The wedding begins, everyone humming the wedding march. Aaryn, GinamMarie, Jessie & Elissa all tossing rice. McCrae gives shout outs during his vows.. Ceremony ends and  the toasts begin. Jessie jumps in and Elissa says "I was suppose to go first I'm the maid of honor." Helen says "may you be the best showmance in BB history." Elissa "next to Brenchel". "Sorry." Lots of joking, laughing and sex talk all around.

12:28 AM   Jessie and McCrae talk she tells him that when you are on the block everything can and will be used against you. They discuss if she was the actual target or not. She would like to know why they would keep Spencer over her, Is it personality? McCrae says it is probably a deal, to reach Jessie says she would offer a sweeter deal. Amanda and McCrae tell her that they always thought Spencer was going and Andy hadn't told them different. Jessie says Andy told her he isn't the one to talk to she needs to talk to the voters. Amanda tells her if the house wants her out that is what will happen.

Helen says when they are haves tomorrow she wants a hot-dog, Spencer says he will grill her one. They are counting and they figure out there are 43 days left, Andy is figuring that considering the time left they will either have no eviction or someone will come back. General chit chat, retelling house stories and talking about Survivor. Andy thinks it will be overwhelming to get back to the real world.  Helen goes to bed.

01:23 AM    Amanda and McCrae talk and she says that not only will she have to get back to real life she'll have to get back to real life without him.

GinaMarie doing her favorite thing, Candice bashing and Spencer stands up for Candice, talking about the good things she did and he extended her his friendship because of the relationship she had with Howard.

Amanda doesn't think McCrae will take her to F2, she thinks people target her as a way to break them up.  GinaMarie tells the newlyweds to have a good night and she heads to bed.

Jessie talks to Andy by the pool she wants to see if he is willing to hear offers on deals so she can stay. Andy says he doesn't know where everyone's heads are at but he wants to talk to everyone individually tomorrow.

02:20 AM   Amanda and McCrae go to bed and the make out session begins. Andy is listening to music in the HoH. Everyone else is in bed.

03:24 AM   House guests are a bit restless tonight, GinaMarie gets up for water and Jessie goes outside for a smoke.. both go back to bed. Everyone is asleep.


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