05:40 PM    GinaMarie is still in the hammock and Jessie is eating with her feet in the hot tub. She tells GinaMarie she is having a pretty tough time right now. GinaMarie asks her what is wrong, Jessie says she is bored and depressed. Says with the fighting it is hard to separate the game from the personal.

 Inside they talk about movies and Andy, McCrae and Spencer are doing impressions of Candice during her outbursts. Spencer says he knows that Candice and Howard did at least 2 DR's together- they others don't like hearing that- then we get brief fish. Amanda & McCrae leave and Amanda confirms to McCrae that Helen says Spencer is the target next week. They discuss who goes up if this one or that one gets HoH. Amanda says they have 2 weeks to backdoor Helen. Amanda says she doubts the DR wanted to do 2 DR's with Candice and Howard "why them over us? We are so much cuter. Oh cause we are white."

06:17 PM    Amanda comes outside and tells McCrae they should get married tonight, there is nothing else to do and she is bored. Spencer suggests they get married in front of the big camera outside, he says he always cries at weddings, then says he really doesn't. Spencer says they can come out the sliding doors and the aisle can be lines with ducks- Amanda rounds up all the orange towels to make the aisle. Spencer offers to be the best man and the ring bearer. Helen comes out to help Amanda, Spencer offers to dress up in his jeans and hoodie. He says he is worried about Jessie and booze tonight. McCrae hopes Jessie crashes the wedding. Amanda is off to find a sheet for her wedding dress.

07:15 PM   Amanda has found a dress and McCrae is having second thoughts. McCrae, Andy & Spencer are having a Bachelor party- which includes bashing others. McCrae kind of wants to get into an argument with Jessie, says he feels it coming. Andy says Hurricane Jessie thrives on wine. Andy thinks GinaMarie is going to win the game because everyone is afraid to put her up.

The ladies ready for the wedding, making the wedding feast and ironing out details for the "ceremony" Aaryn wants to know if they are going to stomp something in Jewish tradition. Then says they should do a unity candle. Amanda wants the black chess piece for the groom and the white chess piece for the bride on the cake- as Aaryn goes to get the pieces she says "See we're supporting bi-racial couples."

08:13 PM    Spencer is grilling he and Andy talk about Elissa "She is so odd. Not even Rachel was that odd. It's like she is slumming to be here with us."

Elissa asks Amanda if they should invite Jessie to the wedding. Amanda replies with "why so we can give her the opportunity to do something crazy?" Elissa responds with "I love pineapple on a tray."  Elissa doesn't understand why Jessie is attacking her, Helen doesn't miss Candice the way she thought she would and Aaryn says she was only upset when David & Judd left because Kaitlin and Jeremy were both throwing her under the bus.

Spencer asks McCrae how often he washes his sheets at home, McCrae says not that often, Spencer says "then I'm not ashamed to tell you that Helen is wearing my sheets as a toga and I haven't washed them once since I've been here." He asks McCrae if they have Aaryn under control, McCrae says they do- talk about if someone takes Elissa to the end they will win but if they take Aaryn she will win. Spencer says that Helen is a safety "whore" she will do anything to be safe.

The girls are getting ready and GinaMarie isn't feeling well- Helen tells her she has a fever and should go lay down- but GinaMarie says she can't she has to do Amanda's make-up. Looks like Jessie is invited as she is getting ready with the others..

09:03 PM   The guy are outside and Spencer says he can't wait until Elissa and McCrae "smack down about the Bible". McCrae says when he knows he is completely safe he will. Spencer tells them "I mentioned something about the Bible, just history and Elissa wouldn't have it t all." They say she puts herself on such a pedestal. They all three agree she is irrational. Andy loves Spencers name for Elissa and Helen "the Mom Squad." Spencer thinks it would be funny if they started a guys alliance and called it "No Maam." 

Everyone complaining because they only got one bottle of wine, Amanda wants Jessie to go ask for more. She comes back and reports that "they will see what they can do" trying to be supportive Jessie tells Amanda "that looks great."

Amanda "I'm ready for this. I'm ready to get married!"

10:02 PM  McCrae is worried about the Bible verses, Andy tells him "start with the love stuff, go to the funny stuff then end with the love stuff."   

Jessie tells Amanda she's the bridesmaid that doesn't get along with the other bridesmaids, she tells Amanda that she hopes she and McCrae get married for real. Amanda says she does too but he needs to get a better job first. Jessie says she blew it, mixed her game play with personal, doesn't know what to do. Amanda tells her to apologize.

Andy comes in "my room has been girlified!" Spencer and McCrae are adjusting the aisle so there is room incase something should go down. Amanda yells down "Spencer put a F'ing sheet on. Jessie pops up "at least wear a sheet."  Elissa "I'm putting everything together down here, Amanda don't you worry your bridezilla head."

Jessie apologizes to Helen, and asks to talk to Elissa alone. They go to the cockpit and tells Elissa how sorry she is for this morning, she took the game personal and she is sorry. Elissa "Yes, of course. I just didn't understand...I do forgive you." Jessie apologizes to Aaryn as well. Aaryn tells her she tried to keep her it just didn't work out. Also tells her she can confirm that with Andy. Aaryn admits that once she knew Jessie was going home she figured she might as well join in the bashing so she would fit in. Jessie tells her she doesn't care if she stays or not she just want to apologize, she just couldn't separate game from personal.