Helen joins Elissa in the Have Not room and wants to know if there is any truth to her getting Jessie to kiss Judd. Elissa laughs and admits she came up with the strategy.  Helen says she has to apologize to Jessie now.

Helen reports back to the HOH that the kissing thing was true, but that Elissa would have to explain the details.

Elissa joins Jessie in the Backyard to reiterate she wanted Spencer out last week. Jessie is unimpressed and tells her what she said about Jessie being on meds is the rudest thing anybody has said to her all season. Especially when others talk behind Elissa’s back all the time about being loopy.

Alone in a bedroom, Amanda is still harping on McCrae about being alone with Jessie earlier. McCrae replies he has to play his game too. They also believe Jessie was really telling the truth about Helen and Elissa trying to get Judd on board by using Jessie.

Meanwhile Helen makes an apology to Jessie at the chess table that quickly turns bad. When Helen says she's been told that Jessie is after her and Elissa, Jessie replies she is now. They are getting pretty loud and GinaMarie can be seen in the HOH with her ear against the door to listen. We also see McCrae and Amanda have gone into the hall downstairs so they can hear the brew-haw-haw too until Elissa notices and tries talking to them so they can’t hear.

Even after Jessie and Helen go back and forth several times about who approached who first to get people on board to get Amanda out, Helen tries to convince Jessie she is still staying this week. And after getting up three times and saying she’s done; Helen finally walks away in a huff.

1:00 AM
Jessie is brushing her teeth and rehashing everything to Aaryn again. Jessie says was fine until Helen blamed Jessie for the effort to get Amanda out. She points out, "Now you know Andy's loyalty is to Helen and Elissa". When Aaryn replies, "Now I do," Jessie says, "That is my gift to you".

Elsewhere Elissa reiterates to Amanda and McCrae she wanted to get out Spencer last week to keep Candice. McCrae says that makes sense. Helen joins and rehashes her latest conversation with Jessie. Amanda says she doesn't believe Jessie anyway.
Aaryn has joined them now too and it turns into a Jessie bashing session. Only this time, Jessie is right outside the door listening to everything they say including Aaryn saying Jessie is onto the fact that no one is keeping her because Andy threw her under the bus to Helen.
This prompts Jessie to full out sprint up to the HOH room. Breathing heavily, she asks Andy if he told Helen and Elissa that she was considering switching sides. Andy says he told Helen that Jessie was leery.  Jessie explains that Helen is using that against her now. She leaves as quickly as she entered.

Next Helen is up in the HOH and Andy reports what just happened. She tells him saw Jessie listening when they opened the door and she goes over what was being said. Andy makes the point he has been covering Jessie's ass for so long because she was so dead set on getting Amanda out all along.

Meanwhile Jessie goes into Amanda and McCrae's bedroom, hid a cup behind a dresser.  

Elsewhere, McCrae tells Amanda it’s super vital they attack Helen and Elissa first. If they can’t get Helen; it has to be Elissa. Amanda notes Elissa keeps bringing up that Jessie may be on medications. McCrae thinks she is doing that to distract them from Helen. Amanda agrees. Andy says he was there when Elissa did that and agrees with Jessie; it was offensive.

Jessie has gone out back with Spencer and GinaMarie. She tells them what’s been happening and says it is good news for them because she will be voting for one of them. She also can't wait to watch everyone that screwed her over enter the jury so she can greet them with a big smile. Jessie then takes the opportunity to tell GinaMarie how Aaryn says GinaMarie is bad for her game and that she's annoyed by her. She also points out to Spencer that Aaryn and Elissa say they want him gone. GinaMarie says Elissa will make the final four since Helen accidentally admitted she was in a final four with Elissa, McCrae and Amanda. Jessie says, in a ladylike way she will start turning everyone but GinaMarie and Spencer against each other, so enjoy the show. She also passes on advice to put up McCrae and Helen so if one uses POV, they can put up their partner (Similar to Candice’s outgoing advice to Jessie.)

Amanda gives Aaryn a heads up of what Jessie was telling GinaMarie. Aaryn says now that Jessie knows she's leaving; she'll do what she can to throw everyone under the bus.

McCrae reports to Andy that Jessie is having a pity party. She implied that Andy lied to her. Andy responds, "Thanks Helen."

Aaryn goes to GinaMarie to see what’s what. Aaryn wants to confront Jessie and GinaMarie suggests she shouldn't. Aaryn responds she'll do what she wants to do and she's tired of being told what to do. Aaryn thinks Jessie will talk bad about her and has two days to ruin other people's games. This gets heated with both Aaryn and GinaMarie becoming very loud.

Meanwhile Spencer speaks logically to Andy. People think Judd put Amanda up as MVP, but Judd wasn’t on board to vote Amanda out. It doesn’t add up. He also says that Andy and he both know that Jessie is telling the truth. They make a final two commitment.

Jess drops a little bomb on Elissa in passing telling her that she is a sitting duck and people talk about her whenever she leaves the room. She hopes Elissa’s family is proud of how she lies and talks behind people's backs, then says good night.

By now GinaMarie is in a frenzy and is waking people up for a house meeting. Jessie is laughing.

Helen and Elissa don’t attend the house meeting. Instead, Helen is giving Elissa a pep talk because Jessie’s comments got to her. She’s worried this could affect her kids & step kids and more than just her. Elissa is very upset.

3:00 AM
Aaryn says GinaMarie followed her and chest bumped her outside the door. When Jessie leaves the HOH, Amanda points out that GinaMarie and Aaryn are giving Jessie exactly what she wants. Amanda thinks it is an attempt to flip GinaMarie, Amanda, and McCrae to vote for Jessie to stay, but it's not happening.  GinaMarie tried to apologize but Aaryn did not accept the apology.

GinaMarie heads for bed, but stops to apologize to Elissa for the bother and she will tell her about it in the morning.

Aaryn says what just happened with GinaMarie really scared her. Andy admits she got a little intense.

Aaryn tries to convince Jessie what she said about her in the room was strictly game play. Jessie says she doesn't believe that for one second.  

Aaryn joins GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen in the Have Not room. Jessie follows shortly after to listen at the door. Helen says to support each other through this trying time until there's a new HOH on Thursday and have fun. Elissa said Jessie should act like a lady. Elissa continues, "Guys I'm scared. I'm not kidding." Aaryn follows, "I have anxiety about having to be in a house with her for 3 more days."

McCrae, Amanda and Spencer compare notes about how Jessie was listening to everything going on. Spencer said that she jumped over him and hid under covers when she thought someone was going to open the door. Amanda goes back to tell the others all about this.

Aaryn rehashes events and sees that Jessie is trying to turn all of them against each other. They are worried about the stability of several house guests, particularly Jessie, GinaMarie, Elissa and Judd. Aaryn passes along to Helen about GinaMarie asking if she can hit Candice in the Jury house and the Diary Room told her no.

McCrae is a bit nervous. He keeps checking to see if someone is by the door. Amanda is laughing at him.

Amanda points out that he's so hyper while they are making out that he is shaking his foot. She closes the night by saying she thinks they make a cute couple and they'll make damn good looking babies at some point.
And the house goes quiet just before 4:00 AM

Will all the hoopla tonight affect the game? Is Jessie really on a mission to blow up everyone’s game, or is she trying to cause just enough trouble to rally some votes her way? What more can she do? It could be an interesting few days!

Thanks to the Updaters for sticking it out!