12:00AM  - GM is still crying.  Aaryn blames Elissa for people not liking her and blames Candice for 'turning the house against me.'  She starts crying.  Jeremy tells Aaryn that it's just the other side trying to 'break you down.' Aaryn checks her makeup in the mirror. She thinks people call her a racist because she's from Texas - people take what she says and 'twists it." GM blows her nose.   Aaryn goes to the bathroom, rummages for towelettes and dabs her eye makeup again.  Jeremy laments to GM he has no team left, and agrees to Elissa to give up the bed when Elissa and Jessie are ready to go to sleep.  Jeremy talks calmly to GM as Aaryn returns to the room.   Jeremy tells Aaryn her actions affect him, too, and says the whole situation is (foobar'd.)  Aaryn plays the blame game.  GM blows her nose again.  GM and Jeremy blame escalation of the situation on Candice.  Elissa comes in and asks Aaryn if she can move the drawer full of shoes so Elissa can have a drawer; Aaryn agrees.  Amanda apologizes to Aaryn saying she felt Jesse was being ganged up on.  Aaryn apologies, and says 'being southern' affects how she's portrayed.  She doesn't want the racism talked about, she wants it to be "let go, to just stop."  Aaryn is upset she's in the 'minority of the house' and blames Elissa.  Aaryn tells Amanda she doesn't know what to do, and complains the whole house is talking about her.  Elissa is silently unpacking in the background.   Aaryn tries to put Amanda on the defensive over her David vote.  Amanda says Aaryn's recall is incorrect.  Aaryn switches to blaming Elissa and then Jesse for her problems.  She hints if the power flips back to Aaryn, Aaryn will look at Amanda as taking the game to a whole new level.  Amanda reiterates she likes Aaryn but it would be difficult for her to align herself with Aaryn.  Aaryn calls Amanda 'malicious' and accuses Amanda of not listening to her and wanting to one-up her.  Amanda says Aaryn's 'victimizing herself.'  Aaryn tells Amanda she's being defensive and condescending. Amanda suggests Aaryn look up the meaning of condescending.  Amanda tells Aaryn that 'conversations like this' put Aaryn in the position she's in.  Elissa calls Amanda into the other room.  Amanda comes back in the room to find Aaryn talking about Elissa, as Elissa slips into the room unseen.  Amanda asks why Aaryn would make herself a bigger target by flipping a bed. Aaryn retorts that she and Candice will "never" get along.  McC interrupts and says, "That’s where your gameplay sucks."   Aaryn turns her back and walks out.  Andy talks to Jeremy about how Elissa was ostracized and how he was bullied for talking to her.  Jeremy denies telling anyone to avoid Elissa, as Elissa stands unobserved, half-in, half-out the doorway.

Up in the HOH, Candice still wants to go downstairs, and Elissa suggests she, Jesse and Candice sleep in Jesse's bed.  Candice finds Howard in the HN room, where he wants to stay the night there to chill out.  He asks Candice to sleep with Spencer and apologizes to her for not being able to 'do the right thing.'  He tells her he cries the same tears she cries. Candice: "But you just gave ours up." (Ed. note: gave up the bed without a confrontation)  Howard sighs, "That’s fine; that's fine."  He warns Candice the girls want her to hit them and it's his duty to defend her.  He tells her again to sleep with Spencer and she leaves him to his solitude. Candice, Jesse and Elissa join Amanda on her bed and Candice decides to rescind 'evil dick' mode and will 'chill out' instead.  She's thinking of sleeping in the HN room with Howard.  Amanda lets Candice know that she accosted Aaryn.

Andy and Helen talk in the HOH about Spencer and Howard trying to pin the hinky vote on Jesse.  Andy believes Helen, Amanda, McC, Andy, Judd and Jessie are 'rock solid' and Elissa is also, but, he says, she's ready to be cut.  Helen's ready to put Spencer up as a replacement nom.  She had hoped that Aaryn 'would mature.'  Helen and Andy express mutual admiration and Andy wants Helen F2.  Candice comes in and Andy says he's sorry for the evening's happenings and then hits the snack basket.  Helen and Andy talk about being geographic ’neighbors’ as Andy gets comfortable with the CD.  Candice is out of the shower and telling Helen about Aaryn's disclosure of the Am/McC and Jer/Aaryn alliance.  They agree McC is on board with them but Candice is wary of Amanda.  Helen speaks of Elissa as a strong player and wouldn't mind being in jury with her.  She wants someone who's 'good people' and good at comps to win.  Loyalty is important to Helen.  Candice tells Helen Jessie tried to get her to vote with Jeremy's side two days ago.  Helen wants to give Jessie a second chance.  Helen thinks Spencer voted hinky.  They agree it is suspicious Spencer hasn't been up.  Helen's willing to forgive Spence if he tells her the truth before Jeremy does.  Candice is 'really proud' of Elissa for making 'two big moves.'  Helen admires her also.  Candice wants to call a House meeting to ask for an end to derogatory behavior.

1AM -  Andy secures a bed for the night. GM enters the bedroom sobbing, and dives under Amanda's covers.  She cries while Jeremy, Andy and Amanda talk.   Amanda asks Jeremy about the man's alliance.  Jeremy denies.  Howard comes in and asks if everyone is cool, he has nothing against any of them.  Jeremy tells him he's cool, it was some crazy s...t.  GM gets up and gets a hug from Howard, which turns into a sob-fest.  "I just want him here," she wails and continues to sob heavily as Candice looks on.  Howard offers words of encouragement to GM but he is clearly uncomfortable she is clinging to him as the minutes tick away. Finally GM wanders off to the couch, still sobbing, where she is being comforted by Kaitlin.  Howard and Candice talk in the hallway and Howard thinks GM's crying more for how she acted today, than for Nick.  GM gets louder and louder.  Howard wants to stay the night in the HN room to get refocused. Candice doesn't want to sleep in Spencer's bed but finally agrees.  Kaitlin and Candice are comforting GM.

1:30AM - McCray tells Amanda about the MC, after asking Amanda to promise not to be mad.  He names himself, Nick, Howard, Spencer and Jeremy, and how he decided to turn after they kept telling him to drop Amanda.  Amanda, "I knew it!"  Amanda says they don't need to tell anyone. Andy pops in and McC and Amanda tell Andy about the MC.  Andy gets animated as McC describes telling the DR the MC was a 'Brigade 0.5.'  Andy's suspicions are validated when McC tells Nick was the ringleader. Andy and Kaitlin talk in the bathroom, she apologizes to him and he tells her she's not a target this week.   Kaitlin feels she's stood up for the wrong people in this game and mentions Andy, Elissa and Candice.  She denies being a bully and says how she's acting is so out of character for her. Somewhere in the background, GM is still sobbing.

2:00AM - Helen talks to Spence and Howard: She tells them she likes Elissa and wants her to have an easy week.  They all feel sorry for GM.  Helen says hello to her children while touching their pictures.  Helen wants to take some time to find out who the stray vote was.  Howard says told others he voted to keep Elissa but he thought if the vote was 7-4 it would be better.  Helen asks them to not lie to her.  Howard's worried only guys are getting evicted.  Helen reminds him before this week there was only one guy out.  Howard feels that those people accusing Elissa of doing things or saying things were the ones doing what they were accusing her of.  Spence speaks up and hopes Helen trusts him.  Helen, Howard and Spencer agree that it wasn't fair Elissa was isolated by the other girls.

2:16AM  - McC relays the  MC truth to Judd next.  Judd wants Jeremy, Howard and Aaryn to go.  

2:30AM - Jeremy and Aaryn are back to bashing, calling Candice fake and Howard a 'true' man.  Jeremy doesn't think Howard thinks Aaryn is a racist.  They talk about karma and how actions come back on you.  Aaryn bashes Elissa and claims Candice is just taking things wrong. Jeremy thinks Aaryn will come back for another season.   Aaryn didn't like everyone jumping up and celebrating with Helen when she won.  Aaryn thinks Nick should have been F4 or F5.  Aaryn wanted an F4 of Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, and Aaryn. Aaryn wants Amanda to go home because she plays personal.  Aaryn wants Judd gone. Aaryn thinks that Howard was angry in the HN room because he was mad at Candice.  Aaryn tells Jeremy and Kaitlin that they should turn the whole house against each other and wants them to think of something to do.  Amanda/McC go to HOH room while Helen is in the DR.  They debate telling Helen about the MC and decide not to yet.  McC and Amanda stop by the memory wall and seem to point to who they want to go home.  They go to bed in the room with Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy and turn the lights out.

3:00AM  - Candice is in the H/N Room with Howard; Jeremy's group talking is keeping her awake.  She's laying on the airline seats.  Howard is comforting her. Andy pops in and offers his bed to Candice and tells her if she changes her mind to wake him up and she can have his bed.  Candice is crying and tells Andy to just take it. Howard tells her he wants her to be in the House.  Candice brings up she defended him yesterday and yelled at Amanda.  Howard doesn't think McC can be trusted as long as Amanda's in the game.  They whisper again and Howard says, don't keep kicking me. Candice apologizes.  Candice feels sorry for GM.   Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin are in the bathroom getting ready for bed.  Aaryn swears she hasn't bullied anyone.  Jeremy feels bad Nick is gone.  Kaitlin says they have no chance of MVP as long as Elissa's around.  Kaitlin tells Jeremy that Andy told her that he and Aaryn are going up, that Kaitlin is safe.  Kaitlin's ready to sacrifice Aaryn so Jeremy can stay.  Judd comes in and he and Kaitlin apologize again to each other.  They joke it must make great TV and Judd quips, "We already got moved to Thursday!"

3:46AM - Jeremy and Kaitlin say neither tried out for the show. Candice comes in and asks who's in the room, and tells Jeremy and Kaitlin she's made an 'airplane bed' in the HN room.  Candice goes back to bed in the HN room - they've taken the cushions off the seats and made a bed on the floor. Kaitlin is worried their days are numbered and doesn't look forward to telling Aaryn she's voting her out. She thinks it would be to Jeremy's advantage to throw Aaryn under the bus.

4:00AM  - All Hamsters in Bed; Howard and Candice are sacked out together in the HN room.

Tomorrow promises to be another eventful day in the BB House. Who do YOU want to be have-nots?