen grabs a chair to demonstrate and talks about her sitting in the storage room when she asked Howard to look at her and he wouldn't. Elissa agrees he acted the same way with her.  "You'll see," says Helen, "I believed in him...I told Aaryn, he's the most eligible bachelor in America." And then he kept lying to me and I trusted him and he kept lying to me and I trusted him. 

"Even Aaryn will tell you he voted, he voted every way Aaryn wanted to. If he hated Aaryn for all those racial slurs so much, why did he always vote Aaryn's way? Aaryn will tell you the same thing!"

Elissa tells Candice it was like Howard was trying to create a wedge between her and everyone else; to put her as the target instead of him. 

Helen tells Candice, "Howard voted with Aaryn's team the entire time. Isn't he supposed to hate her for all the racial slurs? Why is he voting all the way for Aaryn to do well in this game? He's very different than you think."

Candice hopes that people judge her not off what he did.  Helen says that's what she and Amanda have been telling Candice, "Elissa and I.." FISH

Candice is saying, Howard made his bed, but she's loyal to a fault and outside of the BB house, and that's just it.  Elissa thinks that maybe Howard was 'preying' on Candice and saw that she wanted a connection with someone.  Elissa brings up Mike Boogie and Erica.    Helen  interrupts, "he was voting with Aaryn the whole time! (she hits her hand down on the breakfast bar for emphasis while speaking) He was working on their side! She will tell you!  After all the racial slurs. he was still working with her!!"  Helen grabs Candice's arm, "She will tell you! He was taking everything Elissa and I were saying and was telling it to Aaryn!"

Elissa relays that Aaryn said that Howard would take her up cookies and it made Aaryn uncomfortable him coming up there when she was by herself.

Helen interrupts to poke at Candice's arm again, "I'm just telling you! Like Aaryn, Elissa and I talked to Aaryn.. I.. I.. I.. was already upset at Howard for other things but then when I heard all the things that he's done for her, after the fact that you have been after her for all the racial slurs, and he's going to let you take that heat... when  he's, he's like kissing her butt? That makes no sense to me! That's why Amanda kept saying.."

Elissa says, it's like it was a cop-out.

Helen continues, "That's why Amanda kept saying, come play with us.  He did not have your best interests. I know that's hard for you to believe..."   Elissa says, "It's hard for us to believe."

Candice replies, "It's not hard for me to believe...I guess all I can feel good about is I'm still here and he's not. I can't cry or..."

Elissa tells Candice she literally had a hard time voting against him. Helen says it's because he's really good at pulling on heartstrings.  Elissa wonders how they will portray him FISH

1:40 AM HOH - GM has on her recital costume and is doing a routine. 

KITCHEN - We come back to Helen saying 'we love you' for the millionth time. She's telling Candice, "it's a he said/she said thing," and it was Amanda's to share with Candice if she wanted to. Candice said the whole conversation sparked off Amanda's comment that it was good Jessie was upset, and it bothered Candice for Amanda to say that, Amanda is not ruling her.

Elissa feels like that sometimes too, but says Candice has to realize all the girls are strong personalities.

Candice argues Amanda's not "Queen Sheba" she's not Queen BigBrother; Candice is a lioness and she can't play with a person like Amanda who thinks she rules the house.

Helen interrupts to say she doesn't think Amanda runs the house, because week 3 they wanted Howard out. In front of Elissa, Helen claims responsibility for keeping Howard off the block, and said it was a Jeremy on the block "period.". She says nobody is Queen Bee.  Helen asks Candice to agree to work with her and Elissa and she won't have to deal with Amanda and then gives Candice a brief hug to emphasis the point. FISH

1:55 AM We come back to sound overlay and a shot of the empty HOH room.  We hear Jessie tell Amanda she's 'so nice,' sarcastically, and Amanda tells her she's mad at her for trying to get her out of the house.  Amanda yells Jessie needs a t-shirt that says, 'victim' and tells her to go F herself. She calls Jessie out for saying McCrae was sexy and accuses her of trying to steal McCrae. We hear (but do not see) Jessie asking Helen why she's bringing "this" up and Helen starts arguing with Jessie, too.  Jessie blasts Amanda for having a boyfriend when she came in.  Amanda yells that she only dated the guy "two months". Amanda calls Jessie a s..t and accuses her of sitting out in her underwear.  Jessie brings attention to Amanda's underwear.  Jessie tells Amanda everyone has wanted to get her out and says she's not afraid of Amanda.  Amanda tells Jessie she's going home this week. Jessie asks why, is she the one making decisions?

1:57AM KITCHEN and back to video. Andy tells Elissa that Amanda and Jessie are going after each other outside.  Spencer comes inside. Elissa listens briefly at the cracked door but doesn't go out.  Helen comes in, "What have I ever done to her? she's the one who tried to do this stuff!"  No one responds.  Helen says she's going upstairs, "I've been nothing but nice to her," she says as she marches up the stairs in a huff.

As Helen goes into the HOH room, Elissa, now alone, softly says to no one in particular, "I never said nothing bad about you, Matt. You're a traitor, A traitor." (apparently Matt is a DR guy) FISH

2:00 AM HALLWAY BEDROOM - Candice is in what is now Andy's bed and she's crying.  GM tells Candice if she needs anything let her know. Aaryn makes a comment about turning things around in time. Andy asks Candice if she's going to bed and offers he knows it's been an emotional day.  Candice cries, "Why did Amanda say that about "what Howie said," she asks, "Why not say that.." and FISH.

2:14 AM HOH - GM, Judd, Aaryn, Elissa listen to Helen venting. GM doesn't like 'this stuff" (and holds up a beer can) "it gets people a little loopsy sometimes.". Elissa doesn't think Jessie has been drinking.  Helen falls back on complaining about Jessie, she "pointed me out." Helen says she can argue with Amanda but don't bring Helen's name into it.  Aaryn says they're "screaming" outside. GM thinks twice about going down. GM's going to go sleep in "Nick's" bed and leaves Helen and Elissa alone in the HOH as Candice comes in.

LOUNGE/KITCHEN Spencer reassures Aaryn. He wants more alcohol (for the ladies, I assume). Aaryn thinks this is 'the best day of my life." Spencer demonstrates his Mom's victory dance.  GM is "cleaning the stairs."  We overhear Amanda outside telling Jessie she's 'acting like a psychopath..."

HOH - Candice is talking about Amanda, she's not her favorite person. Aaryn comes in to report they're still 'screaming' outside and leaves again.  Candice says Jessie claimed she wanted to start stuff because Candice wasn't giving her enough attention. Candice says Jessie said she had the votes and today she was a different person and didn't say one word to her all day. Helen asks what Jessie's relationship was with Howie? Candice said that he prayed with her all the time, too, and cried when Howie was put on the block. Helen doesn't know why everyone is picking on Helen. She's nice to everyone.. FISH

We overhear more from the backyard. Amanda and Jessie are STILL arguing.

And, In HOH, Helen's still going on about how nice she's been to Jessie, and how upset Jessie has made her. 

Elissa ask Spencer what he thinks, and Spencer replies that he's trying to stay out of it, "all the back and forth business is just trouble". Helen goes back to complaining about Jessie and Amanda fighting.  Elissa wants to put the bullhorn up to the CD and we go to FISH as Elissa is called out by BB.

2:34 AM HOH - Candice says this is more stressful than finding out she was adopted and had a white mother; it's the most stressful 41 days of her life.  Candice wants GM to teach them the club dance. They think it's nice nobody is a HaveNot this week and wonder about a food comp.

Spencer also saw Andy kick Elissa. Elissa thought it was unfair. Helen describes in living color how she fell. Andy comes in as they're talking about pranking Andy.  Elissa says they were talking about him tripping her off the barrel. Andy asks again what they were talking about and Elissa repeats what she said. She tells Andy he's ignoring her. Andy asks again and Elissa gets on the bullhorn and says it again while giggling.  "It happened, get over it," Andy retorts, "I tripped that b.."

FISH and Elissa is laughing she can't wait to see Andy walk out the door. FISH Elissa says Andy's just mad that he fell off before her. Andy says "shut up." Elissa keeps laughing and teases him some more.

Candice thinks that Nick's picture in GM's HOH means that Nick doesn't have a girl. Helen says she'll wear GM's recital costume at the nominations.  Elissa continues to tease Andy as Andy snacks on GM's candy. She tells him to sleep with his eyes open.

Candice tries on the recital costume and does a booty-pop and a "Beyonce". She heads downstairs. Andy comments, "it's the worst possible time. Everyone is outside fighting!".  Spencer gets up and does a booty pop.  Andy agrees that Amanda is being a bully, that her points are valid, but she is being a bully. Helen perks up at an opportunity to talk about how insulted she feels by Jessie. 

HOH - Aaryn comes up to say that Candice has joined the fray - in the recital costume.  Jessie has thrown the entire argument onto Candice and Aaryn says that Candice is doing a great job 'laying it down'. Aaryn says this is the first time she's had respect for Candice, after seeing Candice handle herself. Jessie is being attacked from "72 different angles." Elissa asks Aaryn what they could do with the microphones and earphones.  

3:00 AM Elissa stops listening to CD, sits up and says, "let me get this straight, somebody in Big Brother is talking game, lying and talking around in circles? What? That's crazy! It's the first time in BB history! and throwing targets, lying, backstabbing alliances, deception.."(Aaryn adds: "manipulation") and FISH

Helen is talking -again-  about how Jessie has made her feel so bad.  Candice is back upstairs and says Amanda has an unfair advantage impersonating GM because "she's an actress." Elissa wants to resolve the issues.  Aaryn says Elissa is a 'protagonist.' FISH

3:10 AM Downstairs Bathroom - McCrae and Amanda are arguing. He felt pressured into taking her side in the argument outside and says she's playing dumb and it happens every week. He tells her she has to realize they're working together. He thinks her logic is faulty. A brief clip of Amanda saying, "McCrae's pissed at me.." and FISH again.

3:19 HOH - GM is taking Nick's picture downstairs with her.  Amanda is venting that Jessie is disrespectful.  Amanda thinks 'everyone' is mad at Jessie for 'the McCrae thing', that it's "personal."  GM is leaning towards putting Candice up. Judd thinks that's good.  GM says she'll take everyone's opinion into consideration. Aaryn reminds GM of the deal she made with Spencer.

McCrae tells Amanda that now because of what Amanda said to Jessie (about McCrae being sexy), Aaryn has to kiss Jessie's butt.  He says Amanda bringing that up to Jessie "just because you wanted to get digs in," was wrong because Jessie knows it came from Aaryn.

 Amanda tries to excuse her behavior and thinks she will become besties with Jessie again.  McCrae's visibly angry at Amanda.  Aaryn says she won't take any prizes instead of veto if Jessie goes up against Candice. Candice needs to go. GM wants to take a shower. GM bashes Jessie. She's hurting all their dreams. Judd wants all people who love this game in the jury.  Aaryn starts flirting with Judd.

Talk turns back to the fight downstairs and Aaryn was scared how well Candice carried herself. Jesse told Candice she looked happy Howard left.  "Candiland is sold out, b...ch." GM thinks that Elissa, Helen and Candice have deal because they always make up after fights.

The Houseguests speculate about the veto comp, which they decide will be another endurance. Aaryn wants Candice to self-evict. Aaryn tells previous HG "Jo-Jo" to bring it, she doesn't like her. Judd says Jessie calls people a bully but bully is overused these days. McCrae thinks that he needs to do some damage control because of Amanda's behavior.

DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM - Candice tells Elissa she just wishes people could see in Howard what she saw in him. Elissa thinks he talked in circles.

LOUNGE - Judd and Aaryn spend a little quiet time.  She tells Judd she couldn't get on the Bachelor because they don't take people who are unemployed. Judd says he thinks Elissa will be MVP this week.  Judd is indecisive where he will sleep tonite.

4:40 AM  HOH - McCrae and Amanda take over the HOH bed.  She tells him she lost her cool and that's when she gets nasty. McCrae calls her a little koo-koo.  Amanda didn't like Jesse saying Amanda was using McCrae. McCrae thinks Amanda needs thicker skin. McCrae accuses Amanda of going on a rampage tonite, looking for a fight.

They continue to argue, McCrae asking Amanda if she honestly expects him to say she did a good job outside (with Jessie). Amanda admits Jessie made her see red. FISH and we come back to a crying Amanda who already feels bad about her meltdown. She's also mad about a comment that was made about her abusing Aderall. McCrae's mad about that too. Amanda starts kissing McCrae then climbs on top of him, and the comforter gets a workout.

5:45 AM  GM, in her HOH robe, sits alone at the kitchen table, staring at the memory wall and snacking.

6:30 AM  GM has wandered her way to "Nick's" bed with her HOH robe on.  Helen finds Judd still awake in the downstairs bathroom.

7:30 AM Judd takes a shower and lays back down on the Bathroom couch, before finally going to bed.

8:00 AM the Hamsters are in bed now, and thank goodness for that!

The BigBrother House just gets crazier and crazier. Will the damage ever be repaired between Candice and Amanda? Did Jessie stamp her own eviction papers tonite? Who will GM nominate just hours from now?

Stay tuned for another exciting day in the Big Brother House! And, Thanks, to all the Joker's Updaters!