6:00 PM
Aaryn and Amanda get together. Aaryn mentions Helen wants Elissa and Aaryn to work together but Aaryn says, “No way.”  She also mentions Helen is really pissed at Andy. Amanda tells her if the two of them make it to the final two, it will be the hottest final two ever! Also, together they make the perfect house guest. According to Amanda, GinaMarie was really unhappy about Amanda and McCrae wanting to sit on the couch together (at the meeting today).

For the next half hour, McCrae listens as Helen campaigns to him. Highlights include:

McCrae could be portrayed as a puppy dog following Amanda
Amanda is not being portrayed well in this game and he needs to play for himself
She would love to take Amanda out now, but she wouldn't take him out
Offers him votes from her and Elissa if he and Amanda are on the block
Invokes the deal she has with him and Andy
Cries in support of a future Amanda/McCrae wedding
But, he doesn't have the support he thinks he does in the game.

McCrae heads out for a smoke and Amanda goes with him. He tells her “Helen said you're being portrayed as a bully.” Spencer and Andy are there and Amanda asks them if they think that too.  The conversation moves to the HOH and Amanda is clearly not happy about the bullying comment. They all strategize how Amanda needs to work Elissa this week, including a talk where she will cry.
Amanda keeps coming back to the bullying and Spencer recalls a time she was sitting on his bed, grabbed onto his arm and said to vote the way that she wanted or she would make sure he was gone the next week. Amanda didn’t remember it and Spencer acted like he was over it.

8:00 PM
Out on the Hammock, Elissa and Helen chitchat with GinaMarie a bit. Once GinaMarie is gone, they have a bash Amanda session.  When Elissa mentions how Amanda needed to see the doctor there because she thought she might be... Elissa becomes very elusive with her words. She tries to get Helen to remember something she told her about Kaitlin. When Helen remembers, Elissa says Amanda found out the same thing. Helen is shocked and says can you imagine finding that out while you are trying out for this show?

Having moved to the HOH room, Andy strategizes to Amanda, McCrae and Spencer to remind GinaMarie about Elissa not wanting to sit next to her on the show because it gets GinaMarie upset. Amanda says she is all pumped up now (because of the bullying thing). Andy encourages her to go start a fight now. She says she wants to. She is pacing the HOH room.

Spencer checks the storage room and finds alcohol. He quickly chugs one and wraps the can in a ton of paper towels before putting it in the trash. He takes the rest out to the others.







Amanda and McCrae have gone outside. McCrae is quiet and Amanda probes him about it. He is still thinking about how to work Elissa. He wants to encourage GinaMarie to win the next HOH.
He is going to wait until Thursday to tell Helen he's voting her out because she's a bully. He doesn’t think it was smart for Amanda to tell Helen she was going to vote her out, especially right before the meeting.
Amanda says, “But I can't lie.” She’s worried about things that have been said about her today and doesn’t think she has been bad to anyone. McCrae says they should be fine as long as Aaryn isn't lying to them; and also as long as Amanda doesn't get into a stupid fight.

Andy and Helen are seen having a tearful talk in the Cockpit Room with Andy saying he's going to keep her. Helen just doesn't want to go out before Spencer.

Andy reports to Aaryn it's amazing how little Helen knows about what's really going on in the house. They talk about red flags with Spencer, but Andy still thinks Spencer is more reined in than Elissa.


1:00 AM
While Helen and Elissa get ready for bed, everyone else is in the HOH joking around.

Amanda and McCrae move out to the backyard.  Amanda’s not happy that McCrae doesn't want to be affectionate. He says they need to be careful because of the power couple thing. It also seems she is worried that McCrae is working others to like him more than her. McCrae tells her again she shouldn't have told Helen she didn't have her vote. Aaryn wanted a blindside. Now he and Andy have to keep lying to Helen all week.

Meanwhile Andy leads a cheer-leading session with Aaryn and GinaMarie in the HOH about how strong they are together. They are on board to work together for final three.

Later, Aaryn tells Amanda she is concerned about McCrae trusting her. Amanda tries to reassure her that is not the case. Amanda tells her she will be safe as long as she sticks with their alliance. She also advises Aaryn to stop having talks with GinaMarie.

The night ends as it often does with Amanda and McCrae talking game in between kisses before the house goes quiet around 2:30 AM.

Will the others finally tell Helen she is going? Or will Helen somehow turn things back her way? How will the returning house guest impact the game? And what will Clownie’s next attempt at suicide be?

As always, a big ole ‘Thanks’ to the all the Updaters for keeping up with it for us!