With Sunday’s day of Amanda terrorizing Elissa behind us, will it have the desired effect of keeping Andy off the block? Will the freshly formed Exterminator alliance (GinaMarie, Judd, Spencer, Andy) become a force to be reckoned with? Will today’s Veto meeting bring any new developments?

8:30 AM
During the wake-up we learned Big Brother played a version of the song "Mean Girls". Amanda was not happy about it (Later in the day, Elissa said she loved it). There is quite a bit of pre-meeting jockeying among the House Guests.

First we watch Elissa putting the final touches of making her HOH bed all neat and pretty, while the other feed shows Amanda, McCrae and Spencer’s bedroom with clothes scattered all around the unmade beds.

When Andy and Elissa go back up to the HOH, Elissa lets him know he will probably go up but he will stay. He makes his last ditch pitch not to go up, including one more time to let Elissa know she may not have GinaMarie voting to evict Aaryn. Elissa still questions Andy’s motives and is unmoved.

Andy reports his convo to GinaMarie.

GinaMarie goes up to the HOH and does some major sucking up. She even reports that yesterday she asked Aaryn if there are black people in Texas and was shocked that Aaryn replied "Swarms of them.” Elissa responds that Aaryn is a stupid stupid girl.  When Elissa presses her, GinaMarie vows 110% to vote out Aaryn no matter what ‘they’ might try to turn her this week.

Andy meets with Amanda and McCrae to figure out what to tell Judd since he was unaware of the plan (Amanda going nutso on Elissa) to try to keep Andy off the block. After a couple go rounds, they agree they will tell Judd after the meeting, but say that Andy was not aware either so Judd doesn’t harbor any ill-will towards him.

Aaryn checks with GinaMarie on her talk with Elissa. GinaMarie says, “She didn't tell me much. It's still between me and Andy.”

Andy meets with Judd outside. Judd tells him they need to be secretive about GinaMarie voting Aaryn out. He will give Andy his bear shirt so it shows he can trust him. GinaMarie will give him something as well.

GinaMarie meets with Andy. She wants to make sure Andy would go after McCrae. Andy confirms. GinaMarie assures she will vote out Aaryn and tells him her cover story she is using to lie to Aaryn about it. When they disperse Andy says, “I am not kidding; you, me, Spencer and Judd to the end.”

10:15 AM
Feeds go to Trivia for close to 45 minutes for the Veto meeting. When they return, we first see Amanda with Judd. She confirmed that Andy was the replacement nominee and she was cluing Judd in about why she was doing things to Elissa yesterday. Judd proposes a 1 week deal to which McCrae replies, “That’s fine, we are going after Elissa anyway.”

Aaryn takes a jab at Elissa in the kitchen, "I am sure your little boy is proud of you."

Judd meets with Andy. He passes along what he was told by Amanda and McCrae and says he made a fake 1 week deal with them. Andy swears he is serious about (the Exterminators) final four and Judd agrees. Andy also comments that even if Amanda and McCrae win HOH and put up Elissa, they will vote Elissa off. Judd is again in agreement.

Amanda still hasn’t let things go and actually gets in Elissa's face. Elissa mostly ignores her, though she occasionally laughs at the taunts and at one point stares right back at Amanda before going back to the HOH.

When Elissa comes outside to do Yoga, Amanda continues, “Here she comes; making an enemy from a friend.” McCrae, Spencer and Andy are there, but mostly shift their attention when they realize the grill is gone.

Judd and Spencer make their way to the Storage room. When Judd says he trusts “all 3 of you”, Spencer replies, “I got your back.”

Back in the bedroom, Amanda and Aaryn have a long chat. This gist of it is Amanda letting her know they did everything they could to keep her but they will be keeping Andy because he was with them before she was. Aaryn is upset and points out, "This is gonna look so good on [Elissa’s] resume at the end of the game. This is a huge move for her." She also says that everyone except for Andy will be coming after them now.

Judd briefly whispered to Elissa in the Kitchen that Amanda and McCrae are voting Aaryn off. Elissa says, “Thank God I called their bluff.”

Aaryn reports to GinaMarie she doesn't have the votes to stay and gives advice on how to play the rest of the game; McCrae and Amanda know she's gunning for them, play the middle because Judd, Spencer and probably Andy will go after them too, keep your distance from Elissa, vote with the majority.

A little later GinaMarie tells Andy according to Aaryn, she should only trust him and Judd.

Next, Judd and Aaryn are alone in the backyard. She tells him she knows she's going. She's glad Judd was the one to come back because he deserves it.