Meanwhile Amanda is asking McCrae, Spencer and Andy why everyone is being so nice to Elissa when she doesn't have power next week. She’s getting increasingly upset because she looks like the ass but continues on a rant about Elissa.  Amanda tells them Aaryn said that Judd and Spencer are gunning for her and McCrae. If no one puts Elissa up next week she is going to go off. She is very annoyed that for the first time her [plan] didn't work.

All the while Aaryn is still working on Judd, saying "Everyone but Andy wants Amanda and McCrae out." Judd disagrees saying Andy is working with him. She also says, “I should not have evicted you.”  

With Aaryn in earshot, GinaMarie tells Elissa to check the date on the meat so they both go to the Storage room. Elissa wants to know if they are working on her yet. GinaMarie says no because Aaryn knows she’s leaving. They hug and leave the room.

Judd asks if Andy confirmed the Exterminators with GinaMarie and Andy says he did. They both say they're happy about the alliance. Andy thinks this will be the big move people want to see. They say they have to win HOH. Andy worries if they don't get rid of Elissa, she might do something to screw their game up.

A little later, Judd gives Elissa a quick little hug and asks her if things are better today. She says a little but she can't just forget stuff like that (Amanda’s antics). They confirm to each other it looks like Aaryn will be going and she knows it.

3:00 PM
McCrae tells GinaMarie that Aaryn said, “You are going after me and Amanda now and you are going to work with Elissa.” GinaMarie explains, “I don't like Elissa. I just tried to be nice to her so she wouldn't put me up on the block. She is smarter than I thought. Sending her home would be one for Aaryn.” She then goes into her methods on how she knows if people are lying by the details that come back to her.

GinaMarie goes up to the HOH to let Elissa know that she was asked to talk to her on Aaryn’s behalf. Aaryn would put up Amanda and McCrae if she stays. Simply put, Elissa says she made her bed and now she has to lie in it.
Not long after, Aaryn is up in the HOH too making the same proposal. Elissa shoots her down at every turn. They go back and forth for quite a while. When Elissa says it’s personal things that make her not want to work together, Aaryn wants her to put that aside and think of it in strictly game perspective. At one point Elissa responds, “I just feel sorry for you… for the person that you are.” Eventually Elissa ends the conversation by saying she’ll think about it.

When Aaryn leaves, Elissa tells GinaMarie, “She is lying. She is bad for your game.” She goes on to say Aaryn came storming in here before, telling her to put GinaMarie up. She will tell GinaMarie things later that Aaryn said that could ruin GinaMarie’s career.

Meanwhile Aaryn reports to McCrae that Elissa threw her under the bus in front of GinaMarie. McCrae doesn’t get why they are hanging out together. Aaryn says because they are the new duo.

Elissa gets Andy aside to let him know Aaryn was throwing him under the bus. He knew she was going to do that and hopes Elissa trusts him.

Judd has a long chat with Aaryn. She tells him what happened with Elissa and GinaMarie. She wants to talk to Spencer because that would be her, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie against the other three (Elissa, Amanda, and McCrae). She asks Judd to try to get Elissa to keep her. Judd says he will try.

Next up, Elissa and McCrae have somewhat of an airing of grievances and they apologize to each other for various things.  He brings up her laughing at them when they were worried (studying the memory wall). First she denied it. Then she says it was because Amanda was acting nuts, and then later apologized for it. Elissa tells McCrae she heard she was their next target. McCrae denies it and never comes clean. McCrae says he has been walking around on eggshells for over 60 days, afraid to upset her. He cites when she offended Jessie by asking if Jessie was on meds. Elissa turned it around that she was the one offended and didn’t want any of that to air. He cites when she made Amanda cry about how she looked on his birthday and Amanda had to apologize to her about it. Elissa explains she was mad that Amanda called all the girls to talk about her. Elissa points out she apologized to Amanda right away that she didn't mean what she said. McCrae brings up her comment that she didn’t want to sit next to the freaks (meaning Aaryn and GinaMarie) during a live show. To McCrae’s objections, Elissa defends her nominations as a good move. As she is explaining she is a mother and everyday has to tell people what to do, the feeds switch away.

5:00 PM
We pick up in the middle of a conversation with Spencer telling Andy about Aaryn’s attempts to stay by saying she will target Amanda and McCrae. Andy relays that Judd just wants to humor her. They seem to want to throw the next HOH to stay in the middle. They agree Elissa or Amanda going next is ok. Spencer said he'll take Andy to the final two.

Next we see McCrae in the bedroom updating Amanda about his talk with Elissa. Amanda doesn't want anyone talking to her. She specifically wants to know if Elissa apologized even once and McCrae says no. She gets pretty loud (Aaryn and GinaMarie are upstairs playing chess and can hear them) and she starts crying when McCrae tells her he is sure everyone is tired of her behavior. McCrae tries to explain they can't isolate themselves by being mean to Elissa because other people ARE talking to her. Amanda says, “All I care about now is comps, not social. Social game is over."

McCrae joins Andy and Spencer outside telling them he had the most obnoxious, stupid talk with a wall (Assuming he meant Elissa not Amanda, though both could apply at the present time).

Inside, GinaMarie and Aaryn are continuing their chess game. Elissa joins them because she is locked out of the HOH and is waiting for them to unlock it from the inside. Andy sees the three of them together and can’t resist. He goes up and hovers for a bit.

A little later GinaMarie, Andy and others are out back and very interested in a moth that is flying around. Andy was attempting to catch it and backed into the pool, mike pack and all.