7:27PM  - Elissa drops a suggestion for Aaryn to go up; Helen hesitates and says she wants to think about who she nominates.  Andy walks in and Helen jokes she'll nom whoever is bullying Andy. Celebration continues over taking baths, girl time and hanging out in the HOH room, "the best room in America!" exclaims Helen.  Aaryn is thinking she can turn things around, that she hasn't told 'unnecessary' lies. A deflated Jeremy joins his crew for mutual grousing.  Aaryn complains, "from on top to nothing in half a second."   Jeremy leaves and Aaryn complains to Kaitlin that Jeremy (not making a scene) is going to hurt them. McC/Amanda and Jeremy/Kaitlin decide eating dinner is the best move for now, as Andy, Judd and Howard help the girls celebrate in the HN room.  Howard encourages Spence to stick Howard's hinky vote on Jesse. Aaryn and Kaitlin's conversation turns to bashing Elissa and Candice.  Andy tries to encourage GM to talk with Elissa but GM feels that 'bridge is burned.'

8:00PM - Helen offers her HOH cola to GM in an attempt to get her to stop crying.  GM, who has been crying for two hours now, isn't giving up so easily and goes down to the kitchen to sob some more.   Aaryn feels it's unfair for Elissa to get MVP and Amanda tries to explain BB is more than competitions, it's also about personal relationships and that she built one with Elissa the first week.   Jeremy thinks Elissa did a good job getting two guys out. Aaryn doesn't think it is fair they're going to be nominated.

GM rummages thru things in the bedroom until she finds a trophy, Nick's Chap Stick.  Aaryn calls GM 'crazy Mrs. Haversham" walking around with Nick's hat, coffee cup and Chap Stick. Amanda tells Aaryn she trusts Elissa more than she trusted Nick.  McC tells Amanda it's Spencer's fault that Candice had words with Jesse, and that Candice thought Jesse flipped.  Andy is mortified that he was knocked out round two - he felt that was his comp to win. Andy worries Elissa is being too happy; Amanda says she deserves to celebrate a little.  Aaryn and Kaitlin have moved to the chess board and GM - still crying - finds them there; they all agree they want to self-evict.  Kaitlin doesn't like Jeremy sitting at the kitchen table with Candice.  Aaryn tells Kaitlin Jeremy only thinks of himself. GM goes down to the kitchen and Elissa tries to give her a hug but GM waves her off and takes up a position in front of the Memory Wall instead.   Elissa tells McC and Andy that production told her not to be surprised if everyone hated her. McC returns it could be because of her personality.

Elissa, in the Lounge, grills Spence over the hinky vote; Spence blames Jesse but Elissa doesn’t believe him.  In the cockpit, Candice tells Helen she believes in her heart that Jesse was the 4th vote; Helen is convinced it's Spencer.  Candice is upset GM called them trash and cockroaches.  Aaryn proclaims to GM that "all of our actions have consequences" and how America will see (Elissa's) true colors.  GM continues to cry. Jeremy offers the best thing GM can do is take the cash home to Nick.

9:20PM - As the new HOH crew says nice things about Nick in the other room, GM vents on Jesse when she comes in to say she's sorry over Nick leaving.  GM then opens the door to the other room and gives each of the HOH team compliments, explaining how upset she is over Nick.  Aaryn pouts.  Kaitlin says Helen won't put up GM now after such a great speech, and they all laugh. Aaryn tells Kaitlin she's a mean girl, and that her confidence comes off as mean.  "Just telling you to your face," she says to Kaitlin.  Aaryn breaks into her eviction speech and talk turns to crabs and Candice.  Aaryn is not sorry for being "strong, sexy and in a relationship."  Jeremy can't believe "that dumb b..." is still here.  Kaitlin comments that Jeremy doesn't scare a single person.  Jeremy says it's a bad day.  Andy hugs GM in the kitchen.  GM craves Cool-Whip.  Jeremy/Kaitlin/GM agree to boycott chores.  GM's moved onto ice cream.  Amanda tells McC/Judd that Howard and Spencer are trying to throw Jesse under the bus. Andy joins them and they all agree they trust each other and want to carry Elissa as far as possible.

10:10PM  - BedGate 1.0: Aaryn and Kaitlin confront Jesse who's lying in her bed; Jesse retorts Elissa and the other side treats her with respect.  Kaitlin tells Judd to 'get the f...k out' when he comes in to see why Kaitlin's yelling.   Judd takes Jesse by the hand and walks her out.  Aaryn calls her a s...t.  Jeremy leaves to make popcorn.  Aaryn bashes Elissa, then Jesse.  Elissa calms down Jesse and Judd, who is furious.  Amanda helps Jesse get her belongings.  Aaryn bad-talks Judd as Jeremy says, "He picked the winning side." Aaryn pouts and Jeremy tells her to take her negativity and 'shove it.'  Jeremy says he doesn’t want to go home empty-handed.  Kaitlin thinks it looks catty that they stay in their room while the others are having fun. She feels they're back in high school on the 'other' side- Aaryn: The losing side? Kaitlin giggles a Yes. 

10:40PM  -  BedGate continues. Aaryn is seized with a sudden temper tantrum and throws all the pillows off Candice's bed that she's sitting on and then flips Candice's mattress over against the wall.  Jeremy tells Andy, McC, Amanda, and Elissa in Flight Room that he's in the middle of this and not taking over any bed, he just wants a bed.  Candice is unaware of the events.

10:42PM  - HOH REVEAL!  Helen received artwork from her two boys: hand painted plates and finger-paint drawings done by Charlie and Henry. There were pictures of them also, and a few chess pieces and corks (from restaurants she and her husband went to.)  Helen cries as she starts reading her letter.  Andy wipes tears.  Helen chokes up, her sons are praying for her.  Kaitlin and Candice also are teary. 

BedGate 2.0 -  Jesse leaves HOH to reclaim her bed as GM flops on the adjoining bed. Kaitlin lays down on Jessie's bed in spite of her protests.  Candice comes down to change into pajamas and finds her bed destroyed.  Jeremy gets on Jesse's bed with Kaitlin, so now three are on the bed.  Candice puts her mattress back on the base as Jeremy, Kaitlin and Jesse argue. Jesse protests Jeremy invading her space; it makes her uncomfortable. Jeremy asks Jesse random questions as Kaitlin laughs and taunts Jesse.  Aaryn comes in, and Jeremy asks if she got in trouble [for flipping the bed.] Candice says (off-camera) that if someone flips her bed again there's going to be trouble and threatens to pull an Evil Dick.  Aaryn, rolling her upper body in a bad-girl movement, brags, “Whatcha goin a do gurl, whatcha goin’ a do?” and flips her hair.  "Do something!  I wanna see it riiiaaght now!” as Kaitlin parrots in the background, "I'd like to see that" and then tells Candice 'don't talk.'  Aaryn taunts, "Furthermore, I wouldn't get in your bed anyway with all them crabs."  Howard walks in and Candice explains her bed being flipped while Kaitlin and Aaryn continue taunting, Aaryn chanting, “Whatcha goin’ a do gurl, whatcha goin a do?" Howard reaches for Candice's hand and walks to the door as the girls continue to taunt.  He pounds loudly on the door, "Candice, Candice..."  GM gets up from the bed and walks up to Candice, yelling, 'What you gonna say, what you gonna say?" as Howard looks on and Jeremy remains prone.  Howard pushes his way between GM who is this close to Candice, picks up Candice and carries her out of the bedroom.  Aaryn laughs and brags she would flip the bed again if she wouldn't get yelled at.  Jeremy says into his pillow, "...you're not making it any better for yourselves."  Jeremy: "So I think this game has gone to a personal level?"

Jessie, who's still laying claim to her own bed, remains in the room.  After a period of silence, Aaryn tries to argue with Jessie and Jessie tells Aaryn she flipped because the other side treated her with respect.  "I don't think you have to attack people viciously," she says.  Aaryn complains she did everything she could think of to get along with Elissa but Elissa gave up Aaryn's name to McC for noms. Jessie starts to contradict her story and Aaryn accuses her of getting things 'twisted.'

11:10PM  - Amanda enters and tells them, "Ladies you all talk s..t about each other...f...king stop!" She yells at Aaryn they are picturing Aaryn as 'very racist.' Aaryn accuses Amanda of making things up.  Amanda is getting frustrated and outs what Aaryn has said about Kaitlin.  Aaryn outs the McC/Amanda and Jeremy/Aaryn secret alliance.   Tit for tat ensues, as Aaryn accuses Amanda of pot stirring and Jesse holds her ground with Kaitlin and with Aaryn.  Judd comes in and fetches Jessie, calling them 'trash' on the way out. GM runs out and Judd says he wasn't talking about her.

11:26PM - (Ed Note:  This next paragraph is very sensitive in nature.  I don't mean to invade Howard's privacy, but I think it's important that people realize the very real pain discrimination causes. I don't mind admitting I cried as I typed this.) Howard in the HN room: He's leaning against a stack of suitcases; sweat on his brow, his face is contorting as he struggles to control his anger.  He calls on his faith, "Help me Lord, please. Please.” Kaitlin pops her head in; Howard warns in a very low voice, "Get out.” He's crying without sound.  "Help me Lord; I can't do it by myself." He blows out heavy breaths and repeatedly calls on the Grace of God.  He's down on his knees now and continues his prayer.  The DR calls him and he ignores it.  As Howard continues to try to compose himself, emotions flash across his face in rapid succession: despair, anger, anguish, frustration, sadness, confusion, fury, heartbreak.   He prays silently as his breathing slows. 

Elissa, Helen and Andy comfort Candice; they're all sitting on the bathroom floor in the HOH room as Jesse joins them. Candice is explaining about her flipped bed and how Aaryn was talking to her, and explains how she's had to deal with racism her entire life, that it was hard being in an all-white school.  Candice admits she said things back that were inflammatory; everyone understands why she reacted. Candice: "...It’s 2013!! It's crazy!!" Candice worries her temper might get Howard in trouble.  Helen pep-talks Candice, "Every one that's ever been discriminated against.. is rooting for you right now," and offers Candice to spend the night in the HOH room.  Elissa continues to stroke Candice's hair and hold the tissue roll. Helen: "This abuse needs to stop in this House." Elissa leaves to get Candice's 'girl stuff.'   Andy is worried he will lose his temper.   Elissa gathers Candice's things while Aaryn and GM sit on their bed talking.  Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen are in the HOH nervous-eating.  Judd leaves and Candice dissolves into sobs on the couch - Jesse and Helen comfort her. Helen wants to show some love to GM, Candice gives her a look and says GM was saying stuff with the rest.  Helen sells GM.  Elissa says GM is crying again.  Howard comes up to the HOH, walks in slowly and speaks softly as he asks Candice how she's doing.  He leaves to be alone in the HN room.  Candice starts crying again as Helen tells her they're not worth her tears.   GM is now crying in the same bed as McC, Amanda and Andy; Andy offers words of comfort to GM.