Late Sunday night saw yet another failed attempt to garner votes against Amanda. This time HOH Aaryn let the genie out of the bottle to nominee Helen and will likely have to work all day to put the cork back in. That is unless the Veto meeting today changes everything.

8:30 AM
Right out of the gate, Helen goes to work; First with GinaMarie. The main subject is Andy and his spilling of information. She thinks they need to call him out.
Not long after, Helen is up in the HOH to work on Aaryn. She is immediately floored when Aaryn tells her Andy and Spencer talked and Spencer won’t vote out Amanda and Andy may not either. Helen is just stunned about Andy, while Aaryn tries to keep the conversation on Spencer’s stance.


When Helen is called to the Diary Room, Elissa magically appears in the HOH. Her pitch to Aaryn centers around Amanda’s efforts to turn Aaryn and Elissa against each other. Aaryn doesn’t see it and tells Elissa that Helen has a better chance of staying against Spencer than Amanda. She is not sure which side Andy is on. He will be the swing vote.  Aaryn is worried that Spencer and Andy are working with Amanda and McCrae. Before leaving, Elissa throws out a seed that McCrae is getting vicious wanting the girls to fight.

GinaMarie joins Aaryn in the HOH and is brought up to speed on what was said to Helen and Elissa.

While Aaryn is called to the Diary room, Helen and Elissa powwow in the bathroom. Helen is aware she is taking the fall for the latest attempt to go against Amanda. But, she advises Elissa to work with Aaryn if Helen ends up leaving. Elissa said she would put up Amanda and Aaryn next week and hope Aaryn wins POV to backdoor McCrae. Helen would rather put McCrae and Amanda up together; though she is worried the boys would keep McCrae over Amanda.

11:15 AM
The Veto meeting has just taken place and Aaryn replaced Elissa with Spencer.
Amanda and McCrae are shown in bed, Spencer grabbed a plate of food and sits back in the nominee’s chair looking deep in thought, but the real activity is in the HOH bathroom.
Helen and Elissa are in there with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Helen is harping that Spencer feels safe going up because he is working with Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn’s worried everyone will be coming after her next week. Elissa is pushing that the four of them have to work together when Andy walks in.

Helen tells him he is the swing vote and Andy gets defensive, “Why am I even a question?” Helen’s default response today is to cry and to evoke what America wants and is rooting for the good guys to win, “If I leave it will show America that you are a traitor and not a good person.” Even after he says he is with them, they go to work hard why he should be with them, over Amanda and McCrae.

Fresh out of the Diary Room, Spencer goes to the HOH and Helen asks him to give them a couple of minutes. Helen goes back to crying and selling the virtue of their side to Andy.  Andy still doesn’t understand why he is being questioned. Helen says, “OK, I’m done with my spiel”, but they literally continue on for the better part of an hour.
Once it is just Aaryn and GinaMarie in the room, Aaryn says she will NEVER trust Elissa. GinaMarie is supportive saying to just let her know how she wants her to vote. Aaryn goes on to say (aside from GinaMarie) she doesn’t trust anyone, except for kind of trusting Helen.
Andy returns and makes the case against Helen and Elissa and makes the case for Amanda and McCrae.
When GinaMarie questions him, he point out Helen is less trustworthy because she flipped on Amanda first. He also says that Helen wants the good people to win, not the bullies. But, Helen was bullying him for his vote today.
When Andy is left alone with Aaryn, he assures her she has nothing to worry about in getting Helen out. They get their story straight for talking with Amanda and McCrae.

Helen, GinaMarie and Andy have discovered droves of ants in the Kitchen. Andy apologizes to the ants because Raid kills on contact. GinaMarie decides to lock up half the dishes (by putting them in a cupboard and tying it closed) so people will be forced to wash dishes when they use them. The sounds of dishes being sorted and stashed can be heard throughout the house.

Later while GinaMarie is commiserating with Helen, Andy walks in. The subject changes to Elissa’s Veto speech and Helen being so proud of her she may have cried. Andy says, “You did.”

2:30 PM
Amanda emerges from her bed and Andy is there to tell her all that has taken place since the meeting.

Later, Andy is with McCrae and Spencer in the HOH with Andy telling them everything that has been said about the push to get Spencer out. They also talk about the attention that Amanda and McCrae’s showmance is getting and that GinaMarie may have it out for Amanda because her ‘showmance’ was evicted. They speculate that someone may be returning this week.
The speculation continues when Aaryn and Amanda join them and they also wonder what a Pandora’s Box might be. Aaryn takes the opportunity to work the room about recent events:

Helen was campaigning hard to get Amanda put up
Elissa would put up Amanda and McCrae
Helen doesn't think she has Andy
Aaryn was just going along with the effort to backdoor Amanda last night
She wouldn't have done it.

McCrae wants to have a house meeting to agree to evict the returning player next and have a safe week. Things eventually turn into a Helen bashing session.

4:30 PM
Helen tells Elissa she thinks Aaryn really does want Spencer gone, but Amanda will get in her head.
Elissa thinks Andy really does want Helen to stay, but he's afraid of Amanda and McCrae. Helen then comments that Andy is playing so safe that he can't save his closest ally.  

Up in the HOH, Aaryn and Spencer have a chat. Aaryn says she heard through Amanda that Spencer is targeting Aaryn. He denies it. She really hopes Elissa goes home next week. Spencer agrees next week is easy with Elissa going, but after that he wants to win HOH and isn't afraid of doing something (implying he would go after Amanda).

Aaryn comes out to the backyard carrying Clownie. He has a plastic bag tied over his head. Andy exclaims, “Oh my god, Clownie tried to kill himself again!” Everyone is entertained.