Judd and Elissa talk. They discuss Aaryn and her lies. Elissa said she lies and says vile things all the time. Then she tells Judd that McCrae was telling lies about Gina Marie and trying to get her to nominate Gina Marie. Elissa then said that McCrae told her that she was his (Judd’s) number 1 target. Judd said no way. She then asked him if he was MVP and he said no, she and him both agree it must have been America.  Judd then said that he would be stupid to trust McCrae and Amanda again that they were responsible for his first eviction. She tells Judd how McCrae told her that she was not the target before the VETO competition but once she won it he told her that if she did not win she was going home. Judd said he wants to get Amanda out first. Judd then told her that he trusts her 100% more than anyone else in the house. He then said it is real hard for him to be nice to "them” especially Amanda. Then Judd said he does not trust Spencer either. Elissa said they have to pretend they are not close or they will use that against them. Elissa told him not to do things they say to do the opposite because they will be just setting him up.

5:12PM The feeds get cut to trivia for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds come back we see that true to her word Elissa put up McCrae and Aaryn. Amanda looked pissed, said she hates Gina Marie and tells McCrae that he should be fine and she is worried about herself. Aaryn is pissed too saying she had no control over this and does not like not knowing how this is going to go. Aaryn also told Gina Marie that she has been there for everyone and look to where it lead to.

Andy again approached Elissa and asks her who her replacement nominee will be and she again does not tell him. Andy looked scared like to may be him.

Aaryn finally approached Amanda and they both cried saying it was not fair that one of them will be going home this week. That if VETO is used she (Amanda) will be going up. Amanda also said that Gina Marie said she did not know what she would do if she won the VETO. Amanda is pissed because she has done so much for Gina Marie (even threw her under the bus a few hours ago). Amanda then said so if you get to pick a player pick her so all 4 of them will play. Amanda then said she was pissed that Judd’s key was pulled first because that shows 100% that he is working with Elissa. Amanda then said her biggest (IMO-smartest) move she made was putting her (Aaryn) up against McCrae. Amanda said now the whole house is against her, everyone except Gina Marie .Amanda said that she was the only one that took that HOH seriously and that Gina Marie talked through the entire competition.  

Later when the 3am alliance is together Aaryn asks Andy if he asked her who the replacement nomination is if someone comes off for VETO. He said he asked her (several times) and she won’t tell him. Amanda is convinced that if she wins VETO and pulls McCrae down she will put up Gina Marie, Andy believes it will probably be him. Amanda thinks it will be a punishment/luxury competition. She said she will do anything but shave her head for the VETO. Everyone else thinks it will be morph competition since it is supposed to happen at night.  Amanda thinks that Zingbot will be coming tomorrow (Saturday), others believe Zingbot will come next week. Said like 4 times it is all fun and games until your life depends on it. Amanda kept ragging on Gina Marie and saying she wants to punch her in the face. Both Aaryn and Amanda can’t believe how fake Gina Marie is and how she was nice to Candice when she was here. Aaryn is upset with her because when she said to her I am on the block Gina Marie replied well I am not. They both can’t believe she is working with Elissa. Aaryn then tells them that when she went to Elissa to find out what the plan was Elissa told her she was the target because she did whatever McCrae and Amanda wanted. Aaryn found that to be funny. Aaryn then left and finds Gina Marie.

They head to the Have not room to talk. Aaryn said she is very emotional. Then she said she can’t believe that Judd is working with Elissa. Gina Marie acted surprised at that information. Aaryn said she stands by the moves she made last week. Aaryn then said that Elissa probably thinks she is working with Gina Marie too. Gina Marie sad no that actually Elissa really wanted to work with her (Aaryn). Aaryn then said that Amanda has never lied to her. Aaryn said she can’t blame Elissa for putting her up, which she sent her best friend home and she put her up twice. Gina Marie asked if Amanda is mad and Aaryn said no (another lie). Aaryn then said that she will never put Amanda or McCrae up as long as Elissa is still there. Aaryn then said she was mad that Elissa got pictures of her family and that she did not get any. She then tells Gina Marie that she told Elissa that she will do anything to move forward and she can’t understand why she did not take that deal. They leave to eat dinner that Elissa cooked.

Aaryn corners Judd and asks him how he can work with Elissa when her and Helen wanted him evicted the most (another lie).

Amanda corners Elissa and asks her who she would put up as a replacement nominee. She then said as long as it is not me… Elissa said come on really. Amanda then asks her why she put up McCrae and Elissa said she wants to make sure Aaryn goes home. Amanda then asks Elissa if she noticed how Gina Marie is up her ass today, Elissa said she has hardly talked to her. Amanda replied that she brought you toilet paper, and Elissa told her she was not even in the HOH when she did that. Amanda said well I want you to realize that I treat you the same all the time.

Elissa left and Aaryn comes in. Amanda immediately tells her that Elissa said she was not going up (lie). Aaryn said if she comes off the block Elissa can go F&^% herself. Then the two of them start really bashing Gina Marie again.

Elissa pulled Gina Marie aside and told her that they think they are working together. Gina Marie said that Aaryn just told her the same thing. Elissa said see what they are trying to do. We won’t let them do it. Elissa then told her again that they are trying to get her to put her on the block as the replacement nominee if VETO is used. She then tells her it is not just Amanda that is bad it is Aaryn too. Elissa said she promises that she will be her biggest ally and that she or Judd need to get HOH next week.  Elissa then told her that Aaryn is sacrificing her over McCrae and Amanda. Gina Marie agreed. The two of them start talking and bonding. Andy of course comes in to hear what they are talking about and Gina Marie changes the subject to Nick and starts talking about Nick. Elissa leaves the room and Gina Marie talks to Andy and said she is a little m ad that Aaryn was talking about her eating disorder. Then there was an awkward silence so both made excuses to leave the room. Andy heads down to the other room where the rest of the house is and whispers to Spencer that he will have to catch them up later about the conversation that he just heard take place upstairs.

Judd corners Elissa and asks her what her plan was and she tells him to backdoor Amanda. She tells him that if he was to win VETO he was to use it to take down Aaryn and put up Amanda and McCrae against each other.

Awhile later Elissa tells Aaryn she wants her to stay that she wants Amanda out because Amanda has caused all the problems. Aaryn loves this. She tells her she has to fight for VETO because she wants McCrae and Amanda on the block together. She asks if she is onboard and Aaryn said yes. Elissa then told her Gina Marie was loyal to her (Aaryn) not to Amanda. Aaryn thanks her for asking her to join her alliance and Elissa said we have to get Amanda and McCrae out. She said without their influence that they could work together till the end and nobody would suspect anything. Elissa said she wants to win the VETO herself so she can prove to Aaryn she is telling the truth. Aaryn acts real happy. Elissa is all excited saying it will be a new game once Amanda is gone. They shake on the deal, Aaryn asks if Judd is onboard, Elissa said ya, and that he came in with a clean slate.  Then Aaryn immediately gets called to the DR.

At midnight we go to fish on the feeds for a few minutes. When the feeds return we see that they chose players for the VETO competition. Elissa, McCrae, Aaryn, Judd, Amanda and Gina Marie are all playing the VETO competition tomorrow. Aaryn was questioned by Amanda on why when she got house guest choice she picked Judd. Amanda confronts Elissa because of the way she looked during the picking of the VETO players and told her she felt like she did not want her to play in the VETO competition. She said she did not look happy that she pulled her name.(Guess Elissa pulled the Amanda chip). Elissa did not play into her tactics and walked away. A bit later she was whispering in the kitchen and they both stopped once Amanda walked in. This pissed Amanda off and she started yelling at Gina Marie that she is shady. Amanda then tells her all of a sudden you are all friends with Elissa. Gina Marie gets pissed and starts yelling back telling her to come over there and tell her that. Elissa spit her mouthful of drink out and laughed as they were fighting.