6:30 PM
Immediately Amanda spills all of it to Andy. Judd is MVP and he is trying to frame Howard with nominating Amanda. He wanted Kaitlin gone because she was a vote for Andy. He wants Amanda gone as a vote for McCrae. He wants Helen gone as a vote for Andy. He's keeping Jessie as his messenger and taking her to final 2. Andy questions if Judd is that smart, but otherwise listens intently as Amanda spews all the Judd related theories. Andy recommends having someone up at night to keep tabs on Judd.

Later Spencer takes a stab at getting Andy to flip to vote out Amanda.
Andy then goes to Judd since Spencer said that GinaMarie is 100% on board to vote Amanda out. Judd says she just told Spencer what he wanted to hear. Amanda joins them looking for assurance things will still go as planned.

GinaMarie spends quality time with Aaryn in the HOH with a ‘bash Amanda’ session. She really thinks she is the queen bee. All she thinks about is herself. She freaks out so much, even when she's not on the block. Now that she's on the block, she freaks out even more. She’s having others do her dirty work.
Aaryn advises they can't rock the boat this week, because they tried it before and look what happened; their entire alliance was evicted.
Amanda joins and Aaryn points out if she would just accept being nominated instead of bringing it up constantly, people would not be giving it so much consideration.

Spencer gets time with GinaMarie, asking her who she would like out on Thursday. She says she hates Candice but would want Amanda out. She goes right along with Spencer’s thinking and is very good at joining in with her agreement.

8:30 PM
Spencer and Howard are playing pool and when Aaryn walks by he makes a point to tell her he is prepared to go home next week, "I firmly and whole heartedly believe that my days are numbered." Aaryn doesn't engage and heads back inside. Howard asks if he was planting a seed and Spencer says "We've got a soldier ready to go to battle."

Helen relays to Candice that Howard apologized today and told her to vote for Candice to stay, “You are not going home.”

Howard takes a turn talking to GinaMarie on the hammock. He wants to make a move. If not, vote him out. This results in GinaMarie going through another round of Amanda bashing. She goes along with Howard when he starts naming names on who might flip. He tells her she is low person with the other side. GinaMarie will do things the way she wants and she will leave with her pride.

Howard reviews his chat to Spencer, “I know she is a woman but her nuts are as big as ours.”
Spencer, “Maybe bigger.”

Aaryn finds GinaMarie on the Hammock. Aaryn thinks Candice got MVP because she was on Oprah and that Howard was probably a professional athlete.

While Amanda and Jessie play pool, Jessie recounts her talk with Candice earlier today. She is still not happy with how Candice treated her. Amanda tells her that Candice is a bully (I know, I know) Jessie says, “I need you here to protect me from her.”

Helen talks to GinaMarie about how she's getting closer to Aaryn now. She didn’t realize GinaMarie was present for the bed flipping incident too. GinaMarie blames Nick’s eviction because she stood up to Candice. She also never heard [Aaryn] say any racial slurs and if she did, maybe [Candice] took it the wrong way.

Out at the hot tub, Jessie brings Aaryn up to speed on her run-ins with Candice.
They talk about it being awkward when they had to re-film the POV when Spencer won because he was wearing his sunglasses.

Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Aaryn are discussing all things Judd up in the HOH room.  This results in the outing of the their alliance that included Judd, but they dropped Judd and want to pick up Aaryn. She goes along. GinaMarie comes in and they all want to make sure she wasn’t swayed by Howard.
In this chat, Amanda shares she's gotten in trouble with BB twice for making threatening comments.
Judd joins the HOH crew and jokingly asks if they've been plotting his demise. This clears out the HOH except for Judd and Aaryn who asserts, "They trust you, Judd." Judd clues her in that Spencer was going to make an epic speech if the vote was a tie and tell her the whole house would be against her if she didn't vote his way.

1:30 AM
Aaryn and Elissa have an anti-Jessie powwow, afraid she will slide to the end. Aaryn says her mind has changed about Judd since hearing he wanted to take Jessie farther than her. Elissa agrees noting this is the season of the girls.
Talk turns to Aaryn’s racial slur issue. Aaryn wouldn't say racial slurs because it would be dangerous once she left and she wouldn't do that. She got caught in the middle of being a mean girl because she thought people were against her and she was just trying to fight back. Elissa explains, "I didn't have any emotions towards you, I just wanted to stay away from you. I don't need that in my life. I have a family." They came to an agreement to work together.

Jessie gives her 'Candice spiel' to Andy. Andy promises Candice will be going next week.

Out back, Howard and Spencer are working on GinaMarie again. She wants to make sure Judd and Andy are for sure on board. She says they need to make sure Jessie will vote with them too. Spencer advises she needs to work on Aaryn this week and make her distrust the people she has deals with.
Spencer now tells Howard and GinaMarie not to talk to Andy or Judd about the plan to evict Amanda until Thursday.

Helen and Elissa clue in Candice about the plan to vote Howard out.

A little later, Candice has made it back outside and snuggles up with Howard on the couch.

Amanda and McCrae are alone in the HOH bed. They go over where they think everyone stands and then take advantage of the alone time.

Downstairs Aaryn asks, "So you guys think I should do a tweet that says ‘white power’?” Judd says she shouldn't. She cracks up and says she was kidding. Aaryn brings up the Confederate flag. She says people think it’s racist and Judd says he thought it was just a Southern thing. Aaryn says she thought that too but she guesses there is some stuff behind it. “You can’t do anything. You can’t breathe or you’re racist.” (I’m pretty sure I heard Candice explaining to some of them earlier that the Confederate flag was racist.)

Next GinaMarie whispers to Aaryn about the vote this week and wanting to get rid of Amanda. If they don’t, McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and Helen will make Final 4. Aaryn says, “I want Candice out so bad.”
Aaryn brings up that Amanda came up to the HOH and called her a racist (a few weeks back) and Aaryn says she had to talk about it (in the DR) and “It made an episode...not cool!" They hug goodnight and head to bed.

Aaryn walks in to McCrae and Amanda on her bed. She says Judd is acting so weird. When they ask why, she says she has been hitting on him and he isn't responding to her. Amanda cracks up! Aaryn goes on to tell them that GinaMarie told her that Spencer and Howard really want Amanda out. They speculate there are other House-guests who are related to past House-guests. Aaryn mentions they never see Amanda and McCrae kiss. McCrae says it’s because they are brother and sister.

McCrae walks Amanda to the Have Not door and holds it open so she can see her way to bed. Judd holds up a piece sign and McCrae laughs before quietly closing the door and the house goes quiet just before 5:00 AM.




Will the plan work to vote out Howard, or will the other side get enough support to take out Amanda? And how long before Elissa leaks it to Spencer?

A couple quotes from the day that caught my eye:
Helen: I’d rather know than not know, you know?!
GinaMarie: [Elissa] says stupid idiotic things I would never say!

Thanks to the Updaters for a wild ride today! Also, you may have noticed there is a comments section at the bottom this year. Feel free to chime in if I got anything wrong or missed something major.