Helen and Andy chat and Andy told her to tell Jessie she is safe even though she is not. He said they have to tell her that to keep everyone in the house safe. He asked her if he did good, she told him his speech was good but his picks were safe not big. 

Andy, Jessie, McCrae and Amanda all think that Judd will be a vengeful juror because he asked for all his stuff back even his ½ package of cigarettes.

Later, Amanda and Aaryn chat and Aaryn said she wanted to get Spencer out this week. Amanda said no that he was not going after her or McCrae and Aaryn said or Andy. Amanda replied that he will not put up her (Aaryn) either. Aaryn said that he would put up Amanda because he wants to go to the end with McCrae and Helen. Amanda said McCrae would never let him put her up. Aaryn said that GinaMarie was not coming after either of them and she does not want to vote her out. Amanda then said that GinaMarie and Spencer have to go up next week and then backdoor Helen. Aaryn said she would not be comfortable putting up anyone but Spencer, Elissa or Jessie and she would throw the competition so she would not have to put up anyone else. Amanda again said that she can’t trust Helen. That everyone controls someone - Aaryn controls GinaMarie, Andy controls Spencer, and she (Amanda) controls Elissa so Helen is odd man out and needs to go. (She never mentioned McCrae)

Aaryn tries to get Andy to put up Helen. He said no she was not coming after him and he trusts her. She said she does not trust her (Amanda’s words.) Andy said she is loyal to him and it is too soon to get rid of her. Aaryn then told him she is not loyal to Amanda, McCrae or her. Andy said that when it comes down to the final four it will be himself and Aaryn against Amanda and McCrae. He then said he never imagined he would be working with her.

The houseguests were called into the DR to redo their good bye speeches to Candice since they did not know when they recorded them that the jury started. So all night one by one they filed into the DR to do that.

Jessie and Helen have a chat. Jessie tells Helen she would never put her up. That she trusts Andy and knows she is the pawn. Helen told her the plan was to save her and get out Spencer. Jessie asked why when last week Spencer was used as the pawn. Helen said he is shady.

Later, McCrae and Amanda talk about being final two. They talk about who would vote for who. Then Amanda said “We have controlled every single nominee, every single replacement nominee and every single eviction.”  They both agree that Aaryn has to go before final three because she is a beast at competitions. McCrae thinks that anyone that sits next to Elissa will win and should bring her to the final two. Amanda said that if they have survived “The Moving Company” and “Bieber Fever” then they should be able to survive Helen and Jessie. She said they have to keep from getting nominated together on the block and they can do that by the power of manipulation. Jessie interrupts them to campaign and to tell them that she hopes they will keep her in the game that she would protect them if they protect her. Spencer joins the group so Jessie leaves. McCrae and Amanda give him tips on how to beat Jessie.

Right before bed Spencer, McCrae and Amanda talk in the bathroom. When it was just Amanda and Spencer in bathroom, Amanda said she thought it would be good if Spencer won HOH next week. Spencer said it would be good for y'all and Amanda said it would be good for Spencer too. Spencer said he had a pretty good idea who McCrae and Amanda wanted up next week and he would be fine with that. He thought if he put them up, they might still go after McCrae and Amanda the following week because of pairs. McCrae came in. Spencer asked about what happened to Judd. Amanda said Judd was turned on after he was disloyal and as long as Spencer is loyal to them, they will be loyal to him.

Amanda said if they win veto they can't take Spencer off but he will stay. She said Spencer shouldn't throw the veto though. Fine if Andy has to get some blood on his hands. Spencer asked where Andy fits in long term. McCrae/Amanda downplayed their connection to Andy. They said Andy does what the house wants. They said they haven't solidified anything to Andy. They don't know if Andy is closer to Helen and Elissa or to them. Amanda said Spencer, McCrae, Amanda are all on the same page about going after the same people because those people are after all three of them.

Spencer nervous about having been lied to, talked about behind his back, people taking things he said to them to others. Spencer finally feels like he can talk to Amanda and McCrae without that. Amanda agreed, who are they going to take it to? Spencer doesn't want what they're talking about to get out since he's on the block. Spencer said Helen and Elissa have given him weird looks. McCrae said Helen and Elissa want Spencer out.

Once in bed, Amanda again said she wants to backdoor Helen this week if Jessie wins VETO. McCrae tells her not to go there. He said Andy does not want the blood on his hands and will not do that. He said do not push Andy, which Helen is a sure vote for Andy and he will not mess that up.  They then discuss the order of the next evictions, Jessie, Helen then either of the next three GinaMarie, Aaryn and Spencer. They want to save Andy and Elissa to beat at the end. Both agree to get Aaryn out sooner than later because she rocks competitions. Then they started their make out session.

All house guests were in bed and asleep at 3:00 am with visions of VETO dancing through their heads.

Who will win the VETO? Will anyone be honest with Jessie? Will Amanda get her wish to back door Helen? Will Gina Marie ever stop saying Nick? Maybe tomorrow will tell….. g-night from the compound! Thanks Joker's Updaters you’re the best on the web!