5:41PM - Feeds back!  Helen is acting angry and claims someone slipped the plan they had with Aaryn to do the noms if she won HOH.  Elissa wonders again with Helen if Aaryn should go, but Helen is persistant in wanting Kaitlin gone. Helen asks Elissa to vote, "for me," and Aaryn can go "soon," and Amanda and Aaryn should go on the block next week.  Helen thinks Candice has been working with Aaryn.  Meanwhile, Spencer is telling Howard they need to really work their social game this next week.  Howard says Elissa was trying to get him to vote Aaryn out and he told that to Judd about 10 minutes ago.

5:50PM - BB calls everyone to the living room and we cut to FISH

7:00PM Feeds Back!  Kaitlin was evicted with a 9-0 vote and Aaryn has won HOH!  (GM got a shout-out from Julie for the ice cream competition. Kaitlin only hugged GM on the way out.) Elissa's ball fell in the '0" next to Aaryn's "36."  The competition was a roulette wheel   Aaryn is telling Andy and Judd they did a great job in the competition.  Andy and Judd are very supportive of Aaryn's win.  Helen congratulates Aaryn in the SR.

7:20PM SR - Helen, still talking to Aaryn, is blaming Elissa for 'leaking' their deal to control Aaryn's nominations, and complains Elissa is tanking Helen's game. Helen worries Candice will "flip" over Howard going up.  Aaryn will honor her deal for noms, but she tells Helen she really wants Elissa to go.  Helen knows Elissa wants Howard protected but she spins it to Aaryn that Elissa is threatening Helen personally if Howard  goes up.  Helen says Elissa was the one who told Candice about their nominations deal (but we know it was Helen, who. from the show tonite, told Jessie, Judd, and Andy on the backyard couch - 12 minutes into the show).

Meanwhile, Candice tells Howard about the deal Aaryn made, that  Elissa and Helen will control the nominations, but Howard can't let Spencer know what's happening.  Spencer tells Aaryn in front of GM that he will vote out whoever she wants as long as he's safe.

7:30PM  Aaryn tells Spencer and GM  that she heard that Candice was coming after GM and was threatening to come after Aaryn if Aaryn didn't nominate Spencer and GinaMarie.  Aaryn says she didn't want HOH this week.  Helen is telling Judd, Amanda and McCrae that Elissa was the person who leaked the nominations deal to Candice, that she saw them talking pre-eviction. Helen give her best acting shot at feigned outrage, "I had no idea she was screwing up my game!"  Amanda wants Spencer and Howard on the block. Aaryn says she's the '"slave of the house."

Judd calls Elissa a name for allegedly leaking the information (although he hasn't confirmed it with anyone else,) and calls Candice one, too.  McCrae joins in the Elissa-bashing and blames "this mess" on her.  He calls her "entitled" and brags how she's going to "feel the pain" of being on the outside.  Helen, McCrae and Amanda begin the chorus that Elissa has to go.  Helen pretends to be upset, that "Elissa" telling will mess up the deal with Aaryn. (Helen is trying to sink Elissa's game.)  McCrae complains that Elissa only 'thinks about herself' and that she should overlook racial slurs and still be nice to [racists], otherwise she's "just as bad as them." Helen presses her feigned insult, complaining that she came to play a game, not get 'screwed over', and they don't need Elissa for their numbers.  McCrae babbles about karma.

Elissa is eating dinner in case she's a HaveNot.  When Aaryn walks thru the kitchen Elissa congratulates her and then makes small-talk with GM.  Aaryn comments that Elissa's ball almost fell on "the 36" (Elissa's fell on the "0" next to the "36".)  Aaryn, GM and Elissa chat about the competition.  Aaryn and GM leave and Judd says that he's pretty sure she's not safe but he'll make sure she doesn't go up.  He and Elissa talk about how she can see her family when she gets HOH.

Jessie, Spencer and Andy think Elissa is a 'sitting duck' since she can't play POV.  Amanda takes Aaryn aside in the Color Room and says people will be spreading lies about Elissa to get Aaryn to put up Elissa, but Howard and Spencer should go because they'll target Aaryn next week.  Aaryn says she trusts Amanda more than anyone. 

GM is talking to Judd in the SR.  She says she overheard Candice saying to put her and Spencer up.  They agree they don't like Candice and hug it out. GM goes to Andy in the HaveNot room and complains to him about Candice, also. GM wants Candice and Howard to go up. They agree they don't like Howard or Spencer.

7:50PM  SR - Judd and Aaryn are talking. Judd doesn't like Howard and really doesn't like Spencer.  He offers to carry Aaryn's luggage up to the HOH room for her.

8:00PM Aaryn, Andy, GM, Jessie, Amanda, Candice and Helen are talking in the bedroom.  McCrae and Spencer are in the Lounge.  Spencer doesn't care who goes. 

8:00PM  SR -  Helen tells Candice about the deal she made with Aaryn to control the nominations, and says she heard it come back to her from "Jessie."  She asks Candice not to tell anyone that Jessie told her.  Helen promises to keep Candice and Elissa off the block; she says the target is Spencer. They talk of trusting each other.  Helen wants to keep Howard if she can and that "everyone in the house" wants Elissa out, that they can't tell her.  Helen wants the blame on Elissa for Kaitlin calling the  "town hall" meeting.  She wants Elissa out after Aaryn, and asks Candice for secrecy, that she needs to keep Elissa in the dark.  Candice says she would rather Elissa stay than Howard.  Helen will encourage Aaryn to put up GM and Spencer.  Helen asks Candice not to say it was Jessie that told about the nomination deal because Helen's already told everyone it was Elissa. 

9:00PM  Hallway Bedroom - McCrae and Amanda are talking in bed. McCrae wants Howard and Candice up; Amanda wants Howard and Spencer up.  Elissa comes in and they tell her Howard and Spencer are throwing her under the bus saying Elissa was trying to flip the vote. Elissa thinks McManda are talking about the Kaitlin meeting but they say they heard this just hours before the eviction.  Elissa says, this is new.  Elissa tells Amanda that Candice came to her and Helen about the deal made with Aaryn to control noms. McManda play agitated that Elissa is being targeted. Amanda tells Elissa that it's the people Elissa want to protect that are throwing her under the bus, and Elissa is upset because she had only talked game with Helen today, noone else. Amanda doesn't think it is Helen saying anything, she thinks it's Candice.

Andy, Candice, Howard, Spencer and Jessie are in the Lounge. Andy doesn't know that Jessie is under the pillows and sits down on top of her leg.  Jessie pops up and scares him.  They send Andy out to get another victim (Helen) and Spencer and Howard go back to a rude game of 'would you rather' as Helen freaks out over the options.  Jessie pops up and Helen pummels her and then Spencer, Howard and Andy with a pillow.  "I could'a had a heart attack!" she laughs. 

Andy and Elissa join McManda, who are talking about a possible coup de tat.  Elissa asks for assistance doing a yoga pose, putting her feet to her hands.  "I'm a yogi, I don't have a spine," Elissa exclaims, as they worry about hurting her.  Candice volunteers to help. Andy asks Amanda where to put his bandaide, bringing a short pause to the room, and they say on his sideburn. Candice starts to help Elissa bend and they get within 8 inches of her hands.  Spencer has a big smile on his face.  Andy  proclaims, "I'm a very traditional girl unless I'm drunk" (LOL!)  Elissa thinks the episode was entertaining and hopes that BB rewards them.  Candice wants wine and Helen wants a luxury comp.  GM is alone in the Color Room and is straightening up her dresser. 

9:36PM  Aaryn says she picked the wrong people to play with and she wants to start over. Aaryn wanted to give Kaitlin a hug but she just walked out the door.

10:00PM Howard has a few words with Aaryn at the refrigerator, he'll tell her what he thinks and they'll go from there. Howard walks around the dining room and kitchen, talking to himself. "Play it cool, play it cool, make sure that Candice doesn't talk about anything," he says to himself in the bathroom.  He continues to talk to himself as he walks thru the house to the hallway bedroom.  He asks everyone if it's ok if he eats or is everyone waiting for the HaveNots and they tell him to eat.  He continues to talk softly to himself as he moves around the kitchen, "She's with me the whole time.  She's with me the whole time."  As Howard eats alone at the table, Amanda chases Judd around the house.  Howard continues to practice what he will say to Aaryn.

10:20PM Aaryn called to the DR. Andy wants everyone to hide from her and jump out and scare her.  Amanda and Howard play chess while everyone else lays or sits on the floor as they laugh quietly amongst themselves. Aaryn comes out and exclaims, "Who wants to see my HOH Room?!" to complete silence.  "Where are you all? I hate all of you," she exclaims,  as she pauses on the first step and then goes upstairs.  Everyone laughs and jumps up. 

Leak of the HOH room shows the clown is back and there's a beauty pageant ribbon a friend made for Aaryn's 18th birthday. A heart-shaped box contains gold earrings from her mother, and there's her cat, Pumpkin's collar, another letter from her sister, also a picture of her snowboarding (related to community service) and a Jessica Simpson CD.  Outside,  Judd tries to unlock the door, but Amanda says she can do it and takes the key and they all pile inside. Everyone's looking at pictures. Aaryn mentions one photo of her friends, Kaitlin and Sarah.  Amanda picks up a picture and says Kaitlin looks familiar and asks if she's from Austin; Aaryn says yes.  Amanda thinks she knows her.  

The letter is from Aaryn's sister. "I have full faith in you...I know you can do this..stay true to the morals you were raised with...stay strong, face your challenges and keep trucking along. Never forget who you are..." Aaryn got foundation makeup and is really happy to get the  shampoo/conditioner she asked for.  Some of her goodies are: White wine, chenin blanc, double-stuff oreos to fry, new nail colors for the nail party (everyone claps), but no ice cream.  Someone says congratulations and everyone claps.  McManda, Elissa, GM and Howard are on the bed.  Jessie joins the bedcrew, sitting next to the CD player. Candice and Andy sit in the chairs under the TV.  Helen, Spencer and Judd are on the couch. Aaryn offers up the second pair of HOH slipper to whoever wants them.   Elissa tells Aaryn she's really glad Aaryn got "Jessica Simpson."  Pretty quickly, everyone but Judd, Jessie and GinaMarie leave the room.  Amanda is going to put Oreos in the freezer. 

Elissa wonders  to McC in the hallway bedroom if there will get wine since they have a comp tomorrow.  She tells McC that it's 'so crazy' how people's attitudes change and McC tells her to just play along.  Elissa says Aaryn hugged everyone when she won the HOH and walked by Elissa;  McC tells her to just be cool.  Andy and Helen linger at the memory wall. 

Aaryn tells Jessie this HOH feels different; people acted happier for her.  She knows that she and Elisssa won't ever be friends but at least she came up and talked instead being awkward.

Howard explains the basic chess moves to Candice while telling Candice he's got a feeling Aaryn's not going to like to be told what to do, but they can't control everything.

11:02PM  Aaryn laughingly tells the room, "There's even less fish! Took out all the black ones because I'm racist!"   and says she's kidding.  McC does a headcount - there's 11 now; Amanda says there's 15.  Judd thinks the fish are different fish than his HOH, and then gets mad at Helen saying (earlier) he probably couldn't take the HOH shampoo downstairs (he left almost full bottles behind).  Jessie comments the HOH was a crap-shoot comp and Aaryn is glad because she doesn't want people to think she's too strong. 

Amanda is acting pretty scary - she's assumed a sweeky clown voice and is 'speaking' for "Clownie."  Jessie is stressing the last few hours of HaveNot.  Aaryn complains about Candice as she unpacks her suitcase into the HOH dresser.  Aaryn pulls Jessie's bikini top out of her suitcase and puts it on the couch, explaining that Kaitlin must have grabbed what she though were her swimsuits and packed them for her. 

Amanda says Elissa was crying and she heard that Elissa was trying to flip the house beforehand, which made Elissa even more of a target.  Aaryn says that Helen came in "pissed" at what happened and said when Aaryn suggested Elissa going up, Helen turned her head and said she just didn't want to know about it.  Aaryn thinks she's going to put up Spencer and Howard.  Jessie agrees. Amanda agrees.  Jessie adds, "Then you can keep your word."  Amanda refers to Helen and Elissa as "so manipulative," and suggests that Elissa will be gone soon.