6:00 PM
Helen and Aaryn have joined Elissa in the HOH as she applies hair coloring to GinaMarie’s hair and then also her own. Elissa takes in all the chatter as the others talk almost as if she wasn’t there.

Meanwhile Amanda and the guys (except for Judd) are out back getting silly. They mention Jessie starting the meeting today by saying, "Hey guys, it's time for the Meto Veeting". They decide to fill a condom with something icky and place it next to Judd on his pillow while he sleeps. During this time, Spencer makes some questionable jokes involving child pornography.

Amanda completes her last spray tan session with much fanfare. Everyone dances and cheers.

Judd asks Candice if she'd prefer the clown suit or the tanning sessions. She’d take the suit because they'd think Howard was back with as dark as she'd get.

8:00 PM
Amanda and Helen have a chat in the lounge, both still thinking Judd is the MVP. Helen thinks they need to keep him close. Amanda mentions she had to talk to him about it because he asked. She told him she did think that but didn’t want him to think she still thinks that.

Amanda then asks McCrae to help her make the bed so she can whisper what she discussed with Helen.

GinaMarie bounces around the house very happy with how her streaks turned out.

Aaryn is out back with Jessie. Aaryn doesn’t want her family to be embarrassed or mad about anything she has done. She doesn't want to deal with hearing about it from her agent (Careful what you wish for). Jessie wants 5th place or higher or she’ll feel bad. They note that McCrae, Andy and Judd haven't been nominated yet and are in beautiful spots.

Next, Aaryn joins Andy in the HOH and they agree things are going well with their relationships in the game; keeping Judd close and controlling Spencer, GinaMarie and Jessie. GinaMarie joins. She hasn't seen Candice all day. Aaryn jokes anger that GinaMarie’s hair looks so good. GinaMarie fires back, "I'm a target now!"

Helen, Elissa, Andy, Candice and Aaryn assemble in the kitchen. They wonder if Amanda’s engagement party is going to happen and joke that maybe she got cold feet. When Elissa kids she better get married soon because she'll be leaving on Thursday, Helen tells her not to kid like that or Amanda will have a meltdown.

10:00 PM
Everyone sits down for dinner except for Amanda and McCrae (sleeping.) Lots of lighthearted chat. Judd asks how things are with Amanda and Candice replies, “Once you have a confrontation with somebody, it's never cool-cool again afterward.”

Later, Candice works on Helen a bit, saying McCrae is the MVP and he isn’t as smitten with Amada as he was. She goes on to say Spencer, Judd and McCrae are together but don't want to work with Amanda.

Meanwhile Spencer, Andy and Judd are doing another round of pranks. Amanda wakes up as they are putting a condom in her bed. She plays it up with them. Then they take Clownie to Candice because they look like twins. Candice throws it and says she refuses to touch any of Aaryn's things.

Elissa joins Helen and Candice, telling them said she overheard Judd and Andy in the storage room and thinks Andy is part of a guys' group. Candice doesn't agree.
Jessie joins them and Candice takes the opportunity to sell why it’s better to keep her in the game.

In the HOH, Judd tells GinaMarie he hopes they have the numbers to get Candice out. GinaMarie says they do and not to worry.
After Amanda, Andy, and Aaryn join them, GinaMarie wonders where everyone else is. They tell her they're in the bedroom with Candice. GinaMarie heard Candice was planning a "popping" speech.

After Candice leaves the room, Jessie chats with Helen and Elissa saying the plan to get Amanda out is squashed because they don't have the votes. She's tried everything to save Candice but she's getting nowhere. Elissa says, "Yeah and it's making me angry." Helen says they have to win HoH.

In the HOH, Aaryn complains to Judd, Amanda and McCrae about GinaMarie. Amanda and McCrae have each other to escape from the game but, “GinaMarie isn't an escape. She's a trip to an insane asylum." She notes GinaMarie referred to Nick as her fiancé.
Jessie joins them and when Judd invites her to get on the bed; she climbs right between Aaryn and Judd.

During this time frame Amanda uses the HOH shower to remove a few of the 50 shades of orange.

Elsewhere, Helen and Andy confirm once again that it’s too early to make big moves.  


2:00 AM
Back in the bedroom with Candice, Jessie let’s her know how hard she tried to keep her. Candice hates she will be going because of personal reasons (referring to Aaryn and GinaMarie.)  Candice advises Jessie on what to do after Candice is gone; Win HOH, put up strong players. They make a plea to the camera to get MVP or coup de’ tat. Candice wants to call out the 4 people running this game during her eviction (McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Elissa.) Jessie says the MVP has screwed up the game, “I want to play a real game of Big Brother.” They continue their pleas asking Big Brother for a 9 person Jury.

Helen and Elissa meet in the Storage Room. Elissa whispers about Candice and Jessie putting targets on their backs by saying they are part of the 4 person power group. They worry they need to win HOH or one of them will be going home.

Meanwhile in the lounge, Amanda and Andy strategize about keeping Elissa but letting Aaryn go. They want to continue to work on Spencer in case he wins HOH, but want him gone before he takes up with Judd and Jessie against them. They want a 5 person alliance (Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda and Andy.) If it's a double eviction, they should try to backdoor Judd.

Jessie is still back in the bedroom with Candice. They have circled back around to trying to find a way to keep Candice in the game; work on Helen.

Out back, Judd and Spencer don’t understand why GinaMarie didn’t put Elissa up this week. Spencer says, “Anything Helen says I’ll agree with.” Judd replies, “Yeah, or you’ll be targeted.” Judd notes Aaryn is totally different from the person he thought she was in the beginning (her strategy is working.) They want to trust Andy and work with him to split up Helen and Elissa.

4:00 AM
We hear the familiar sounds of someone making out for a short while, but this time it is Judd and Jessie in bed together. He spoons her before they drift off to sleep.

Meanwhile GinaMarie is restless, going down to the kitchen and then back up to bed with Aaryn.  She puts on the headphones a listens to music before finally going to sleep just after 5:00 AM and the house goes quiet.

Is there any hope at all for Candice or will she fall victim to the curse of the uni-tard? When will ‘too early’ become ‘too late’ to make a big move? And will Nick have his own personal security at the finale?  

Thanks so much to the Updaters for keeping up with the antics today!