Andy’s HOH has all but put the game into suspended animation. The Veto meeting is expected to be a mere formality. Will the meeting kick start the game in a new direction?...

8:45 AM
Andy gets in some extra shut eye while downstairs, Amanda mentions she wants to push back the wedding a day. A little later, Amanda and Helen (mostly Helen) were stroking each other’s egos for their game play so far.

Spencer and GinaMarie bash on Candice; Mostly GinaMarie taking potshots at Candice being adopted.

Everyone is generally calm, even subdued, except Aaryn. She is a little on edge and is hoping her Adderall kicks in before she freaks out. She and Amanda check each other to see if the can see their undergarments with what they are wearing. Aaryn rips her shorts in the process.

11:30 AM
The Veto meeting runs just over a half hour and when the feeds return, there does not appear to be much change. It takes a while to confirm that Andy did not use the Veto.

Andy and Helen go up to the HOH room for a chat. Helen wants to make the point that it’s still too early to go after Amanda and McCrae.

Later the 3AM alliance of Andy, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae meet in the HOH room. They want Spencer or Helen to go next week. They try to figure a good way to convince GinaMarie to put up Helen if she wins HOH.  Amanda still thinks Judd was MVP.

2:00 PM
GinaMarie and Aaryn are out on the couches affirming their loyalty to each other.

With Aaryn out of the room, Amanda tells Andy that he will get to the final three without ever being nominated because he's such a strong social player. Andy jokes that she should never repeat that or he'll have a huge target. McCrae warns that GinaMarie and Spencer are much closer than people realize.
Amanda and McCrae may prefer having Elissa in the final four so Aaryn doesn’t win her way to the end. Andy admits he would rather take Aaryn to the final four because he's worried that Amanda and McCrae would just take each other to the end and he'd go out in third or fourth. They begin to suspect a Pandora’s Box because of a loud noise behind the wall.

Outside, Elissa does a yoga session with GinaMarie and then with Helen.

Elissa and Helen have a long chat about racial comments made toward Candice. Helen isn’t sure all the stories are true. Elissa tries to convince her they are and that Aaryn and Gina Marie even made comments about Helen. Elissa doesn't want anything to do with them after the show.


7:00 PM
Elissa puts on a green hoodie and impersonates McCrae with Spencer and Helen egging her on.

Jessie tells Aaryn she is annoyed that no one has come to [reassure] her she is staying. But, she still thinks she is not the target. Aaryn thinks Jessie should make a deal with Amanda and McCrae.

Next in the Storage Room, Aaryn relays to Andy that Jessie was almost in tears and if she wins HOH next week, she is going after Elissa. Andy advises she should keep being nice to Jessie.

Later Jessie has a similar chat with Andy, but she expresses it’s mostly Helen and Elissa as the ones that are ignoring her.

GinaMarie tells Aaryn that she asked the Diary Room if she would get in trouble if she beat up Candice in the Jury house.  

Andy reports Jessie’s concerns to Amanda and McCrae. Even though Andy gives them a heads up that Jessie wants to work with them now, they still think Jessie has to go.
They also mention the Diary Room has been stretching for material because things have been boring.

When the house guests use Bible references to disguise talk about their Diary Room sessions, Big Brother comes over the speakers to say, "Stop that. We know what you are doing."

10:00 PM
Andy advises Helen and Elissa they need to get better poker faces. Jessie has noticed they are ignoring her.

With Andy and Spencer egging her on a bit, GinaMarie goes on another ugly rant about Candice.

There is some wild speculation about the how jury members may still be a part of the game. Followed by GinaMarie putting herself into a laundry bag and everyone leaving her there all zipped up.

The dam is about to burst

Just before 11:00 PM Jessie wants to talk seriously to Helen. She is upset that in front of Aaryn, Helen said Jessie was going after Amanda. Helen told her it was public knowledge. Then she accuses Jessie of going after her and Elissa when she was trying to flip the house against Amanda. She finishes up by bringing up that Jessie didn’t think Helen needed the money. When Jessie won’t let her off the hook, Helen storms off.

Immediately Helen tells Amanda, McCrae and Andy about her argument with Jessie.

Not long after, Jessie tells McCrae it was Elissa and Helen that were the ones that brought up trying to get Amanda out last week.

Amanda reports back to Helen, Elissa and Aaryn what Jessie is saying.

Helen and Elissa go down and confront Jessie. They want to know why she is lying about them wanting Amanda out last week. Jessie says she is not lying. Helen walks away saying Jessie is the one going home now.

Jessie asks Amanda (with Spencer and McCrae present) if she is buying what Helen is saying. Amanda said she knows there’s truth to everything. Jessie then asks Amanda what this means about her staying this week. She doesn’t get an answer because a helicopter flies around the house and shined a spotlight into the yard. During this exchange, Jessie asked Spencer to verify that she told him last week of Helen and Elissa wanting Amanda out. He ‘didn't remember.’ Jessie leaves to go to the HOH room where she knows everyone is talking about her.  

Jessie walks in to the HOH, plops down on the couch and says, “What's up?" There’s an awkward silence but it’s not long before everyone is going at it again and Helen storms out.  Elissa goes to leave but not before turning back and pointedly asking if Jessie has been taking medication that would explain her behavior. Andy tells Jessie, “I don't know how to fix this." Jessie points out that Helen is caught in her scheming and never ran it by Andy until she needed his vote. She also informs him she was told to make out with Judd to get his vote last week so they didn’t need Andy’s vote.

Meanwhile Helen reports that Jessie is trying to make her look bad before she leaves on Thursday. Amanda says she believes Helen.

Next, McCrea, Amanda and Andy compare notes. They knew everything Jessie said but now they know Judd was telling the truth when he said they used Jessie to try to get Judd on board. McCrae is worried Spencer is working with Helen and Elissa and they could pick up GinaMarie.

Jessie takes some time rehashing everything with Aaryn.

Elsewhere Amanda is not happy that McCrae was alone with Jessie in the cockpit room with the door closed, “You know that would get my blood boiling, but you did it anyhow.” Aaryn says it scares her that no matter what Jessie says, she comes off believable. Amanda says she believes Helen because she came to her whenever things started. Helen says she will apologize to Jessie for getting angry. Andy and Amanda tell her not to because she did nothing wrong. Amanda adds, "The moral of the story is, you try to flip the house on me; you leave."