Two Chickens a blindside and a vile Andy make Friday interesting in the BB compound


The houseguest got woken up at 9:00 am. The first thing we see is Elissa, GM, Judd and Andy outside chatting. GM and Andy decide to go back to bed after being up all of 8 minutes. Judd and Elissa talk about the HOH competition and if GM really will put up McManda. They both think she will and hope she will. Judd goes and takes a showerand gets into his chicken suit.

Amanda gets up and moving around 10:00 am and heads up to the HOH. While up there she puts on her fake tears telling GM that she is going to stay away from Elissa today that Elissa is bothering her. She just wanted GM to know that is why she is not hanging with anyone except McCrae .She tells her she needs to cleanse herself from the negative energy. (lol) GM tells her that today is nominations so she won’t be downstairs a lot anyways. When Amanda leaves she makes this signal like she is crying and oh no. She makes the sign like Amanda is crazy. Then GM gets called to the Diary room. On her way there GM fell down the stairs. Elissa comes to make sure she is OK and GM tells her that her back is killing her and now she will have another bruise. GM then goes to the DR am.

BB gets everyone up for an outside lockdown at 10:45 am. The feeds then go to trivia. When the feeds return at 1:00 pm we see confetti and balloons all over the living room and they are trying to pick it up.  Seems like the houseguests had to pop balloons and there was money values in them. Spencer (in his chicken suit)won and Judd congratulated him. Spencer won $10,000. We then see Amanda who is once again trash talking Elissa (getting all that negative energy out I guess).

Gm tells Andy to listen to music while she puts on her make up. Then when he leaves he can pretend they talked. Meanwhile McCrae is upset, he tried to talk to GM and she said she will let him know when she is ready. Amanda asked him if he is worried about possible be put up, he said he was worried. They separate. Spencer asks McCrae what is wrong and he said that he is over Amanda that he is in a bad mood and just wants a cigarette and to head back to bed.  Spencer then goes outside and Amanda tells him she is over it. That the house will be so much better once Elissa is gone. Spencer just keeps agreeing with her as she once again trashes Elissa.

Elissa comes up to the HOH. She checks out GM foot and asked what the medic said. She said she has not seen the medic yet, Elissa said it is definitely sprained. She then goes on to tell her that everyone has wanted Amanda out since week 2 even America. She then said she can’t wait for Amanda to get out and for her to see how many people wanted her out.

Amanda and McCrae were in the bathroom trying to hear what is going on in the HOH room. While they were talking Amanda barged in on them saying she wanted to talk to GM when she had time. Before she barged in she said to McCrae and Spencer that she was going to interrupt them because there was no way Elissa was going to talk her way off the block. She blames Elissa for putting up Nick. Andy barged in on them and again he was told they were talking. Andy looked pissed that he had to leave.

Amanda left and found Spencer and she asked him if he thought GM was going to put up Elissa he replied that was the feeling he got.  Judd enters the HOH and Amanda again interrupts. After they again force her to leave, GM and Judd shake hands and he leaves so she can talk to McManda.

Amanda comes up and talks really fast, she told GM that if she does not put up Elissa everyone will be enraged. She said she should put up Elissa and Judd because Judd already got evicted once. Then  Amanda said she would go up as the pawn if either of them one VETO and pulled themselves off the block.  She then gave GM permission to put Elissa and Spencer but she did not want to sit next to Spencer on the block because Judd and Elissa would vote her out.  Amanda then tells GM that they have been aligned with Andy since day one and that she kept Aaryn safe for as long as she could.

Once they left and Spencer, GM, Judd, and McManda were outside, Judd asked who they thought she was putting up. Amanda said most definitely Elissa and then looks at Judd and said probably you too,. She then said it was important to leave the nominations the same and for no one to use VETO.

Andy goes to the HOH and talks with GM. They both agree that they were glad Elissa did not win the money today because her husband bought an ice rink. GM then said that she has not forgotten that Elissa put up Nick but she did not want to get rid of her this week.

From 4:00 pm  - 5:15 the feeds were down for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds come back we see a very upset Amanda. We quickly figure out that Amanda and McCrae are nominated. Elissa tells Gm that it was the best move ever. Spencer talks to them while they are in bed crying. He tells them it does not matter because they just need to win VETO. Amanda then said it does not make sense, that she must think she has the numbers even if one of us came off the block she still needs the numbers. Amanda said to McCrae that Poopy was right, that Spencer, Gm and Judd are in an alliance. Amanda then said Andy has to win VETO and take one of them off. She then told McCrae that he can stay and she was done with this game and would leave. She then got up and went up to HOH to talk to GM. She asked GM why she was nominated and GM told her that they are the only couple left, everyone else is on their own so they need to be broken up. She also said in her nomination speech that McCrae has lost his fire in this game that he needed to get it back. Amanda kept telling her Elissa put up Nick and Gina Marie said that she (Amanda) lied to her face and voted out Nick. They start yelling at each other. Amanda keeps telling her it did not make sense and GM keeps yelling at her that she told Elissa last week to put her (GM) up as replacement nominee. Judd came in and just sits and eats snacks like it is a movie going on for him to enjoy while they kept fighting. Amanda yells that she has listened to a girl that is batshit crazy and now everyone wants her (GM) gone. Amanda keeps yelling and goes on and on how GM listened to Elissa. GM yells back that Elissa did not tell her to put them up. Amanda finally leaves to find McCrae.

Meanwhile while this fight is going on Spencer said to Elissa if this is a double eviction week I will keep you safe if you keep me safe she agreed to this.

Amanda keeps saying to McCrae that she made a stupid move that she must want her replacement nominee to go home.  She keeps saying she lied. Amanda can’t believe that GM wants to keep Elissa here longer than her. She said she did not see this coming that she is ready to leave and that McCrae would win this game. Amanda said she now looks like an ass and she wants to go. Amanda then starts saying while crying that she wants to go now and she did not want to wait a FU$%*ng week. Amanda and McCrae then lie down and Amanda calms down some and tells him that she is glad he is staying and she can’t wait for him to win that she will get everyone in the jury house to vote for him too.

Meanwhile, GM and Elissa talk in HOH and GM tells her what happened and what she said (like everyone in the state of CA did not hear what was going on). She tells Elissa that she told Amanda that Elissa kept her safe last week what did she expect her to do. She then tells her that she told Andy that Elissa broke the ice last week giving her power to keep it going this week. They hug and Elissa said I can’t believe this happened and GM replied that she had to do it because they wanted her nominated last week.

Gm then came into the room to make sure they were OK. Amanda then asked her if they could have the HOH room for a night this week. GM said absolutely.

Amanda then goes and finds Andy. Andy tells her that he was going to try to win the VETO. Amanda tells then said to him that she wants to go and that she wants him to stay and play the game. Andy gives her a bit of a pep talk. Elissa was listening at the door the whole time.

When Amanda left the room she asked Spencer if Elissa was listening at the door. HE said yes.

Once Amanda leaves Spencer and Andy agree to tell Amanda anything she wants to hear all week until she is gone.