Everyone sits down for a chicken and dumpling dinner that Elissa prepared. Lots of general chit chat, Amanda lets it known she's getting a lot of "don't roll over and die" from the Diary room.

Shortly after dinner, Amanda breaks down crying as McCrae consoles her. She is upset she didn't make it as far as she wanted in the game. When McCrae says it's his fault, Amanda says, “No, I took your fire!"

McCrae and Judd spoke privately. Judd wants to work with McCrae. Even saying he'd use the POV on McCrae if it was Andy and McCrae on the block. When McCrae worries Judd is working with Elissa, Judd replies, "There's no working with her."

8:00 PM
Amanda joins Andy and Judd in the back yard and wants to know what Judd’s thinking. She doesn't want McCrae and Andy voting for her to stay if he's not going to keep her. Elissa comes out and interrupts the discussion and mentions Amanda was very dramatic today at the veto ceremony.

Alone again, McCrae informs Amanda that Judd already told him he's not voting to keep Amanda. Amanda wonders why Judd didn't tell her. McCrae thinks Judd was worried Amanda would have a meltdown.

A little later McCrae and Elissa have a long chat. McCrae wonders if they brought in people who did not like Rachel on purpose. Elissa thinks they did because production warned her there would be house guests who didn't like Rachel. Elissa flat out asks if he would really put up her and GinaMarie. McCrae doesn't know, depending on where other people are at the time. They both agree nobody can beat Andy at the end yet McCrae thinks Elissa would win. Elissa says several times that people hate her except maybe Helen. They note how the two of them were close on day two, but then ‘everything else’ just happened. They end the chat by apologizing for things they’ve done to each other.

9:30 PM
Amanda is annoyed that McCrae's trying to make deals by himself. He responds, “I thought you threw in the towel.” McCrae suggests to a crying Amanda that maybe they should make a deal with Elissa. If she keeps them safe, they’ll go after whoever Elissa wants. McCrae knows Elissa is worried about the double eviction. With Elissa, Andy and McCrae, Amanda would stay. They can blame the screwy vote on Judd.
Andy walks in asking about McCrae’s long game talk with Elissa.

Amanda goes out to the backyard and tells Judd, Elissa, and Spencer that she's annoyed. She has fought for people and nobody is fighting for her. McCrae joins and Amanda leaves. Judd says, “She seems kind of pissed.”

Next Spencer, Judd and Andy are listening to GinaMarie complain about Amanda. Andy says he's nervous Elissa was talking to McCrae. Spencer says Elissa is still on board with getting McCrae out next.

Amanda apologizes and pitches to Elissa about keeping her. Elissa is listening to what she has to say, but is afraid Judd and GinaMarie would be mad at her. Amanda says she can blame the vote on Judd. Amanda offers that she, McCrae and Andy would keep Elissa safe. Amanda knows it's farfetched and grasping for straws. Elissa responds, “It's good you are still trying.” They leave it at that.

Elissa finds Andy and reports what just happened. Andy tells her not to listen to Amanda. Elissa asks Andy if he said he would put her up and he says no. Andy asks Elissa if she said she would put him up and she said no.

Elissa goes out to the kitchen with GinaMarie and Spencer. Spencer asks if Amanda tried to make a deal. Elissa confirms she did and they laugh. Elissa says not to worry. She doesn't want to keep a couple in the house.

Next up, Spencer and Andy work on McCrae that it is best if Judd goes up with Elissa, since Judd is closest with Elissa. They are afraid Judd might use the Veto to save Elissa and then control the votes. They all agree Elissa should go before Judd.

McCrae goes back with Amanda and she advises he go after Judd and Spencer. She thinks they're working together. McCrae doesn't trust Spencer. He thinks Spencer leaks info but Andy doesn't (Yes, I know).

12:45 AM – This night gets interesting…
Fresh out of the Diary room, Elissa finds Amanda to take her up on the deal. Amanda is grateful, hugs Elissa and swears she'll protect her. Andy pops in on them and Elissa tells him she's going to keep Amanda. She thinks they should make a Final four.

When alone, Andy and Elissa whisper about moving forward with keeping Amanda. During this time, Spencer walks in on them and it is awkward. Spencer leaves, they go back to whispering and Judd walks in. Again it is awkward.