Big Brother Daily Recap August 9, 2013

Safe nominations and Amanda’s next obsession


8:00 am – Big Brother woke the houseguests up The houseguests were a bit slow getting up and BB had to yell at them “I told you it was time to get up for the day”.

They all got up and started doing their Morning routine. Elissa did say to Helen that she did not understand why Judd was upset with her and Helen for his eviction. Helen said that she hopes he sees the light later. She also said that Aaryn was scared to put up Judd but she kept reassuring her that they had the votes.

McCrae is still upset over voting Judd out. Helen tried to reassure him that it was a good move. That he would not want to have to pick between him and Amanda on who should go first. She said that it was his time to go. McCrae listened and just kind of agreed with her to get rid of her. He clearly was still upset of Judd leaving.

Andy and Spencer solidified an alliance. Then Andy left to take a shower and Spencer said guess Andy does not know that being in an alliance with him is a kiss of death.

First in the HOH to talk game with Andy is McCrae and Amanda, Andy tells them that he wants to nominate Jess and Spencer and if one comes down Ginamarie will go up and out. He wants Ginamarie out. Amanda wants to put up Helen as a replacement nom and keep her and vote out Jessie. She said she wants to show her loyalty to Helen. 

When they leave Helen entered to talk to Andy. Andy immediately told her what Amanda said about putting her up as a replacement nomination and gaining their trust. Helen said they were running out of time to get one of them (McCrae and Amanda) out. That they need to break them up. Andy said he did not want to go after them because they would not put him or her up. That they want to gain her trust. Helen then told him she does not want to go up. Andy asked her who she would put up. She replied she would put up McCrae and Amanda and make a deal with one of them then get the other one out.  Andy then said he wants Jessie out that she is hard to work with. Helen then said that if she gets HOH next week then he better not try to talk her out of putting up Amanda and McCrae.

Next Andy talks to Jess and tells her that if she goes up she is not the target.  After she leaves Andy tells McCrae that he told Jess she was not the target in case she wins VETO.

Next Andy talks to Ginamarie and he tells her she is not going up. He also said to her that he hopes she will not put him up if she gets HOH the next week. She said she was cool with that that she only hated Candice and she is gone now. She said that she hated her for things she said to Aaryn. Andy said he did not know who he would put up if Spencer or Jess got VETO and Ginamarie said she hopes it is not her, she kept him safe last week and will keep him safe the next week.

Next in the room is Elissa and Helen. He again repeats that Jess is target unless she gets VETO then it will be Ginamarie. He said he wants to keep Spencer safe this week that he keeps getting put up. Elissa agrees and leaves when Spencer comes in. Andy again told him the same thing and reassured him that he will be safe,

Noon time the house guests have an outdoor lock down. They speculate that it is so they can set up the have not foods. When the feeds get cut and come back in like 10 minutes we see that the houseguests did get Mackerel and Mung Beans.

Next Aaryn goes to HOH to talk to Andy. Andy again explains his plan. Aaryn said she does not trust Spencer and thinks he will put her up. Andy said he will talk to him if he wants to do that, he said he wants to blindside Jess so whoever gets VETO should keep it the same. Amanda comes in the room and starts telling Andy that Jess has to go home even if she is up against Ginamarie. Andy disagrees, he wants GInamarie out if she goes up because she does not get being a pawn and will come after him. Amanda made sure that Andy did not tell Helen that she suggested putting her up. He assured her he didn’t.

5:20 pm Andy gets a break as the feeds cut for the nomination ceremony. Once the feeds return we see Andy was true to his word and nominated Jessie and Spencer.  Jessie who was alone in the bedroom looked into the camera and said “They must really hate me. I must be doing something right.” In the other room we hear Amanda say to McCrae that next week Helen has to be backdoored. Amanda wants to tell Spencer to put up Helen and Elissa up next week.  Andy again reassures Spencer that he is safe and will not go. Spencer commented and said that he wants to stay and see the couples go after each other.