Howard says he stayed with her purposely so nobody could lie about her.  After he came out of the DR,  all the guys are in the cockpit and Spencer was sitting there and he said, this is what the rumor is.  Candice wants to know who told Spencer.  Howard says he never said, "That's why I know it's a setup; they're trying to get something started."  He tells Candice he told Aaryn that he wouldn't talk game with her tonite but wanted GM there tomorrow when he did talk to her.  He tells her he heard it the rumor from Aaryn and when he went downstairs he heard it again from Amanda (and Spencer already knew).  Candice is angry and raises her voice.  Howard pleads with Candice to be cool,  right now Howard has to use Spencer to convince Aaryn to make a move.  He doesn't want Candice to blow up.  Candice really  doesn't appreciate him saying that about her.

3:17AM Color Room - Candice and Howard hear Judd and Andy; Candice turns over as Howards acts like he's asleep. Candice tells them they can turn on the light and the boys act like they're getting in their beds, Andy into GM's bed and Jedd into Jessie's bed.  Howard continues feigning sleep as Andy quickly puts sheets on his bed with Judd's help and he and Judd exit.  Candice whispers to Howard, "I'm not going to blow up. I'm a professional person that's 30 years old!.I  have a temper but I know when to lose my  temper, I'm not crazy!" Howard's response is mumbled. FISH  Howard and Candice hug it out.  Judd is in bed now.

Candice lets out a quiet sob as Howard says, "shhshsshhh, don't cry."  He holds her close as she continues crying quietly.  Judd is silent. "I know it's messed up," Howard says, "we have to be smart."  Candice sniffles.  Howard looks up to the ceiling and shakes his head, deep in thought. Candi sniffles again and rolls over, still crying.  She grabs her contact case, and momentarily loses a contact on the blanket. She and Howard whisper and we go to FISH at 3:31AM.  Candice is taking her mic off and settling down at 3:35am

3:30AM HOH Room - The girls' big night continues.  Andy pops in to relay that Howard looked at him strangely.  Andy wants Howard and Spencer on the block together; one could win and take the other off.  Andy asks Aaryn again if Howard is the target and she says yes.  GM asks if everyone thinks that Howard is faking being bad at competitions.  Andy thinks he is faking.  Aaryn, very tipsy now, says she really wants to put up Elissa because she thinks that Elissa is the only person who would put her on the block. Aaryn is going to tell Helen that she will only put up Spencer and Howard if she gets safety for next week. 

Andy assures her none of their side would put her up and says Spencer and Howard are schemers, not to believe what they say.  Jessie says that rocking the boat makes people targets; Elissa was made a target for rocking the boat.  The girls wonder why Judd didn't put up Howard and Spencer and start wondering if they're working together, but Jessie deflects.  Jessie is glad Kaitlin is gone.  Aaryn goes back to talking about Elissa.  She's afraid that Elissa would put her up. Andy says they'll threaten her if she does.  Aaryn says again, I didn't put any of you up, you can't put me up.

3:52AM Candice is up and goes into the H/N room with her microphone.  She puts on sweats and makes up her HN bed, turning out the lights. She appears to be crying to herself.

4:00AM HOH Room - Aaryn gives her Spencer/Howard speech again.  "Spencer, you voted David out and went against me, when I told you I'd go after you, and you lied to my face that you had my back, and tried to flip the house.  Howard, you have thrown competitions, you've lied to me and tried to flip the house on me, and that's why you're going up."  "Why the F wouldn't they go up?" she ends. 

Jessie suggests Aaryn tell Elissa she's doing this to squash hard feelings and says, "well it came out that Elissa was lying and everybody thought it was Aaryn, but then it switched, so everybody could see Elissa's true colors."  Aaryn says with a satisfied smile, "The other night was just like Christmas."

4:10AM HOH  Aaryn thinks the reason Howard wants GM at her talk with him is because GM was "kind of going against (her) in the rainbow room" and siding with Elissa.  GM felt it was Kaitlin's issue.  Kaitlin was sitting in a corner with her head in her hands; GM didnt know what was going on.  Aaryn thinks that Howard thinks GM is on his side more than hers. GM says that doesn't make sense. "Maybe he just wants a witness," Aaryn concedes.  GM doesn't want things to turn around the way Helen turned it around about Kaitlin. "It has to be a legitimate deal or it gets around," GM warns.  Aaryn tells GM the reason Kaitlin went home is because of Amanda.

GM calls Jessie a 'flip-flop' and  "a floater, 100%."  GM says she'll compliment Elissa on her dress but she won't go off in a corner and have tea-and-crumpets with her. GM exits at 4:36 after congratulating Aaryn, leaving Aaryn alone to enjoy her first night as HOH. 

5:30AM All Houseguests are asleep.

Will Howard be able to sway Aaryn or will he end up on the block?  Is Elissa in real danger?  Who will be the MVP nominee?  And more importantly, who will be the HaveNots? The game is moving so fast, it's hard to predict !

A special thanks this evening to the great updaters for their help!