When Howard leaves her he pulls Spencer aside and tells him the 4th vote was his because he wanted to use that vote to blame it on Amanda. He then told him he just admitted this to Helen. He tells Spencer also that Helen knows about the 4 guy alliance and she does not think Howard was in that alliance. Howard then tells Candice the exact same thing. Candice thanked him for coming clean.


2:45 PM – Kaitlin has a conversation with Candice and apologizes for last night, She further said that Aaryn brings out the worse in her, that she was dumb to believe Aaryn. That all the stories she heard came from Aaryn, Candice replied with she could not believe how someone so beautiful can be so mean and wonders why she is like that.   


Next in the HOH was Judd. Helen tells him she wants to put up Aaryn and Howard just to scare Howard and Spencer.


3:00 PM – Aaryn said to Jessie that there are certain things she is not willing to do in this game because she has a conscience (really).  Jessie tells her maybe she did not remember what she said because she talks so much, but she really can’t call us (Jessie and Judd) losers and liars when she does the exact same things.


Candice and Howard have another chat. Howard wants three girls up (Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina Marie.) He asks Candice to use whatever influence she has to do this. Candice again tells Howard she appreciates Howie telling the truth about the vote.


Gina Marie while talking to Aaryn said ‘If they want to get rid of the best, then they should get rid of me, I am the best at everything I do.” She then went on to say that she likes it when people are afraid of her. (Like Nick was.)


Next into the HOH was Aaryn. Aaryn tells Helen that every person lied to her face. She thought she had the numbers on her side. Aaryn told Helen that everyone on her side lied to her. Helen then said some people on her own side lied to her too. She tells Aaryn that she is putting up Howard or Spencer and that she (Aaryn) is going up as a pawn. Aaryn said she expected to go up. She said the other side of the house (Helen’s side) is hiding behind the MVP. Helen asks Aaryn if she knew about the guy alliance and tells her it was a four person alliance. Aaryn said Amanda, McCrea were in an alliance with her and Jeremy and it looks like Amanda was playing both sides. Helen then said she wants to back door someone. Helen again told Aaryn she is going up as a pawn and she can win POV and take herself off. She said she wants to play with honest players. Aaryn said everyone told her they wanted Elissa out and they have been playing her. Aaryn reminds her that Kaitlin and Jeremy are strong together and one without the other will dig their own grave. She tells Helen that she tried to work with Elissa but Elissa would not work with her. Helen said she can’t deal with the drama and Judd and Andy like her. Helen then said she wanted to get rid of the mole then press reset and reset her game. She told Aaryn she will not put up Gina Marie because she is too devastated over losing Nick. Helen further said that they can still work together and she does not want to go up if Aaryn wins HOH. She further said to Aaryn that Howard and Spencer are being fishy and not loyal. Aaryn then tells Helen she can now align with Jeremy because her side no longer has the numbers.