8:00 PM
Everyone but GinaMarie has gathered in the kitchen to eat a chicken salad dinner that Amanda has prepared. Everyone then moves outside except McCrae who's putting away dishes.  

Andy goes to the Storage room with Amanda and stresses about being safe. He is worried about being blindsided. She assures him not to worry.

Outside, Elissa asks Spencer and Judd who they think is going. They laugh but don’t answer directly. Judd says the jury will be all girls (Oops. Not the thing to say to Elissa if you really want Aaryn to go).
When Spencer leaves, Judd says McCrae and Amanda are the only ones after her now. Elissa thinks Andy is still working with them too.

Amanda and McCrae are shown worrying that GinaMarie may be turned against them.

Aaryn has a long chat with Judd by the Hot tub. She explains she was the reason Helen left. Andy and GinaMarie wanted to switch at the last minute but she said no. She wonders why people want her out over Andy, is it because she's a competition threat? Judd dances around that one. Aaryn says Andy is so well-liked he would make it to final 2, where she would always be a target. She goes through her pitch again. She tells Judd she and Andy were in the alliance with McCrae and Amanda (3 AM), the one that Judd used to be part of (Goof Troop). She thinks they should've kept Judd. Judd says he's playing a different game than before. Aaryn tells him Andy made a fake final two with Spencer so he could control him.  She volunteers to be a pawn every week. She just wants to be able to compete.

Elsewhere Andy asks Amanda if she’s had any cordial conversations with Elissa. Amanda says, “Yes. I asked her if she wanted some salad, and she said 'sure'.”

Next Elissa comments to GinaMarie that Amanda is trying to be so nice to her. GinaMarie tells her what Amanda has been saying about her husband. Elissa asks if she made a comment about her son and GinaMarie replies, “Nooo.”

Outside Aaryn works on Spencer a little asking what his reservations are about him keeping her. He is afraid where her loyalties lie. Eventually he tells her he can't give her a definite answer right now about who he is voting out.

Judd, Andy and Spencer are reviewing how Spencer really screwed Candice’s game. They recall the hat incident and Spencer lying about Candice sitting on it. Then he told her to vote Nick out week two and everyone thought she was lying. Aaryn is shocked saying, “Poor Candice.”

Spencer reports to McCrae that Aaryn has been campaigning hard to keep her. Moments later McCrae tells Amanda that Aaryn is still campaigning against them.

And yet just a few minutes after that, Aaryn is trying to get Amanda to vote for her. After letting her know they are hearing she is coming after them, Amanda says she wanted her to stay and did everything she could. She acted like a crazy person for her. She does not know what else to do. Aaryn points out she has done more than Andy for them. Amanda says, “We don't have the numbers. I did everything I could for you.” Aaryn walks away upset.

11:00 PM
They get alcohol and Judd trades his beer to McCrae for cigarettes. When McCrae sees Judd drinking a beer a little later, Judd tells him “Elissa gave me this beer!”

Elissa and Amanda have a private chat out back and get down to some nitty-gritty. Amanda explains her behavior and says she was pissed off that Elissa nominated McCrae and she was afraid that she was going to be the replacement. Elissa tells Amanda that Aaryn came upstairs and tried making a deal that if she wins HOH she will nominate her and McCrae. Amanda knows, Aaryn already told her. She's not betraying Andy. Aaryn is leaving this week for sure. Elissa explains ‘the laughing’ because she didn't understand why Amanda was crying. She thought Amanda was kidding. She didn't believe it. Amanda says, "I fell in love with McCrae and I thought I was going up and I was leaving. It felt like you were laughing at us." Amanda brings up losing her baby, “It was all natural and it was a tough time.” Elissa responds, “The way you explained that story, you didn't seem serious.” Amanda apologizes for the comments, "I know I hurt you and I am sorry." Elissa says, “I am sorry too. I thought you were joking." The kind of hug it out.

The four guys are in the living room. Andy explains to Judd about the things Jessie did before she left.

2:00 AM
The guys have moved outside and Spencer points out there are going to be more dudes left. McCrae jokes about starting a new Moving Company.
When McCrae leaves, Andy says he has been talking about the Exterminators alliance all day in the Diary Room. He says who would think GinaMarie would be our secret weapon. Judd thinks GinaMarie will be loyal with Aaryn gone. They realize they are in pretty good shape going into the next HOH.
When Spencer and Andy are alone, Spencer asks him about Aaryn telling him they had a final two. Andy says he doesn't recall. Spencer wants to know exactly what Andy told them so if McCrae asks; he doesn't come off as lying. Andy says he honestly doesn't remember.

Just as the house goes quiet right before 3:00 AM, Spencer asks Judd if he's good with Andy and Judd says, “Yes. 100%.”

Is there any way possible for Aaryn to save her game? Has Elissa sealed her own fate this coming week? Or will the Exterminators take control and decide to keep her around? (Cue the BB closing theme music and slow-mo. video).

An impressive job by the Updaters today! Thanks to all of you!