Amanda chats a little more with Elissa as she prepares for bed. They will exchange tokens of good faith; Elissa's will be her wedding ring. Elissa says she’s 100% on board to keep her but worries about Andy.
Amanda says she will 100% convince him. Elissa says “This is huge!” as Amanda leaves her to settle into bed.

Meanwhile Andy gets busy. When he has Spencer and Judd alone he lets them know there is a plan to flip the house to keep Amanda. He won’t vote Spencer out and tells Judd he won’t vote him out either. Spencer starts to freak out, but Andy tells him not to worry. He is going to say he will vote to keep Amanda, but he will really vote to evict her and make McCrae think Elissa actually flipped back. Then McCrae will want to go after Elissa.

McCrae comes outside and Spencer says, “Tomorrow is just Tuesday.” McCrae says that means he can sleep in.

Andy takes an opportunity to go back with Amanda. He thinks the plan could work but worries Elissa isn’t being truthful. Amanda assures him she is and tells him about the wedding ring.

GinaMarie asks Spencer to come inside for a minute and they go to the HOH. GinaMarie wants to go through a strategy for remembering what day things happened and pulls out some plastic baggies. Andy comes up and GinaMarie puts the baggies away before answering the door. Andy spills the beans to GinaMarie and Spencer about Elissa trying to flip the house to save Amanda. Andy tells them both that they can’t let this get out because it will be bad for him. He wants a tie on Thursday so he can frame Elissa and make McCrae think Elissa flipped on Amanda while Andy was loyal. GinaMarie doesn’t understand why Elissa is trying to do this. Andy worries that McCrae and Elissa will be mad at him for voting out Amanda and if they get power they will come after him, but still assures Spencer he is staying.

While McCrae, Amanda and Judd are out back, Judd doesn’t know who he would put up if he won HOH. Amanda says if she’s still here, he can put her up. She’ll be loyal to whoever keeps her here. If it were GinaMarie and Judd on the block, she would keep Judd. Judd says, “Oh my God!” throws up his arms and screams, “These people are crazy!” before vacating the area.

Now alone, Amanda tells McCrae she saw Andy go to the HOH after Spencer and GinaMarie went in, “He’s sketchy.”

Next Andy reports back to Amanda that GinaMarie and Spencer shut up when he entered the HOH. He assures he is on board with Amanda.

2:00 AM
Judd tells Andy that he wanted to go upstairs with the Exterminators but didn’t want to make it obvious. Andy tells Judd they are solid to vote out Amanda, Judd says he’s solid too. Andy says GinaMarie was not happy about hearing Elissa’s plan. Andy is adamant that Judd not tip off Elissa, Amanda or McCrae to what’s really going on this week.
Spencer joins and asks them, “We’re good?” Judd and Andy assure him he’s is.
Judd really starts to get worked up about ideas being handed to Elissa in the Diary room. We get occasional Fish on the screen, but he goes on and on about it for several minutes and the feeds finally all switch to Amanda and McCrae in bed.

Amanda whispers, “Spencer is probably freaking out right now.” McCrae agrees and says he should be. Amanda says, “I still feel like I’m leaving.” Just then Andy pops in to assure he is still with them.

Andy finds GinaMarie and Spencer in the backyard with GinaMarie saying when the tie comes down she’s going to say, "Amanda, get to steppin!" With all four of the Exterminators there, GinaMarie says their group is solid. Spencer says this is the type of stuff that bonds four people.
When Andy says he can't wait to record his goodbye message to Amanda, they all decide on exposing the Exterminators to Amanda in their goodbye messages.
The bashing of Elissa goes into high gear now. She doesn’t need the money. It’s just a game to her. Andy says, "I don’t think Elissa is book smart or street smart.” GinaMarie replies, “I don’t even think she’s human." When GinaMarie questions how old Elissa was when she had her son and went on to say, “He looked like a Puerto Rican dirt monkey,” Judd says not to talk about her kid. They go on to bash Amanda a little and Judd says he blames McCrae for his eviction. He could have changed things if he wanted to.

4:00 AM
With just Spencer, Andy and Judd in the backyard, they are still going strong. Andy, “I’m kind of obsessed with what is happening and can’t wait for all their plans to blow up in their faces Thursday.” After Judd remarks that Elissa is a "stupid bitch" for the way she plays her game, Andy follows saying she throws a tantrum anytime she doesn’t get her way. They joke about her having a coup d’etat or special power.
After Andy leaves for bed, Judd and Spencer both say they knew something was up tonight. They chat on some more but finally end the night with how glad they are about the formation of the Exterminators just before 5:00 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Elissa really give Amanda her wedding ring? Is Andy really siding with the Exterminators? Or will we hear Julie say on Thursday, “By a vote of three to Judd, Amanda you are safe.”

It got fast and furious there for a while. As always, Thanks to the Updaters!