Aaryn then tells Spencer and Andy that Amanda told her that since she did not pick Andy to play in VETO that she will be going home. Later when Aaryn asked Amanda about this Amanda said Aaryn was twisting her words.

Amanda asked to talk to Elissa in the HOH. She immediately starts throwing Aaryn and Gina Marie under the bus. She talks about how fake Gina Marie is and how shady Aaryn is picking Judd. Elissa just sits and listens. She then tells her that she never has been aligned with Aaryn (lie) and that she was always with Helen and Elissa (lie) until Helen stabbed her in the back. Elissa said she does not care. Amanda starts to cry and said she feels like she is holding Helen’s leaving over on her. She then said she hopes she is not going to get back doored. Elissa laughed. Elissa said she has not thought that much ahead, VETO has not been played yet. Amanda said if she was on the block against McCrae she would go home. Elissa laughed again. Elissa said she thought she had such good relationships with everyone. Amanda said she did until she had to stick up for her on week one and two. She asks Elissa if she wants to get rid of her and Elissa said no (lie). Amanda said she wants to enjoy her last bit of time with McCrae and she feels so defeated. Elissa looked like she was trying to hold back laughing. Amanda starts crying and begging Elissa not to do this to her. Elissa just kept laughing. Finally she told Amanda she wanted to go to bed just to get her to leave.

McCrae calms down Amanda then they study the wall of pictures of the houseguests. Amanda points out a few things and said it was easy. McCrae wanted to continue to study and said he wanted to crush the competition.

Amanda tells Aaryn about her conversation with Elissa. She said Elissa kept laughing at her and it was annoying. Aaryn told her that she (Aaryn) would be the one going home if she was on the block against either of them.

Elissa tells Judd she does not trust Andy. Then Aaryn, Gina Marie and Judd sit and study the memory wall.

Aaryn gets Spencer alone and fills him in on her conversation with Elissa. She then proposes and Aaryn, Spencer, Gina Marie and Andy alliance to him. She said she is freaked out about how close Gina Marie and Elissa are getting close. He tells Spencer that she picked Judd for POV because Judd told her right before that if he won it he would take her off. Aaryn again tells Spencer that she does not trust Andy.

All house guest were in bed by 2:30 am

Who will win the VETO? Who is Aaryn not in an alliance with? Will Amanda freak out anymore? Will Amanda finally win a competition? Who will go this week? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks Jokers Updaters!