Elissa and Judd chat. They compare notes she tells him what she overheard between Andy and Amanda and he tells her what was said up in HOH. Judd also tells her that Amanda last night told him that Elissa has been tormenting her and he needs to help get her nominated.

Amanda asks Judd if Andy and Spencer are working together. Judd said he did not think so, Amanda then replied then why did he tell me about Elissa listening at eh door?

Andy pulls Elissa into the storage room and tells her that he told Amanda that he thought she was tormenting her so that things stop. Elissa asked him why he would say that when every time Amanda torments her she ignores her and walks away. Andy replied he is telling her what she wants to hear to shut her up. Andy said he did not mean anything by it. Elissa said she did not like him saying that because all she does to Amanda is ignore her.

Amanda proceeds to find Spencer and cries at him asking him what is going to happen. Gm comes in and Amanda cries at her. GM then explains that it was a last minute decision that they are a power couple and she knows how she feels because she lost Nick. Amanda then accuses her of working with Elissa. She denies it. Amanda cries more and tells her that Aaryn is the one that told her to tell Elissa to put her up. GM again tells her everyone is alone and that they are a couple. Amanda then said why you acted like you were going to put up Spencer and Elissa. Gm again said everyone working alone that they are a couple. Amanda asked why she wanted to keep Elissa with her negativity over her. She said it does not make any sense. Amanda tells GM that she did not have the numbers to keep Aaryn (she was actually plotting to get rid of her for weeks). Amanda then told her that Elissa and Judd are probably a duo. GM said she did not think so. GM told her to play for herself and try to win the money that love will still be there after the game.

In another room Spencer and Andy talk. He tries to get Spencer to get rid of Elissa over Amanda and McCrae. He wants to get rid of her because he claims he does not know what she is going to do. However (IMO) he wants to get rid of her because she is onto his game and he wants to keep Amanda and McCrae for his game. He tells Spencer that if he wins he would put up Elissa and Amanda up on the block. He said Elissa has her mind made up that he is untrustworthy and that she needs to go. He then said if Elissa stays here longer than him he will go crazy and tell America not to give her America’s favorite money. Andy then said he was going to yell to the “Brenchal” army to go F&*% themselves. Spencer said his speech will be that Elissa owns an ice rink and Andy said it kills him to be nice to her. Judd comes into the room so they change the subject.

McCrae comes out out of the DR crying and Amanda jumps on him and tells him it is only a game. She then tells McCrae she does not need the money that she has over $20 K saved up and she did not come here for the money. She offers to throw the veto for him. She tells him they did everything they could and had a lot of good moves.  He continues to cry and Amanda tells him to make deals just get to the end and she will get everyone to vote for him. She tells him not to trust Spencer to only trust Andy. Andy comes in and whispers to them that he hates Elissa. How it is in his veins. Elissa walks by and he flips her the bird. He again tells him that he will try hard for the VETO (he just had told Spencer that he will throw it.)

Later Andy and Spencer were talking. At one point Andy said he wondered if Elissa was watching them and masturbating. Spencer said oh yeah. Andy then told Spencer he was throwing the VETO again and Spencer agreed with him.

The two chickens, Elissa and GM play cards in the HOH. Amanda interrupts them and tells them al she loves them and she will try hard for VETO but if she is to leave over McCrae to give him a second chance that he has stopped her from doing many things. She leaves and Gm said she is finally realizing what she has done.

She returns and tells McCrae what she did. He reads her a bible verse. Andy walks in and she tells him what she said. She then gives him permission to be nice to her if it will help his game (Nice of her). She tells him that Elissa and Judd are his biggest threats. She then said she made them stronger up to this point and now is making them weaker, so they need to stay loyal to each other. Andy said that up to this point GM always told him how much she hated Elissa and wanted her gone (lie) and then proceeded to tell them how much HE hated Elissa. He said he wanted to punch her in the face, Amanda tells them she just wants to have fun this week. Andy then said that while he was taking to Elissa he wanted to tell her that she is a f&^%ing C&*t.

Andy leaves finds GM and Judd and tells them it was hard talking (he means Elissa trashing) to McManda because they trust him so much. GM said ya but they are the power couple and need to be broken up. Gm said she does not feel sorry for them that they did this to themselves.

At 11:00 pm they get booze. Everyone poured some to enjoy except McCrae and Amanda who stayed in bed. Elissa and GM talk. GM said she is glad things are back to normal and they don’t have to worry about Amanda torturing her anymore. Elissa said ya she hoped so. She tells GM she made a great move but the first thing Amanda did was yell at her. GM said she could not say much to her because she tells everyone how it is and she has nothing to hide. GM asked her why she hates her so much. Elissa said because during the first week she tried to make her do things and Elissa did not do them. She said she wanted her to walk around like she owned the house like Rachel did and Elissa did not want to do that. It just was not her. Gm said that she feels bad for Aaryn because she did everything Amanda said and then got played. GM said she tried to discourage her but that Aaryn was just young and stupid. Elissa then tells her that she will find someone great that she is such a great person and that her husband is so great.

Judd, Spencer and Andy talk, Andy said that through talking in the DR he believes he is a middle man and that America hates McCrae, Amanda and Helen all the people he worked with.  He thinks that America must like Candice. Judd said that McManda has hurt him bad. That they take credit for everything everyone else did.

All houseguests were in bed by 2:00 am however the two chickens (Spencer and Judd) could not sleep and were up again discussing how they both are worried over VETO. They wish each other luck on the VETO and tell each other that if it is Double elimination this week they got each other’s back. Then they both went back to bed.


Who will win VETO? Who is the replacement nominee? Will Amanda torture anyone else once VETO is over? Will McCrae stop crying and come out of bed? Who else will Spencer make a deal with to cover his back in a double elimination? How will these two chickens cluck their way through VETO? Who knows only tomorrow will tell. Thanks Updaters!