This Daily Recap includes the situation with GinaMarie's Bed. The entire "GinaMarie and the Bed" debacle made me feel like I'm watching a remake of GoldieLocks and the Three Bears with GinaMarie as BaldyLocks going crazy over someone sleeping in her bed. 

9:23AM Judd and Andy are in the backyard. Judd tells Andy about the crying and flipping out early this morning (1:56am) over Elissa and Helen sleeping in the bed. GinaMarie said Andy and Aaryn were suppose to sleep in the bed in order to save it for GinaMarie so she can sleep in the bed again after her HOH week is over.

(Below is photo of GinaMarie talking to Spencer and Judd on Wednesday at 1:56AM as she was flipping out over Elissa and Helen sleeping in the bed she shared with Nick before he was evicted from the Big Brother House.)

Judd did not go into exact details of everything GinaMarie said about Elissa and Helen sleeping in the bed shared with Nick because some of the comments were offensive and directed towards Andy being gay. 

(Below are the comments GinaMarie made to Judd and Spencer at 1:56AM about the bed.)

GinaMarie says, "Candice is going to be gone and there is going to be a another extra bed and I'm not going to sleep with her crab ass fucking cooties in there!"

GinaMarie said, " They know I want that fucking bed! Its fucking me and Nick's bed!" Then she said, " I don't care about sharing the bed, I just want to stay there! Its me and Nick's fucking bed and I'm going to stay there until I fucking have to go home!"

GinaMarie says, "It’s not my fault Andy is a fucking fudge packer that he can’t fucking sleep with another guy because no other guy wants to sleep with him; if he wasn’t gay, it wouldn’t be a problem and someone else would sleep with him."

Back to Andy and Judd's discussion this morning below-

9:25AM Andy tells Judd, "If I was more immature I would call a house meeting and say - Just to let everyone know - that no bed is no one's bed!"

9:27AM GinaMarie goes into the bathroom where Helen is and asks Helen if she can have her bed back. Helen tells GinaMarie, "I can sleep in pretty much anything so it does not really matter to me."

9:28AM GinaMarie goes out to the backyard where Judd and Andy are still talking and tells them how she talked to Helen and that Helen said she would give GinaMarie back her bed. GinaMarie tells Andy he can sleep in the bed with her. Andy says he likes sleeping alone. GinaMarie says she does not mind sharing the bed and likes sleeping in that bed because of the "Nick thing." Judd asks, "Why don’t me and Andy have a bed? Everyone has their own bed but us." GinaMarie says, "I don’t have my own bed; I sleep with somebody." Judd tells GinaMarie if she is a "have not" and he is not next week he will save that bed for her. GinaMarie goes back inside. Andy tells Judd, "You know that all night she was anxious about that." Judd says he was walking on the boarder line of pissing her off by asking her why he and Andy do not have their own bed. Judd says, "I hope GinaMarie is a "have not" this week."

9:55AM Amanda is in the shower and Helen is talking to her about voting out Judd. Helen says Jessie is trying to help Candice stay this week. Helen tells Amanda if she wins HOH she will put up Judd and Jessie. Helen says they need to blind side Jessie and Judd, and Amanda agrees.

2:20PM McCrae tells Andy to keep Helen on a short leash. Andy says that he is also staying close to Judd to get information. McCrae says after this week the house will be divided. Andy and McCrae talk about how its getting to the point in the game where they...  McCrae says that he doesn’t like that Spencer and Judd stay up late talking. Andy says that he thinks next week Jessie or Judd should be evicted. 

2:45PM The House Guests are on a "Indoor Lock Down."

3:59PM The "Indoor Lock Down" is over and the House Guests go to the backyard to practice for the upcoming HOH competition. The House Guest have to maneuver a ball down a wooden board into a box.

Aaryn and Andy do the best practicing.

5:05PM GinaMarie is calling people up into the HOH room to make sure they are voting out Candice. Jessie says to GinaMarie, " It's my vote and at this point I don't really feel like discussing it." GinaMarie says, "OK." Jessie says she appreciates her asking and leaves the HOH room.

8:50PM GinaMarie tells Amanda, Andy and Spencer that Jessie would not tell her who she voting for to be evicted. GinaMarie says, "I talk to people normally I don't have to yell, but if a motherfucker gives me attitude, there is no need for a attitude - stick it down a notch, 'cause I’m not at that notch!" She says, "You want to see me at that notch 'cause I can go there if you want!” She says,“Bitches are crazy 'cause they don’t want to see Ginamarie at notch five; it can go to ten!" She says, " I was maybe a seven when Nick left; you don’t want to see me at ten 'cause I will start throwing knives and stabbing the bitch!”










9:06PM Jessie knows she is going up against Spencer if it’s double eviction tomorrow. Helen says not to be so sure; Double eviction is a time to make big moves. Helen tells Jessie, “I feel like a lot of people are lying to me so I’m ready to shock the house.”

10:20PM McCrae tells GinaMarie that Aaryn will stir up "shit" about people. McCrae tells her if she and Aaryn were on the block he will save GinaMarie.

1:10AM Aaryn and GinaMarie are talking. GinaMarie says she is going to bed soon. GinaMarie says if Candice does not shut up soon she is going to have to go in there. Aaryn says it’s okay she can run, but she can’t hide.

1:42AM Elissa and Candice are talking. Elissa asks, "What if you and GinaMarie end up in jury together?" Candice gasps and Elissa says, "It would be a nightmare." Elissa says it would be a nightmare.

Not much happens the rest of the night and all the House Guest are in bed by 2:30AM.

~Thank you to all the Daily Updaters for your time and effort with the minute by minute updates!