5:00 PM - Judd and Aaryn in the have not room. Aaryn said she is bothered by everyone lying and voting out Nick, that if that is who they wanted gone they should have told her to begin with. She feels she wasted her HOH. Judd told her he just wants some space from her and Gina Marie to get his act together. He then told her that he has two targets in his mind that nobody would suspect but they were not going up this week.

The feeds went to trivia at 5:22 pm. When they returned we find out that Helen has nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin.  Aaryn said she was afraid of Kaitlin because she was a good competitor.

Jeremy and Andy play chess. Jeremy said to Andy that he knew he played bad so far and wants to regroup and get some new friends. He said he wants to make some trusts.

7:11 Spencer tells Helen that Howard was in the alliance of men since day one.  Helen asked him why he hadn't told her that yesterday; he said he was into breaking up Amanda and McCrea. She asked why again he said everyone had someone so Spencer and Howard had each other. Helen starts crying saying he made her look like an idiot in front of America because she told them how much she trusted them both. She said she felt like an idiot because she told the DR she trusted you two the most. Spencer went on to say that alliance cracked because Amanda and McCrea were so close and that Jeremy treated people badly so he knew they had to break up and come clean. He said he always liked her and Andy. Helen then told him that Elissa has been protecting them right along and she should not be his target if he was HOH. He again apologized for violating her trust and said it would not happen again. Helen said she can forgive him once but not twice. Helen said that she heard him say she was smart and needed to be voted out. He admitted as saying that to further back up what he said before about trying to keep his alliance together.  He then thanked her for not nominating him. He said she was an amazing women and he would never nominate or vote her out. Helen told him that Howard denied being part of that alliance and she did not know why he would come clean about the vote but not about the alliance He said he did not know why except maybe he was trying to protect and hang on to their alliance. She also told Spencer that Candice knows about the alliance because she did not know she was in the HOH bathroom while she was talking with Jeremy. Both agree to tell Andy about the moving company because he deserves to know.

When Spencer left he found Howard and told him that Helen knows he was part of the moving company. Jeremy told her and when he did Candice was doing something in the bathroom up there and heard the whole thing so they both know.

Meanwhile, Amanda blabs to Aaryn that she should lay low that the real target is Jeremy and that Howard is going up for the MVP nominee and after VETO they want to back door Jeremy. That she is safe this week. Amanda then told her that Kaitlin threw her under the bus earlier. Amanda apologized for their bedroom fight the night before. Aaryn was crying and Amanda said she can save her this week, that she has votes that can save her. She tells her to stick with her; she will take care of her but not to tell anyone. Aaryn said she has to talk to Helen, Amanda said not to bother that she has Helen covered, just don’t trust Jeremy he said he would cut Kaitlin in a second and did not care about her at all. She then said Jeremy will go up after VETO and out. She told her and McCrae have her back not to tell anyone. That she has to dump Jeremy because he was using her and said he would dump her because she was too smart.

After Amanda and Judd left they found Judd and told him about the conversation they had with Aaryn and told him it was all fake. They just want her to believe they are a group but they really want her gone.

Jeremy and McCrae were alone in the Cockpit. McCrae asks if Jeremy's staying with the Moving Company. He says no, he's done with them. Jeremy says he wishes McCrae would have warned him, he should have but he understands that McCrae was scared. McCrae agrees. Jeremy says the Moving Company could have rolled through the house. He says "You guys f**ked that up we could have had a legendary brigade alliance." McCrae says "The grass was greener." They say that Howard threw the veto, Jeremy calls Howard a bitch. Jeremy tells McCrae he needs to get Amanda off his back. McCrae says Jeremy needs to throw Howard and Spencer under the bus. Aaryn wants to talk to Elissa and Amanda relayed that but Elissa refused to talk to her right now. Amanda told her to try in a couple of days once the wound heals a bit.