After continuing to campaign all day Sunday, Amanda came to the late night realization that she will be the one leaving this week. She feels she lost control of the game when Elissa was HOH, but most of her anger was aimed at GinaMarie (but not to her face). It’s unlikely today’s Veto meeting will shake things up, but you never know.

8:30 AM
The house guests get the wake-up call and were told the Veto meeting will be in 90 minutes.
There is very little activity pre-meeting:
GinaMarie fed the fish.
Elissa jogged 2 miles.
Judd informed GinaMarie of Amanda’s rants towards her from last night including the part where Amanda said she will take Nick’s hat on the way out the door.
Amanda and McCrae stayed in bed until the meeting.

10:15 AM
Feeds go to Trivia until just before 11:00 am. Then we see most everyone preparing for lunch except Amanda and McCrae. They are back in bed with Amanda occasionally teasing McCrae about his speech which entirely consisted of “I’m sorry.”

A little later out back, Andy tries to make the case to a reluctant Judd that Elissa needs to go before McCrae. They also confirm for us that Spencer was the replacement nominee and it is his seventh time.

Meanwhile GinaMarie and Elissa have gone upstairs. GinaMarie mainly bashes on Amanda at length while Elissa tells GinaMarie what a good person she is and that Nick is so proud. They rehash Amanda’s tormenting of Elissa.

Spencer has made it back to the bedroom where Amanda and McCrae have been for some time. They converse about Amanda’s sexual needs then take a nap.

Not much else happens until…

3:00 PM
Andy opens the back door and yells to Elissa to come in because GinaMarie got Pandora’s Box. She gathers her things and slowly makes her way toward the door and manages to spill a cup of something on her front as she walks. Andy and Spencer go and hide in the Cockpit room while Elissa walks around looking for them. She gives up and goes out back to wash off. Finally she comes back in and sees Judd behind the door and they all laugh.









Once out back, Spencer tells Andy that Judd made him nervous about wanting McCrae out before Elissa leaves. They plan to put Judd and Elissa up to ensure Judd doesn't take Elissa off the block. Andy mentioned McCrae as a backdoor if Elissa gets Veto and GinaMarie would be replacement if Judd comes off the block to make sure Elissa goes. They want Final 5 being the four Exterminators and McCrae. Their worst case scenario would be Elissa winning HOH and McCrae winning POV.
GinaMarie joins them and they go over the scenarios again. Andy takes credit for controlling Helen at all times. He is sure America is mad that he was the one that kept everyone from getting Amanda out, but now he knows they will love him. They bring up how Amanda has been talking about sex and Spencer thinks it makes her look classless.

5:00 PM
Still in bed, Amanda tells McCrae they are like the grandparents in Willy Wonka.

Meanwhile in front of GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer continue being nervous about Judd, telling her they will all have to put both of them up in the double eviction. GinaMarie does not object and begins bashing on Amanda.
Andy gives Judd credit for Kaitlin’s eviction. Andy gives Amanda credit for Howard’s and Helen’s eviction. He takes credit for Jessie’s eviction. GinaMarie gives Amanda credit for making Aaryn her puppet and they all agree.
Judd joins the group and shares that he showed up for what he thought was a Real World audition. It was really a dating show where guys go on dates with girls from the Bad Girls Club. We also hear that Judd didn’t tell anybody he was going on Big Brother. Andy didn’t overtly tell anyone, but let quite a few people know, using Survivor as his cover story. Spencer said he told everybody.

6:00 PM
Spencer and GinaMarie clown around holding each other’s’ key up to the camera with a thumbs down.