Is it time for Kait to Skate?

It is the day before evictions and Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin three of the most controversial players in the Big Brother game are up for eviction. They all have ruffled the feathers of every single other House Guest at one time or another so everyone has reasons for wanting each of them gone. This is causing a division amongst the other HouseGuests.

All three of the women have been told they are safe but not to let on to anyone that they know they are safe. The plan is to keep Aaryn and GinaMarie and blindside Kaitlin. Howard and Spencer want to keep Kaitlin and GinaMarie so they can use their votes to take over the house and after get rid of them. The rest of the house want all 3 of the women gone but they want Kaitlin gone first because she is physically strong and her social game is strong.

9:58am Andy is up and picking pimples in the bathroom. Soon the other House Guests are up.

10:14am Andy and Helen are in the hammock in the backyard. Andy asked Helen about Elissa possibly ruining the plan to back door Kaitlin by Elissa telling Kaitlin she heard she was a in a four person alliance with Howard, Spencer and GinaMarie (which was true). Helen says she told Elissa if you play the game with your alliance you are protected. Elissa says she did not need protection and Helen told her she does. Helen says Elissa feels bad about talking to Kaitlin. Helen says she is going to have a hard time trusting Elissa now. Judd joins Helen and Andy in the backyard and Helen tells Judd Elissa feels bad about what happened. Helen says Elissa is confused and just wanted to know the truth and she knows she f@#$ed up.

1:18pm Candice calls Amanda out about wanting Howard gone. Candice says she is protective over Howard just like Amanda is over McCrae. Candace said she knows people make fun of Howard and his religious beliefs. Amanda acts as if she never said anything about Howard.


2:29pm Indoor Lock down. The House Guests gather up dishes and head inside from the backyard. There is general chit chat during the lock down.

Elissa ask if anyone has had sex in the house. Amanda says she has not because she knows it would be on the internet forever. McCrae says a few people have had sex in the house. Judd asks Candace if she has cried while in the house and she says she has. Amanda says she has too. Jessie wants Spencer and Andy to act like they are the other person for the rest of the day.

3:36pm The DR told Candice that they would open the backyard up in a couple of hours. The House Guests can hear building in the backyard and think there will be practice for the HOH competition.

7:04pm GinaMarie and Kaitlin are playing tic tac toe. They both are talking about how Aaryn's parents are wealthy.

GinaMarie says she does not want to sound desperate but she needs the money. She says she would never be a stripper and Kaitlin says " You would be so good at it."


7:57pm Kaitlin, Judd and GinaMarie are in color room. Kaitlin says she's worried about Andy's vote because Andy and Helen both promised to protect her last week but she was nominated this week.

Judd going through the possible votes. Kaitlin asks about Jessie and Judd says he doesn't know about Jessie because she's been hanging around Aaryn a lot lately.

Judd jokes and tells GinaMarie that if the vote is 3-3-3 he's going to evict GinaMarie and apologizes. Kaitlin says she's gonna be mad at Judd if she gets evicted.

8:41pm The House Guests are practicing outside for the HoH competition. The practice HOH is a ramp with buckets on it as obstacles at the bottom is a rotating platform with buckets. You have to roll a ball down the ramp avoiding the obstacles on the ramp and time it right so that it lands in a moving bucket at the bottom. All the House Guests are practicing. Andy does the best out of everyone.